Prepositions after "different"

"different from" or "different to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases different from is used

Different from each other, too.

Different from a lot of entries.

Different from the evening show.

In this way, the Elderly Councils are different from many other types of council.

What you must realise, KP comes from a world so very different from the majority.

This book is for young adults, and it's quite different from the previous series.

He was different from the rabbis in several ways: He proclaimed a truly different notion of the Kingdom of God.

What Makes One EMR Different From Another? There are many physical therapy EMR options available in the market.

Only now, being back at school, can she contemplate a future different from the hardships her mother has borne.

This proposal, dramatically different from the first, was approved -- at a cost of $1 million to the taxpayers.

In 16% of cases different to is used

Totally different to the boook.

Different to the photo ' booth '.

Different to the childhood I had.

This is quite different to the situation prevailing over most of the past 40 years.

Is that really any different to the situation now? English MPs dominate Parliament.

Go back and read my TCASE post -- CETO is no different to Pelamis in these respects.

I experience them on a fortnightly basis and my symptoms are very different to the ones described in this article.

The boundaries of the 50 Federal electorates are, naturally, larger than and different to the 93 State Electorates.

Dean: 13 Nov 2012 11:16:35am The BBC local service (from within the UK) is very different to the BBC world service.

A multi-lateral world is different to a weste dominated world but it sure as hell isn't a non-west dominated world.

In 10% of cases different in is used

Maybe be different in the bronx.

I guess it's different in the US.

Different in developing countries.

They are all ' others ', but the ' othering ' is very different in the three cases.

Maybe this isn't new to you, but for me, there was something different in the tone.

Hi Mohini Observe how uniquely different in behavior and personality they all were.

That's how it is around electronic equipment and I shouldn't expect it to have been different in the SW universe.

It may be different in the 1990s, but up until today, each first lady has been allowed to become what she wanted.

The processes in which parity is not conserved would look different in the mirror image (+ 180 o rotation) world.

It's familiar, but at the same time, completely different in terms of its look, its feel and its level of polish.

In 5% of cases different for is used

It is very different for women.

It was different for the woman.

Different for official bloggers.

The situation is no different for the Nigerian middle class based in the Diaspora.

It is no different for the people with whom you have relationships in social media.

Based on the back-calculation results, incidence trends are also different for the various racial/ethnic groups.

Anyone can name a threshold, but the threshold will be different for everyone, and different at different times.

Use this if pricing is different for the kit as a whole verses selling the individual Parts that make up the kit.

In 2% of cases different about is used

What's Different About betswot.

Everything was different about it.

There's something different about it.

Each time you return there you'll see something different about the environment.

What's Different About Taming Tokyo? Taming Tokyo is not just another guidebook.

I only had a faint understanding that there a lot different about Tibetan Buddhism.

But that there was something very different about the colour of the water, it looked more like the colour red.

But as Lindqvist's work shows, there was something different about the way Europeans went about this business.

If I was born an instrument, I think I would love to be a piano because there is something different about it.

I do wonder what is particularly different about this website to what you've seen in North America? Blessings.

In 2% of cases different with is used

It is different with the other.

It's no different with a church.

It was no different with the LTTE.

In the case of air travel, a chartered flight is different with a commercial one.

You wouldn't even be able to tell which one is different without close inspection.

The climb to camp 1 seemed different with the snow and melt cycles changing the nature of the ice up to camp 1.

The situation is very different with the ' cosmological argument ' in which we are asked to explain EVERYTHING.

In addition, the groups were significantly different with respect to the number of transport personnel required.

The world appears to be something to the naked eye, but it seems entirely different with the use of a microscope.

In 1% of cases different at is used

It has been different at night.

They are different at times, yes.

This isn't different at a startup.

The parental leave arrangements seem different at my university compared to the UK.

The thing that I really wished was different at the resorts was the pool situation.

I do try to wear something different at all those gigs you see me at, but it's hard.

The policy may be very different at a club that has just undergone a change of ownership and a change of manager.

Social media and music sharing sites mostly are all about favorites, but one thing is different at This is my Jam.

The business of the day will be different at each meeting and is decided by the Master and Committee of the Lodge.

Rather, it was an undifferentiated mass of rock and solidly frozen ice, no different at its core than its surface.

In 1% of cases different between is used

NOTHING different between these two.

There are something different between them.

Mortality was not different between groups.

What is different between the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini, however, is the camera.

The breast volume and shape is also different between the left and right sides.

Most important - they would know the different between? urgent? and? important?

I don't see much different between how McCarthy's sides set up and how Burley's team used to with Scowcroft.

The blue receptor, for instance, can not tell the different between a dim blue light and a bright green one.

My point is that China is so big and Chinese tourists are so different between each province, even each city.

The test was adjusted for all the variables that were shown to be significantly different between the groups.

In 1% of cases different depending is used

The pass mark is different depending on the program.

But that may be different depending on the location.

The price is different depending on how many you rent.

The travel agencies charge different depending on the location of the hotel.

Achievement looks very different depending on where you are in the hierarchy.

For other people it might be something different depending on their background.

The time you've got to make your claim is different depending on whether or not you complete a tax return.

As you can imagine, the solution will be different depending on what's underlying these repeated questions.

I went old-school on the method, because obtaining the link is different depending on what browser you use.

Because these effects will be different depending on distance from the epicenter, nature of the ground etc.

In 1% of cases different on is used

It? s no different on your bike.

There is nothing different on me.

Spirit is different ontologically.

Why is the payment process different on the different destination sites in the whl.

Bar codes may be absent or different on a counterfeit compared to a genuine product.

First, the location of the surprise event was different on the two driving sessions.

It's not that we didn't want to do anything different on the first record, it was that we didn't really know how.

It was different on the poster, standing on its hind legs at full height, roaring, snapping free of its manacles.

A day when her whole life is going to take a new turn then why not she should look different on this very big day.

It was different on the football or rugby teams often captaining sides and being a leader in non school activities.

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