Prepositions after "deserving"

deserving of, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases deserving of is used

They were deserving of the one.

Deserving of the literary genre.

All 3 are deserving of the DOTW.

That being said, Michael Jackson, as an artist, is not deserving of the #2 ranking.

The best thing in this issue of ' MF &SF; ' and deserving of the space given to it.

And such creators are poets and all artists who are deserving of the name inventor.

Noble is fully deserving of the prize for his extraordinary long-term project, but on the evidence of this show,.

Ask not why the media is reporting topics, but why the topics can not be more deserving of the media's attention.

All of these players were deserving of the nod from the decision committee and all of the speeches were well done.

In 1% of cases deserving for is used

She's the only one left truly deserving for the win.

These are Shia brethrens who are needy and deserving for assistance.

None of the others the President mentioned are any less deserving for his attention.

Pranab is truly deserving for this great honor of swearing in for Presidential candidature.

Please comment on who you think is most deserving for having the best all time live performance.

Therin will be for them the eternal home, a deserving for that they used to deny Our ayah (signs, revelations, etc.

The higher goodness and more intensive existence the more deserving for being loved and the greater love for goodness.

Every state for which a case is made is as deserving for consideration as others, including those from the southeast and south-south.

I've never seen anything like it, but it's quite deserving for such a great young man who has had a lasting impact on the university.

In 1% of cases deserving in is used

Dustin Brown ' s was not that deserving in this case.

It would still be deserving in a field with The Dark Knight and WALL-E.

He replied by saying that there was no one more deserving in Madinah, than His family.

And he who was ignored seemed to be more deserving in my eyes (as compared with others).

The Gobi shot is just epic and deserving in its own right, just wouldn't hang it on the wall.

Muslims are not stupid and need the respect that other communities are deserving in our society.

I am the MAWLA of the believers, more deserving in them than themselves, they do not dispute me.

I am the Mawla of the believers, more deserving in them than themselves, they do not dispute me.

The people of the world outside our own defenceless are seen as more equal than our deserving in every way.

Deserving in the sense that they are more motivated and more interested in actually going to graduate school.

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