Prepositions after "depressed"

depressed about, by, for, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases depressed about is used

I never felt so depressed about a guy.

Democrats should feel depressed about that.

But then I was depressed about how I looked.

I imagine the Israeli's were as depressed about our election results as we were.

Even if I? m feeling depressed about it, I dare not bring it up with my parents.

Considering the current presidential campaign, there's a lot to be depressed about.

It's okay to be depressed about what happened but he should NOT let that discourage him from looking for work.

Cheers I don't get too depressed about my life because as a christian I am in my life where God wants me to be.

I'd be depressed about being out-dated if the Coalition hadn't provided so many other new things to write about.

Marquee Alter Ego: Andy Serkis felt depressed about his groundbreaking work as Gollum being relatively anonymous.

In 15% of cases depressed by is used

I am depressed by individuals too.

He refuses to be cowed or depressed by it.

John was depressed by this but kept writing.

I was so depressed by the events of the day that I decided to cut short my holiday.

Since, then, we are bound to many things, we are depressed by them and dragged down.

We're not even allowed to be depressed by our total lack of power over our own lives.

Patient B, a middle aged woman with cancer who was receiving home hospice services, was depressed by SCID criteria.

We can be depressed by how dim our lives look in comparison with the glamour of Hollywood, and the beautiful people.

That his own daughters might not break the ranks, he suffered them to be depressed by a mean and penurious education.

Can you stop teenagers getting depressed by giving them cognitive behavioural therapy in the classroom? Like duh, NO.

In 13% of cases depressed for is used

I was depressed for over a year.

People get depressed for good reason.

I have been depressed for a while now.

Awesome! It came just in time for me -- I was stuck and depressed for a few weeks.

I know I was depressed for many years, even before I got full-blown schizophrenia.

The ending of the Mystery of the Condor Hero made me depressed for a good one week.

Equities have been depressed for so long that it is logical to expect them to come back, but when is the problem.

Nothing really crazy happened here, except for when I got depressed for a whole week and couldn't get out of bed.

Animal's Depression Garlic Chives A flower essence for helping animals that are feeling depressed for some reason.

I too am in a similar situation with my husband being bipolar and having anxiety and has been depressed for months.

In 10% of cases depressed at is used

We are depressed at the moment.

I am a bit depressed at the moment.

I was mortified and depressed at this.

Seniors can get depressed at the thought of losing their mobility and independence.

I never even considered that he could be depressed at all -- and nor did he really.

She had just broken up from her second marriage and was rather depressed at the time.

There are many things people have said about me that could cause me to be hateful and depressed at the same time.

If you are depressed at the moment some of the following symptoms may sound familiar: You feel miserable and sad.

Apparently Ukraine-Switzerland was extremely boring but I didn't see it thanks to being too depressed at the time.

WTF banzaibob Erick, Pardon me if I refuse to get depressed at this time but the votes have not been cast as of yet.

In 8% of cases depressed in is used

I think I was depressed in town.

I never have been this depressed in my life.

I was really sad and depressed in the next days.

Jimbo Jones: lazy boy: Matthew: 13 Jul 2009 8:00:20pm Depressed in the 90 's? hmmm.

I mean, it's terrible, you can understand why people feel depressed in this country.

Private sector expenditure is depressed in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008.

Notice also from that scripture that Nehemiah never had cause to be sad or depressed in the course of his duties.

The depressed individual is dependent on this connection and is at serious risk if he or she becomes totally isolated.

Thorax more convex in the middle, so as to appear more depressed in front and across its base, more distinctly punctured.

In 6% of cases depressed after is used

I was pretty depressed after 04.

But he was so depressed after Imola that he quit.

I got fed up with feeling depressed after reading it.

Quite often we feel depressed after a heavy lunch where we have had lots of fat.

I was depressed after the 3 hour-trip because I was not lucky to have seen lions.

Sure, it was awful in all respects, but I didn't feel depressed after watching it.

While living in? the darkness of Villiers Street? Kipling himself became depressed after being ill with influenza.

But Hare says most people who become depressed after a heart attack do so as a reaction to their recent health scare.

You may have managed happily with your first baby and yet become depressed after your second, or the other way around.

In 5% of cases depressed because is used

I am so depressed because of this.

I am very depressed because of this.

In fact, I've been pretty depressed because of this.

Instead of enjoying the sights, Jose became depressed because of homesickness.

The calf rapidly becomes depressed because of loss of fluids, salt and energy.

But, more significantly perhaps, they were depressed because of the job they had.

State and local-government spending remains depressed because of deficit woes and underfunded pension plans.

There are many defendants that have become depressed because of the court and all the work that goes with it.

Often they feel guilty, fearful that the targeted parent will be angry, or depressed because of the betrayal.

If I don't let go, I will forever be miserable and depressed because of my inability to have what I long for.

In 5% of cases depressed with is used

Many others are depressed with no family.

Alvira is so depressed with Mara's death.

I am to say the least depressed with this.

Is it normal to feel depressed with Anxiety? Blah! I see no joy in life right now.

And I've run out things to eat or it's so boring that u just get depressed with it.

The birds generally look hunched and depressed with or without blood in the droppings.

Make them happy with cute photos of babies, or perhaps make them depressed with striking images of famine or war.

They appeared distressed, unhappy and depressed with evidence of deterioration in interest and performance in school.

I am also very depressed with our local young players apart from mominul, Anamul, Apu, marshall ayub, sahagir, milon.

Five years ago I was in an unhappy relationship, working a job I hated and was out of shape and depressed with my life.

In 4% of cases depressed over is used

Feeling very depressed over it, still.

A good friend was depressed over his break up.

Do not be anxious, worried and depressed over it.

Being alone and depressed over what has happened will only make things a lot harder.

And as my Gran used to say, getting depressed over the future inhibits positive action.

Please watch your thoughts and don't get negative or depressed over the world situation.

I guess you learn to ignore drama and not get to excited over the cool stuff, and not to depressed over the bad.

If you're burned out or getting depressed over it, get some help and consider just quitting, even without a new job.

If you are burned out or getting depressed over it, get some help and consider just quitting, even without a new job.

Relationship problems When a man is depressed over low sperm count, he may have a hard time keeping up a joyful mood.

In 3% of cases depressed to is used

I went from feeling angry to depressed to hopeful.

The guy in this picture just looks so depressed to me.

I am depressed to the point where I can not cope anymore.

So I'd in denial, I'd angry, I'd bargaining, I'd depressed to the point of despair.

People are depressed to the extent that they don't care about what's going to happen next.

When I was depressed to everyone else I was the same as always, but deep down I was cracking up.

Many fish stocks had been depressed to low levels before the Quota Management System (QMS) was introduced in 1986.

But that's not helpful if you are feeling too down or depressed to think about talking and organising appointments.

This is because today I am depressed to the point of tears and I can not make any decision over what to do about my problem.

I have been spending most of my time in my room brooding and caring and even being depressed to the point of feeling alien from myself.

In 2% of cases depressed as is used

I remember feeling depressed as a child.

Voter turnout was depressed as a result.

Have been rather depressed as of late, but woke this morning (Mon.

Mr D has been unable to find employment and has become depressed as a result of this.

It was claimed she was depressed as a result of losing her job and suffering a miscarriage.

I return home but I became depressed as i wanted to be there for him and I felt I'd let him down.

It is always the most beautiful best friend and also particular person keywords who might be depressed as well as a pal.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons we can become satiated by solving problems only to become more depressed as a result.

Several family members told Human Rights Watch that the victims seemed psychologically destroyed and depressed as a result.

One which may well include people who are merely tired or depressed as well as patients with this severe neuro-immune disease.

In 2% of cases depressed due is used

My sister is depressed due to this.

Dog quiet and depressed due to being in pain.

For 11 years now, I feel depressed due to my hair loss.

But over the last year or so I have been getting more depressed due to the weight gain.

Maybe you never learned to request what you need and now you're getting depressed due to resentment.

And sometimes, it becomes a serious matter of concern for them and get depressed due to the same reason.

However, Abbas's friend said he was depressed due to a protracted illness which also meant he would lose his job.

One of those who shared their story was Yeo Xue Ni, who grew up rebellious and depressed due to a troubled childhood.

My CBT tutor told me he went through a similar experience himself becoming anxious and depressed due to being unfulfilled at work.

Impact on farmers Some have argued that producer prices may be depressed due to the monopolistic buying power of foreign supermarkets.

In 2% of cases depressed during is used

Very depressed during those days.

He became very withdrawn, and depressed during the filming of this movie.

He used to feel depressed during the evenings, but now it starts from the afternoon.

A stressed-out or disappointed bride may melt down or get depressed during the wedding.

My wife tells me that I was so depressed during this time, it was like I was a different person.

I was so depressed during and after the primaries, but must say I am feeling more optimistic now.

So if you are feeling depressed during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, don't suffer alone.

There is nothing worse than a child seeing their dad sad and depressed during the season of great joy.

Just got review from ticket counter that people in general not interested in getting depressed during diwali.

If you're depressed during a comp diet, it's not because of the lack of carbs, it's the lack of saturated fats.

In 2% of cases depressed from is used

You learn from certain losses and become depressed from other ones.

Came home extremely tired and depressed from the thoughts and feelings.

The young generation has now gone astray being depressed from unemployment-status.

I was depressed from age 12 to nearly 24, so almost 12 years (at the time, half my life).

Derek is depressed from causing the death of his pregnant patient, due to his surgical error.

If you choose the backpack which is depressed from this, you may require your dollars all over again.

Tired of living and depressed from life of no fanfare, committed suicide with a single bullet to his temple.

Hold it out and make the best of every day, because that's all you can do I think your depressed from stress.

I became so depressed from my situation at home and at work finally that I went to a counsellor with my wife.

Workers who begin to become depressed from sitting in a small cubicle all day will be less productive overall.

In 2% of cases depressed on is used

I've been depressed on &; off since the 6th grade.

And you are made to feel depressed on special days.

I used to be so depressed on waking up in the morning.

I may be the only person in the country to have woken up depressed on Saturday morning.

He was very depressed on account of his health and being unable to take classes, teach and compose.

Decisions needs to be made and it is Monday! Statistic shows that most people tend to get depressed on Monday's.

I've grown up in America most my life and it's such a lonely place that I have felted depressed on and off at times.

They are designed for your practice and not for you to get too overjoyed and too depressed on good and bad scores respectively.

Can we take an example? You have sold Reliance 280 Calls (at Rs 12) when prices got depressed on account of war related rumours.

Acting depressed on the phone or around your ex, thinking your ex might feel pity and give you attention and come back with you.

In 1% of cases depressed of is used

Hastings is the most depressed of England's south-coast resorts.

After awhile, I got depressed of all the malls, hotels, and fast food.

My brother and my dad are depressed of some kind and I think i am depressed.

I try to inspire whenever I discover they have something to be depressed of.

The story takes a dream like quality which I really appreciated since I was tired and depressed of Grace's tragedies.

We're planning to submit the EOI still with 120 points, I am just afraid I'd be even more depressed of the negative outcome if ever.

Why do not parents be with them during the examination results when there is a chance that if the student is depressed of failure they may attempt for suicide.

From page 42 onwards, Bejan launches away with the beginning,? All the oppressed, suppressed, depressed of the world will find justice between October 2009 to December 2020, thanks to Saturn.

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