Prepositions after "demeaning"

demeaning to, of, for, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases demeaning to is used

It is so demeaning to the reader.

How demeaning to the men involved.

How then, is it not demeaning to men?

It's annoying and demeaning to women who have talent, yet also happen to be beautiful.

I do think the tone of this list is very whiney and actually demeaning to the customer.

That is not only demeaning to Homin, but SMe is obviously not done milking that cow yet.

The idea that they have no control and responsibility for themselves is demeaning to men, and dangerous to women.

But very few people are Moses and taking the position of owning the ' ultimate truth ' is frankly demeaning to me.

It's demeaning to us that he is not held to account and I can't praise Barry Cassidy enough for pointing this out.

It would cast the Republicans as being too tricky by half, and also as being demeaning to the disenfranchised poor.

In 15% of cases demeaning of is used

You see, i t is so demeaning of Ghana.

No summary execution, no demeaning of the Islamic cult.

That statement is beneath you, Edward, and it's demeaning of me.

From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of God, deliver us.

They should avoid sex stereotyping and any exploitation or demeaning of men and women.

Persons with disabilities criticized the decision as demeaning of them as human persons.

Maybe sad? Demeaning of the office? An indictment on the current Government that placed him in that position? Sadly.

Michael I think you may have answered the conundrum of why the PM hangs on despite the trashing and demeaning of her office.

To me, that is demeaning of the student, especially if innocent (and it seems that there was little worry over innocence or guilt).

Being a slave was the lowest position and most demeaning of jobs in society; they could never be released or set free unless ransomed.

In 9% of cases demeaning for is used

And it would be demeaning for Phong Mut.

It's too narrow and rather demeaning for the KPK.

I do not find this statement offensive or demeaning for women.

I found it demeaning for the very talented Ms Rein to be spruiking for her husband.

Second, it's just plain demeaning for any adult to hear that his efforts are sub-par.

Second, it? s just plain demeaning for any adult to hear that his efforts are sub-par.

Besides it would be demeaning for any self-respecting author to reply critics who doubt her very existential reality.

Hasn't this sort of thing been done to death now? It's a bit demeaning for Newsnight, I feel - best left to late night C5.

Such aid was felt to be clumsy, divisive and ultimately demeaning for families or children who had to pander to the wishes of their benefactors.

The problem with resorting to name-calling is that it is at best demeaning for all involved, and at worst poisons relationships between ministers and groups they should engage with.

In 5% of cases demeaning in is used

It sounds demeaning in Pakistan.

Sycophantic and demeaning in equal measure.

JLS Dear JLS, I was certainly not rude or demeaning in any way.

I dread opening emails in the morning because he is demeaning in emails too.

If the rumor is correct, Obama, true to form, will be even more divisive and demeaning in his second term.

If you want to work for a magazine or newspaper, realize that it will be boring and demeaning in the beginning.

I appreciate your passionate feelings toward the use of the word, but to state that the word is demeaning in every context is obtuse.

Agniveer has asked thousand times to state even one single reference in entire site which is defamatory to anyone or demeaning in any manner.

No profanity will be allowed, nor threats of any kind, nor characterizations that I consider demeaning in any way to another person or group of people.

A job that may seem demeaning in Bangladesh is simply a means to meet ends abroad, especially in countries where a large number of international students flock every year.

In 2% of cases demeaning about is used

But there's something that feels demeaning about that.

Obama never says anything demeaning about Israel inadvertently.

But Murphy says there is nothing demeaning about the relationship.

That is it -- nothing particularly complicated about it, nothing demeaning about it.

In 2% of cases demeaning towards is used

He had dysfunctional decision making and he was deeply demeaning towards other people '.

I am surprised that no one finds them demeaning towards women, seeing it as a way instead to celebrate our culture.

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