Prepositions after "delicious"

"delicious with" or "delicious in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases delicious with is used

Delicious with spiced apple juice.

This is delicious with rice or roti.

Oatcakes are delicious with a fried egg.

Wheather they are black or green, they are delicious with a good chunk of cheese.

This is just our first step in integrating Delicious with your current web habits.

The food (all three courses) was delicious with very attentive service throughout.

It's dish that can be adapted any which way -- and would be delicious with chicken or any other root vegetable.

Avoid wasting these precious golden yolks and instead turn them into something delicious with these simple tips.

Breakfast in J &G's; Steakhouse was delicious with highly attentive waiting staff, I recommend the Eggs Benedict.

Breakfast was delicious with a great selection of breads, cheeses and spreads and again lovely attentive service.

In 16% of cases delicious in is used

Both delicious in their own ways.

They were just as delicious in a bag.

Local asparagus is delicious in spring.

The smell was overwhelming Lol but all the other fruits are delicious in my opinion.

I am TORN as well! Park Ki Woong is so delicious in The Musical!!! I love his acting.

So what Do You Think? Delicious in Grey Lynn has been consistently great for 10 years.

Last September, Delicious introduced a big new feature called Stacks, which gave users a way to share a group of links.

The leaves are a bit bitter on their own but they are delicious in a salad mixed with sweet tomatoes and slices of orange.

Small yellow flowers have a mild spiciness (mild broccoli flavor ), and are delicious in salads or in a stir-fry or steamer.

In 8% of cases delicious for is used

The pieces of fruit are delicious for dessert, too.

It's delicious for frying, sauting and savory dishes.

Just bookmarked this post in delicious for future comeback.

I have frequently mined my collections in delicious for writing projects later on.

If you're on a PC look in my Delicious for a downloadable pdf converter that suits you.

We wound up at The Well-Dressed Burrito, which is in an alley and more delicious for it.

Credit: Istockphoto/Thinkstock Tofu Tofu is a great vegetarian option and it's delicious for carnivores as well.

Your child can help pick out ingredients and you can both cook something together delicious for the whole family.

Thank you for trying out my lung cleansing watercress soup -- it tastes delicious for a natural remedy for lungs.

Hebert said he researched Irish dishes to come up with a menu that's both authentic and delicious for his guests.

In 8% of cases delicious on is used

Delicious on bread or crackers.

It?? s also delicious on its own.

Delicious on a warm day, I was told.

Red karengo is absolutely delicious on its own, and kelp puts a delicious spin on salad.

Glad you liked it, it does look delicious on the picture! Love your blogg and your fab photos.

Religion might be a little nutty sometimes, but it is rarely delicious on a sandwich with jelly.

The smell of fresh bread wafting through a supermarket which is so delicious on first entry soon gets ' forgotten '.

As delicious as black pepper sauce is on a steak, Argentine steak is so delicious on its own that it just doesn't need it.

It is delicious on stewed bananas, baked bananas, sweet potato pone, stewed guava, on chocolate cake, and on most desserts.

Step 3: Keep the odors contained Sauerkraut is delicious on hot dogs but not so great when the flavor mixes with the butter.

In 8% of cases delicious to is used

Your tears are delicious to me '.

Their names are delicious to the tongue.

Absolutely delicious to the very last grain.

I'd totally attracted by just looking at the photo alone! It looks really delicious to me.

White, delicious to the drinkers, Wherein there is no headache nor are they made mad thereby.

The combination or the caramel, sea salt and creaminess is delicious to the point of swooning.

While they're totally uncooked, a generous amount of time over the heat does something delicious to their flavour.

I hated how thick it was! I refused to eat it, but if it was cut a little thinner, it might have been delicious to me then.

There's anything delicious to fantastic littlest seed products compared to a pool area related with at grinding halt mucous.

Further, I shall render the water of this spring of water as sweet and delicious to him as the milk he sucked from his mother.

In 4% of cases delicious as is used

Date juice is quite delicious as a drink.

Delicious as a spread on oatcakes for a snack.

The chai tea is delicious as well as the smoothies.

I don't remember the name of what I got, but it was made with delicious as an ingredient.

It also ensures that the food you will be serving is delicious as well as attractively presented.

Also the Oysters were fresh and delicious as well as the Mussels Provencal which we had as a starter.

The kids LOVED their meals and I was impressed that the children's menu was equally as healthy and delicious as the adults menu.

I've had to type more detailed searches, use the timeline features on the left sidebar and I started using delicious as a search engine for web related stuff more and more.

Especially the miso paste from Source Foods (delicious as a broth, and tomorrow I will be using it to make miso glazed aubergines) and the breakfast cereal from Bendy Legs.

Delicious as a desert on it's own, it would also be brilliant in all those places that icecream works so well -- with hot chocolate pudding, apple crumble, bread and butter pudding.

In 4% of cases delicious by is used

They have been declared delicious by my son who chose them for.

They were all delicious by the way but still 5 hours for 3 dishes was bad organisation.

And there is precious little on a Thanksgiving menu that is not made more delicious by butter.

The desserts were made even more delicious by our accompanying them with a syrupy glass of Muscat.

It is delicious by itself, or try some cream and honey! This flavor was especially created to give.

Good quality shark's fin soup (quite delicious by the way) used to have strands about the same size as spaghetti.

For this reason, we've decided to simplify how users organize links on Delicious by consolidating stacks into tags.

We waited about 20 mins before we got our food, the food was delicious by the way, but the service was not nearly as great.

In my case, her recipe for pappardelle with rag was made impossibly delicious by using braised Waygu short ribs from Pat Whelan.

It is a brilliant tale, rendered all the more delicious by its finale: as Neil was leaving, the man threw a table lamp at him, but missed.

In 4% of cases delicious of is used

This was crowned the most delicious of.

It must have been the most delicious of all coz I was that hungry.

The colour of the fibre was similar to that of the most golden and delicious of doughnuts.

Sharks swimming in the deal-custard It's hard to pick the most delicious of this alphabet-spaghetti of a caravan.

Perhaps that's what De Goey thought too, because Kanu sold the Dutchman the most languid, the most delicious of dumbies.

Durian - Despite the fruit's disgusting smell, when ripe the flavour of the flesh, is the most delicious of tropical fruits.

Our five days were packed with interest, each one launched in glamorous style with the most glorious and delicious of breakfasts.

Next, he spreads tables with varieties of bounties and the most delicious of foods worthy for each group and prepares a general banquet.

This most delicious of meats is beloved around the globe for it's unique flavour and unparalleled ability to improve just about any dish.

Some of you will have experienced the fact that the most delicious of all linen sheets are the ones stored in our grandmother's cupboards.

In 3% of cases delicious at is used

Life is pretty delicious at the moment.

Cheese is delicious at the best of times.

And know what? They both taste delicious at the time.

In fact, everything was super delicious at the restaurant, and not exactly expensive.

Of course I didn't know that they were delicious at the time, so it was a massive gamble.

These are delicious at the best of times, but infinitely more so when cooked on a wood fire.

The finest beef / bun combo is an excessive signature dish at Bymark, and they're pricey but delicious at Czehoski, too.

I tossed them with the dressing, radishes &; nuts just before serving and the salad tasted delicious at room temperature.

A short walk along the beach will take you through at least 5 beautiful hotels, and the seafood is fresh and delicious at every one of them.

I started buying custard tarts (or pasteis de nata) from Woolworths and Vida e Caffe as a treat every now and again (they are delicious at both those places).

In 3% of cases delicious from is used

No, this is Apple, and it was truly delicious from first bite.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Delicious from the cream down to the biscuit base.

Just like yummy food, Communication is delicious from the first taste to the last.

These cookies were extremely rich, crumbly, and delicious from the toasted coconut.

The vocal stylings of Freddie Cunningham were a surprise, meaty and delicious from start to finish.

The restaurant presented perfectly executed culinary dishes that were so delicious from starters to.

Bring your own lunch &; pull up a chair, or buy something delicious from one of the stalls along the way.

The night soon after his delicious spots to relish, for instance with something delicious from all the shop.

It is an intense version of the original DKNY Be Delicious from 2004, which bears the name DKNY Be Delicious Eau so Intense.

Delicious from the first taste, the sauce was a great match to the fresh mussels that were loosely sprinkled with fresh parsley.

In 3% of cases delicious without is used

Delicious without salt and only.

Things are delicious without ever seeing the salt.

Tofu is a delicious without a sauce, you can accept eating it plain.

Spices! and onions and garlic! They make food delicious without adding fat or sugar.

If you are running short of time, just omit the caramel, it is still delicious without it.

But if you don't love cardamom, these cornmeal apricot muffins will still be delicious without.

Gina Thanks Lala78 Yeah Enjoy Life brand is really good and their chocolate chips are delicious without the dairy and soy.

Today we will teach you how to make sweet potato cake that is low sugar and low enrgy, let you enjoy the delicious without getting fat.

For me, this was perfect: it made them a little sweeter, which I like, and still chocolatey and delicious without being (dare I say it?) too chocolatey.

We prefer to eat them plain since they are already very delicious without any jam or butter:) In a large mixing bowl, sift together cake flour and baking powder.

In 2% of cases delicious about is used

Backyard Gardens: There is something delicious about food that you have grown yourself.

What I find delicious about this debate is that games may be poised to become the most influential art form in history.

There is something so delicious about setting part of my novel outside this bookstore and now this bookstore is selling my novel.

There is too something delicious about it being hosted in Dunedin, a city cloistered in the vibrancy of student life and yet expansive in its ocean views and commitment to wildlife.

In 2% of cases delicious after is used

So happy to learn they may not be delicious after all.

Sunroots are most delicious after the first frosts hit them and remain so until sprouting begins in spring.

Lunch equal great and at about 3pm there would be waffles and cakes which were delicious after a day of sunbathing.

Don't worry; the sauce will taste delicious after being frozen in an ice cube tray! TIP! Brightening your cooking with color is always a lot of fun.

I love to eat these warm, when the peanut butter is gooey and the chocolate is runny, but they are equally delicious after resting for a few hours (or days).

In 1% of cases delicious despite is used

We ordered it for the first time quite recently and it's quite delicious despite looking like.

Dinner was very delicious despite some of the ingredients being distant cousins of those in the recipe.

They are the least pretentious of all cookies and I love that they are super delicious despite being modest, hahah.

The Lucky Spice, for example, is a concoction of whiskey, rum, vanilla and orange yet it manages to be completely delicious despite being almost entirely alcohol.

In 1% of cases delicious like is used

It is delicious like ceviche, jalea.

A social delicious like the 1%CLUB or for example the Dutch National Parks Foundation.

I haven't had some Ghanaian dishes before like tuo zaafi, but the ones that I've had are pretty delicious like fufuo.

It was delicious and I am so grateful that gluten-free needs are starting to be met by places so delicious like Jason's Deli.

Some are so fantastically delicious like The Great Automatic Grammatizator and Royal Jelly that sometimes I wake up thinking all those things could actually happen and then I'd disappointed.

In 1% of cases delicious through is used

Ramsey provided a delicious through ball to Walcott but his first touch was too heavy, allowing Lloris to smother the ball.

The actual Jenah will likely be refined in combination with delicious through the use of semicircular aluminum computer perhaps even braided action facts.

Mexican referee Mario Antonio Rodriques Moreno had barely signalled the start of the game when Maurice Edu picked out Herculez Gomez with a delicious through pass.

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