Prepositions after "deficient"

deficient in, of, by, as or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases deficient in is used

So you men are deficient in emotions.

Many are deficient in this capability.

Otherwise we'll be deficient in the fight.

Whether he deliberately lied or was merely deficient in his research, I don't know.

Need (Ihtiy? j ): God is not deficient in any virtue, so He does not need anything.

From what I can see now, most of us Buddhists are pretty deficient in our practice.

There are soils which are deficient in the nitrogen salts which helps in the nitrogen fixation by these bacteria.

It will, of course, depend in part on whether the soils on which a horse is grazing are deficient in the element.

An immunosupressed patient may become deficient in those suppressor T cells that regulate IgE antibody synthesis.

Grazing and crop residues are low in protein and energy and may also be deficient in important mineral nutrients.

In 3% of cases deficient of is used

Many individuals are deficient of this vitamin.

Our children are deficient of socio-emotional inputs.

He remains deficient of the salvation that comes from Him.

But unlike Moonsongs, the new volume is deficient of Osundare's usual enchanting imagery.

I think the young man is traumatized and severly deficient of ethical/ basic moral principal.

Pauses in his arguments made him look out of practice and deficient of his legendary rhetoric.

Clay reminds me of a lot of persons who are so critical of technicalities but almost deficient of human compassion.

If the Estate is deficient of necessary assets, then the Executor must pay those necessary to satisfy immediate costs, ie.

Moreover, it is not true that Kenya is so deficient of leadership that we collectively resort to international criminal suspects.

In 2% of cases deficient by is used

We are deficient by four kinds of faults.

Monsoon rains were deficient by 20 per cent till July.

The dietary intake of women in the lower economic group is deficient by 500 to 600 calories.

Rains are deficient by 26 per cent in Tamil Nadu and 37 per cent in Kerala, the IMD data added.

This number may seem big but the end result is actually a reduction of our national deficient by 1.

The argument is that this advice was tainted and rendered deficient by failure to specify that the victim was dead.

The senior counsel told the court that it was a matter of common knowledge that southwest monsoon was deficient by 41 percent.

Additionally, the Philippine brown deer is said to be declining and is listed as data deficient by IUCN, although the species is not uncommon in appropriate habitat.

The financial statements contained no interest-bearing liabilities in the balance sheet of CER, and the recorded current interest-bearing liabilities for CNP were deficient by AUD1.

In 1% of cases deficient as is used

They're just as backwards and culturally deficient as the Taliban.

Put as you have, PM is quite deficient as a philosophical position.

She must have failed, she must have been deficient as a mother, for her boy to commit such a chilling crime.

It would be disheartening for you to attend one of my classes and pronounce me deficient as a teacher based on the number of devices I use.

Pumping my fist in solidarity! -GF His character is so cute and endearing in other respects that it is very frustrating to see him so deficient as a husband.

In 1% of cases deficient at is used

We are working hard on the areas that we were deficient at.

It is an inexpensive connector and may be deficient at the frequency extremes.

Then lingerhans gland in the pancreas weakens and becomes deficient at secreting insulin.

But the phenomenon research of these disciples and their novels is quite deficient at present.

Mobile elements move about within the plant and tend to show up when deficient at the bottom of the plant.

No matter how much we advance and promote a practical guide, a way of dealing with things, there are things we will be deficient at.

The proponents also argue it would eliminate the need for the central bank to lend reserves to banks who are deficient at any point in time.

As a result, the central bank then can not push rates lower and if aggregate demand is deficient at that level of rates they allegedly lose their capacity to increase spending.

He's also likely defensively deficient at this point (admittedly, I haven't always paid great attention to him, mostly I think because he's in and out of the game so quickly I barely notice him).

In 1% of cases deficient during is used

He said ' Around 90 per cent of women are vitamin D deficient during the winter months which means pregnant women are especially at risk.

The baby stores up vitamin D during the pregnancy and he will remain healthy without vitamin D supplementation, unless the mother herself is vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy.

Some research shows the benefits of high levels of vitamin C and calcium taken for a period of time prior to vaccinations (as both of these nutrients can become deficient during the process).

In 1% of cases deficient for is used

Our generals have been particularly deficient for a long, long while.

I also know they often get treated as freakish or deficient for their lack or sexual relationships.

I suppose what gets people's goat is being told not just that black is white but that they're deficient for not seeing this.

Therefore many patients with ovulation disorders and infrequent or absent periods are hormonally deficient for much of the time.

Since tryptophan in the diet can be converted to niacin in the body, both of these need to be deficient for pellagra to develop.

There is no question, however, of the earlier mosques, which lacked mihrabs, being regarded as somehow deficient for that reason.

The education system in place for much of the country's history had been intentionally deficient for the majority of the population.

Discussion In Pakistan, health services are poor in general, but they are particularly deficient for maternal health leading to adverse outcomes for both women and newborns.

Mouse embryos deficient for apoptotic activating factor-1 (Apaf1 ), * caspase-9, or caspase-3 display severe craniofacial malformations and dramatically enhanced neuronal cell numbers (Kuida et al.

In 1% of cases deficient from is used

Indeed, Hadith memorizers and researchers believe that the Ahadith about the kissing of hand are weak and deficient from the viewpoint of authenticity.

Despite fulfilling formal and substantive equality of opportunity, the society just sketched is deficient from the standard of equality of opportunity.

In 1% of cases deficient on is used

The Oireachtas is deficient on three counts.

However, they tend to be equally deficient on nonfinancials.

However, reports tend to be equally deficient on nonfinancials.

Additional supplementation might be necessary if you're still deficient on certain nutrients.

However, both are found to be deficient on important issues affecting the relationship at times.

Despite its successes, the national immunisation programme is found to be deficient on many counts.

The fact that they were not there was a deficient on the market structure so, their coming is a correction of that deficiency.

As a purported expert, for Humphreys to adopt such an argument betrays a command of his subject that is deficient on a truly breathtaking scale.

Deficient on admit lampy flat one of these considerations into check could gold against the purchase of a lamp that is definitely unsuitable because your lighting needs.

Posted by: deanbob November 8, 2012, 7:15 pm 7:15 pm PASSINGTHROUGH NOVEMBER 8, 2012, 7:02 PM There are many on both sides that are a few hour deficient on the civics and American History.

In 1% of cases deficient to is used

However, this narration is deficient to some degree.

The Wall Street Journal now reports quite conveniently (10 days after the election) that they are deficient to the tune of 16.

But we should not overlook the fact that many other areas and levels of work are also deficient to varying degrees in intrinsic rewards.

In 1% of cases deficient with is used

Does, it is true, have no horns and yet are equally deficient with the males as regards the teeth.

It reduces inflammation of the arteries; people deficient with it are 80% more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke.

If you are deficient with this hormonal, then it is necessary for you to take HGH products if you want to correct your inadequacies.

DISCUSSION The present study found that with regards to the infra-structure, the ICUs in Trinidad and Tobago were deficient with respect to bed availability.

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