Prepositions after "deep"

"deep in", "deep within" or "deep into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases deep in is used

I, m deep in debth plz pray for me.

Deep in December our hearts should.

Deep in the Swamp is her first book.

These can be ash and lava beds from volcanoes or intrusive rocks from deep in the earth.

This is made by digging out a base to 10 to 15 centimetres deep in a well drained place.

I have seen this for what it is, and I am calling it as I see it from deep in the belly.

At 6-6, Federer made a strange shot choice, trying to go down the line with a topspin backhand from deep in the court.

So technically, I would need to start this $200/month fund ASAP if I don't want to be in the deep in five years! Hmmm.

The sword blade - which was embedded four inches deep in Tuan's left orbit - was removed during an hour-long operation.

I got 2 or 3 feet deep in the garden before my mother made me stop for fear of cave in of the walls of the pit I'd dug.

In 12% of cases deep into is used

The revelation leads her deeper into.

I followed her deeper into the museum.

This way they can not get to deep into the system.

Her eyes gaze intently at the page, each word drawing her deeper into the narrative.

I'd not going to go any deeper into this matter, as the maple economy is very simple.

And then, just after you've gotten 1,000 words deep into the mystery, the body shows up.

Obviously we invested a lot of money too but we don't need to get to deep into the fact that we did it not so wisely.

Thrusting two fingers deep into her own, soft fruit, she plumped and prodded, soaking them in juices fresh and tangy.

When we open the chapter, we're already 100 pages deep into talk of suffering, and unpreparedness and destroyed youth.

Debs stopped in the darkness under a balcony and he thought at first she was scared to go any deeper into the barrio.

In 11% of cases deep within is used

A low snarl came from deep within his chest.

It arises out of a yearning from deep within the soul.

No screams, but sobs, coming from deep within her being.

She says, ' Deep within my heart, I cried, thinking I would never achieve my dreams.

I took particular care in ensuring that what I have written came from deep within me.

Bacteria occur almost everywhere, even kilometres deep within the Earth's rocky crust.

However, many of the benefits of meditation come from deep within the mind and do not show themselves immediately.

Mineral resources are seen as examples of fertile substance which originate from deep within the root of the earth.

This facilitates high absorption of specialist serums and creams, so that they are effective deep within the dermis.

The result is a brighter, fresher more even complexion as collagen growth is stimulated from deep within the dermis.

In 9% of cases deep for is used

That's getting a bit deep for me.

I dug my nails in deep for purchase.

It's not getting any deeper for me.

I think that you whiners need to dig a little deeper for something to complain about.

Therefore, the pocket is a lot deeper for my cover, to accommodate the thicker device.

But these differences are also a source of growth and our love is the deeper for them.

We really cant expect to see him go deeper for finer data? Economic growth in China and India is not a myth at all.

I believe perhaps this will drive people to find a new way to get the facts and dig deeper for the truth -- I hope.

Motherhood is not the problem, I am the problem and I need to dig a little deeper for the answer to this little gem.

In 7% of cases deep inside is used

So you must forgive them from deep inside yourselves.

The force of the crash spread material from deep inside the moon.

Chemicals from deep inside the planet spewed into the primitive seas.

Then there was a roar from Hannah's father, a gurgle that came from deep inside him.

They said hot melted material flows up from deep inside the Earth through the split.

If I go deep inside I'll say ' nakwenda bara ' (or ' ninakwenda bara ') - still I am.

But it's one of the precious moments where you can have a deep inside look on upcoming strategies from Check Point.

The rocket would be launched from deep inside occupied countries from mobile launchers, hard to detect and destroy.

People from the coast, the Swahili, will say ' anatoka bara ', meaning ' he comes from deep inside ', from far away.

That kind of happiness can only come from deep inside your heart when you feel that you have made someone else happy.

In 7% of cases deep with is used

Fill it about 8 cm deep with water.

Thus this condition can be deeper with age.

Who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks.

So she sang Rolling In The Deep with full blazing rap, random laugh, and hooded dancers.

Stacked deep with all major calibers and thanking my lucky stars for doing it when I did.

We dug a hole in the snow about three feet deep with the adze and put the Primus into it.

Walter looks into his recent discovery of the Queen's Gambit being stored away and Moira is in deep with some bad fellows.

The canyon measures 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and is over a mile deep with the Colorado River running through it.

The counter was three deep with people trying to pawn or sell their videos, guns and maybe jewelry as I didn't see big items.

He was making shots from deep with a good frequency, and also he used his athleticism on the defensive end to cause problems.

In 4% of cases deep at is used

Wish we were deeper at tight end.

It was at least 3 deep at the bar all day.

It can be more than 15 feet deep at its peak.

The Upper Lake is the larger of the two lakes and is 30 metres deep at its deepest point.

The water is forty feet deep at the base of this precipice, which is washed by the waves.

Team was basically set up 2 deep at every field position, save CB, since Goodson was absent.

The Canyon, sculpted by the mighty Colorado River, is 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point and 18 miles at its widest.

The water is only about 5 feet deep at its highest out here and stays that way for miles to the closest town Black River.

At this point, the channel is only 100 ft wide and 5 feet deep at low water (at the time the tide on the tables was at -0.

Psalm 42:7, Deep calls to deep at the sound of thy waterfalls and all breakers and waves have rolled over me Just like Jonah.

In 3% of cases deep on is used

I measure 37'x 56 ' by 2 ' deep on an angle.

But the problem is much deeper on two levels.

But if I hear Rolling In The Deep on Pandora, she does.

If he is nursing a deep on, then it would be dangerous to approach the lady as a friend.

But, today's policies says if I hear Rolling In The Deep on the radio, Adele doesn't get paid.

It's often been said our house resembles a library with books usually two deep on the shelves.

I'd not going to get any deeper on the technical expression of the term right now (to get more technical, try Google).

The embarkees had to line up four deep on the road outside the Gaol, crowds of us left behind stood leaning over the Married Q.

Their take on Ore piya (from Aaja Nachle) juxtaposed with Adele? s Rolling in the Deep on the clarinet drew the maximum cheers.

Dyson does nt add anything to the show appart from being a lousy and bad acted character, I am sorry but I don't see any deep on K.

In 2% of cases deep down is used

I reckon there are some deep down survival instincts in us.

The people at that time suspended food deep down in the wells.

But even in just thinking it was funny, there was a deep down unrest.

I am now of a different faith, but grew up in a buddhist household from the deep down south.

Floors Even if you vacuum regularly, floors and carpets could use a deep down cleaning now and then.

They may be more relevant to modern life but not to increasing a deep down sense of happiness and peace.

Step two is to ensure every player has the deep down belief that will ensure the mind is strong and the body is willing.

Danny Ratnapala hailed from deep down South of Ceylon and was an extremely good businessman, and noted for his generosity.

Surely there too the villagers must have used the ' deep down earth refrigerator ' even for the preservation of perishable food.

When considering which trade to take on you need to think about what your deep down passion is and where you want it to take you.

In 2% of cases deep by is used

I dug a trench about 16 inches deep by the width of my shovel.

They were in deeper by then; they needed to see each other more often.

The metal used to build the face of the branding iron should be 2 inches deep by 1/2 inch thick.

A lovely cross from deep by Erman saw Ercag run unmarked into the box and head the ball past Gokhan.

Drive them in deeper by ending on a cliffhanger and providing a link to read more on another page.

It proved to be the captain's day as he finally was dropped in the deep by Sheen off the penultimate ball of West's over.

Into the Deep by Deacon Mike Bickerstaff is a regular feature of the The Integrated Catholic LifeT and appears each Sunday.

In a fight, if he has the upper hand, he will dispatch his enemy to the deep by making him walk the plank so that the drowning would never be discovered.

Proceeding showing his wistful side, Serani presented his ability of changing his tone of voice from high and clear to deep by giving the thoughtful song Doh.

In 2% of cases deep of is used

This was far too deep of a topic to be discussing before lunch.

Wipe the skillet clean then pour in about 1/2-inch deep of water.

I mothers love for a child is about as deep of a love that there is in this world.

Ageha and audience get in and get in a more deep of dark, but the destination is a hospital.

We want to have as deep of a bullpen as you can, you love to have swing and miss stuff if you can.

If Coquelin does play (regardless of Arteta in or out) he should likely play the deeper of the 3 roles.

I reject the notion that there is as deep of a rift in American culture as the media has portrayed over the last year.

Take separate measurements for left and right, and cut away only as much to leave enough thickness for the deeper of the supports on either side.

So like I stated, I want to stay for a while &; what makes me want to stay for a while is passion of real estate and of course just as deep of one for blogging.

Sterling dropped the deeper of the two and had a few dangerous moments, and Suarez freed himself occasionally but couldn't find any opportunities to get a shot on goal.

In 2% of cases deep to is used

I loved the time I escorted you from the deep to the shore.

Skeptics once likened mining the deep to looking for riches on the moon.

Simply add a layer of pine needles a couple of inches deep to the plant beds.

Figures 6, 7 and 8 show examples which range from deep to shallow exploration.

KeyPoints: Communication that filters down from the deep to the front 3 is important.

Sometimes global currents are pushed up the continental slope, bringing nutrients from the deep to the surface.

Step1: start in the eye, eye shadow to the eyes of the inter-swept open, formed from deep to shallow gradient effect.

White and feathery it comes from the deep to its brothers the clouds, full of dreams of dank pastures and caves of leviathan.

During this time, the surface has deteriorated from four feet wide, four inches deep to five feet wide and a depth of five inches.

I felt ugly - like deep to the bone ugly - and I was so horrified I went home and gave out to all around me in a very diva-ish way.

In 1% of cases deep from is used

Believe me it comes from deep from within our hearts.

Then he was relying on the pace of Torres and running from deep from Gerrard to nick a goal.

The comment followed a wayward throw back to the wicket from the deep from two-test paceman Scott Muller.

Tracks like Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep from her successful album 21 was about her breakup from her last boyfriend.

Its deepest point was eventually some 700 feet deep from the surface and some 11 miles of underground roadways had been constructed.

Scientists can now take samples over one mile deep from ice-sheets and discover all kinds of information about past climate patterns.

There are ruts in the road 3-4 inches deep from tanker truck after tanker truck running over unreinforced tarmac that's been baking in the equatorial sun.

Specific ways you can organize your website more effectively, is to ensure that every page of your website is no more than two levels deep from the home page (i.

It's exactly what you think: it feels like an iPhone 3GS display cut to iPad size, including the fact that the pixels seem deeper from the surface of the glass.

In 1% of cases deep as is used

The new design is 40 inches deep as opposed to the traditional 44 inches.

Over 50 meters wide and 20 meters deep as well as an impressive 20 meters high.

Your area does have water yielding fractures at deeper as well as medium depth ranges.

Brandon Knight will be better, and the fact that he shot 38 percent from deep as a rookie is very promising.

Snorkelling can also be quite entertaining but the good stuff is down deeper as the shelf drops off close to shore.

The position is every bit as a deep as the annoying, inspirational quotes your high school classmates post to Facebook.

It is also the norm to find this amphidromous species playing and feeding near shallow sandy beaches and flats with the incoming tide and returning to the deep as the tide ebbs.

In 1% of cases deep beneath is used

The golden pumice therefore means that the magma rose very quickly from deep beneath the volcano.

It's this soil from deeper beneath the Martian surface that holds the best chance of revealing signs of life.

No, these explorers aren't setting out to explore the deeps of space, but the deep beneath the Earth's surface.

The building structures will not be affected as the Express Rail Link tunnels will be between 35 metres and 250 metres deep beneath those buildings.

Eventually he threw her into the boot of his car and drove to the Pencarrow coast where he bludgeoned her with a piece of driftwood and buried her a metre deep beneath the sand.

In 1% of cases deep off is used

McCullum looked promising before being caught by Chandimal in the deep off left-arm spinner Rangana Herath.

He looked set to reach his 14th one-day hundred before he was caught by Azhar Ali in the deep off spinner Ajmal.

The pair put on 74 for the second wicket, with Sehwag making 29 before he holed out in the deep off Shahid Afridi.

But Sangakkara's dismissal to a good diving catch from Kieron Pollard in the deep off Badree led to a Sri Lanka collapse.

McCullum became the first man to score two T20 centuries - and the highest ever - before he holed out in the deep off the last ball of the innings.

At the cottage, it's about eight feet deep off the end of the dock and about 25 feet to the swim platform closer to a massive rock (called The Shoal).

Watson, who was adjudged man of the match for the fourth consecutive game, hit eight boundaries and two sixes before being caught in the deep off Robin Peterson.

Sangakkara holed out in the deep off Samuel Badree for 22, Angelo Mathews was bowled by Darren Sammy, Jayawardene was caught off a reverse sweep and Jeevan Mendis ran himself out.

Once Broad went out, caught in the deep off Jacques Kallis, Graeme Swann also added to the score with a thrilling 41, before being run out brilliantly by Imran Tahir, the score on 208 for eight.

In 1% of cases deep under is used

He's been deep undercover in Afghanistan for years.

The only other humans to venture this deep under the ocean were a U.

He recommends the use of antibiotics only if the abscesses are deeper under the skin or if the.

Thinking it could be the piece of my own heart trying to pick petals from deep under heaps of garbage.

Tomorrow at dawn, they will be back on the canoes, heading into the deep under the Third Mainland Bridge.

He's home from serving with the US Forces in Afghanistan after being deep undercover with the ' Red Team '.

As we move to more difficult locations, such as deep under water, or the Arctic, the cost becomes more expensive.

I am not by these questions denying that relativistic effects are real but looking for deeper under lying causes.

However after careful studying the WP pattern of operation, there is a deep under current sweeping beneath the surface.

The book opens with Rocco basically homeless, back in America after years of being deep under cover in Afghanistan where.

In 1% of cases deep below is used

This is the largely hidden, unquantified cost of extracting mineral wealth from deep below the soils of South Africa.

The deeper below the surface of the earth, the higher the temperature, so deep burial also means high temperatures.

Just clueless cheerleaders who don understand what happening and can be bothered to look more than two inches deep below the surface.

Judging by the heat of the water and the strength of the flame, the contents spewing out of the pipe emerged from deep below the earth's surface.

Now, as the rains fail, farmers are increasingly relying on the state's 61 aquifers, pumping water from deep below the ground to irrigate their crops.

Since the conditions in the sulphurous Mexican caves may not be any more hostile than those deep below the surface of Mars, this may not be such a crazy theory.

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