Prepositions after "dedicated"

dedicated to, of, in, for or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases dedicated to is used

I am very dedicated to my fitness.

I can be very dedicated to things.

A dedicated to road safety won't either.

An intelligent girl, she was also very dedicated to her duties with our Chapel Guild.

However, this teams looks dedicated to winning and has bought into pounding the rock.

All our efforts are dedicated to developping a more sustainable way to insure growth.

Now I have my own creative atelier, and I'd very dedicated to the art of making Websites and improving my skills.

You'll be able to develop several different profiles or pages, each and every dedicated to a single product niche.

Anyone happy to accept a shorter work week must be rich, self-indulgent and probably not too dedicated to the job.

The poem was published in 1943 in a volume called More Poems from the Forces (which was ' dedicated to the USSR ').

In 5% of cases dedicated of is used

And hitting the gym alone seems to work for only the most dedicated of souls.

The most dedicated of clients will commit to working with their trainers 3 or 4 days every week.

Even the most dedicated of readers might not stick around for more content if navigation is an arduous task.

But having 50m quids worth of chairman's darling in front of you can hold even the most dedicated of chaps back.

As it happens, Posada is the most dedicated of those who have tried and failed to get rid of the Cuban president.

Needless to say, the album is unremittingly bleak and a difficult listen for even the most dedicated of Pink Floyd fans.

Many of these Space Marines go on to serve in the Deathwatch and are some of the most dedicated of their chapter's warriors.

In some moments it does evoke Beckett, as have previous Costa films, but it's an endurance test for even the most dedicated of fans.

All but the most dedicated of those who seek salvation through making money recognize the well-being of future generations as the ultimate good.

In 3% of cases dedicated in is used

They are quite dedicated in what they do.

Jayasuriya is very dedicated in maintaining his fitness level and being fit.

About the News Department Our news team is small, but undoubtedly the most dedicated in Kingston.

About the News Department Our news team is small, but undoubtedly the most dedicated in Brockville.

I believe he was in our top 3 performers of the game and probably the most dedicated in all of our back 4.

Malaysia Airlines have been very dedicated in playing the primary role to ensure the national integration agenda is fulfilled.

Please note that this is a dedicated in resort line and is reserved solely for the use of customers experiencing problems while abroad.

I worked really hard in sports and was pretty dedicated in my time here, so it felt really nice to be recognized and end CASS on a high note.

The Gorta volunteers are some of the most dedicated in the country with almost half of the respondents helping the charity for ten years or more.

If your company is not able to afford a dedicated in house position for social media management, be sure to hire a third-party service provider that specializes in social media marketing.

In 2% of cases dedicated for is used

Please note that most vehicles DO NOT have UAS anchors dedicated for the centre seating position.

Everyone knows I'd not the most dedicated for training but I do manage to do something every day.

This review will be SHAKIRA NAKED dedicated for Ashley Greene naked pictures lovers and not just that.

He was highly influenced with the great personality and became dedicated for the freedom struggle after meeting ' father of the nation '.

In 1% of cases dedicated among is used

Wherever Muslims gain a sizable majority, the most dedicated among them begin pushing for local manifestations of Sharia law.

In the quiet moments, I'd sure even the most dedicated among us has asked themselves: What was I thinking? Here's something else to think about.

In 1% of cases dedicated on is used

Yes I am very dedicated on this blog.

Ruth has also become our dedicated on board fishing expert.

Is this right? How can I for sure turn the dedicated on? I can't see an option for this in AMD's control center either.

BBC iPlayer joins catch-up TV services from Sky, ITV and Five, all located within the dedicated On Demand section of Sky+.

All around us though the dying, frail and vulnerable of all ages are only being supported by dedicated on the ground staffs day by day.

In 1% of cases dedicated towards is used

He was very dedicated towards his work and made sure he always attended his tuition and delivered the paper bags on the way.

I worked with them and found that they are very dedicated towards the work as well as meet the deadline earlier with better quality services.

From the western style, mainly influenced by France, there has a great shift in the cinema and is more dedicated towards educating the countryside population.

In 1% of cases dedicated with is used

As I said lift hard, try get some cardio in and stay dedicated with your diet.

Professional-services firms have an up-or-out system which rewards the most dedicated with lucrative partnerships.

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