Prepositions after "decent"

"decent in" or "decent for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases decent in is used

That's pretty decent in our book.

He was decent in the Villa match.

There is no one decent in that list.

Under the Hood 800 MHz RAM, Gingerbread Android, this gadget is decent in performance.

We are struggling to find anyone half way decent in roles that are extremely technical.

Irrespective of the budget every one wants to stay unique and decent in the social group.

Unfortunately, LG's software choices, which are decent in and of themselves, are entirely beholden to carrier whims.

It is not until the smartphone era that companies start to include headset that are actually decent in sound quality.

An account of Congo's sudden independence from Belgium and its rapid decent in chaos overseen by its colonial master.

And if that doesn't work?! As you can imagine, getting eight people to look decent in a picture is always a challenge.

In 16% of cases decent for is used

Nigeria is too decent for this.

The controls are decent for AC3.

Very decent for a group of friends.

If we can get something decent for JPA? Great, roll the dice with Uncle Buck and TDA.

I just wish I had been wearing something vaguely decent for this very decent proposal.

Also, regards renting something half decent for HK$10,000 per month is now quite hard.

There is a decent restaurant right across the street, nothing fancy, but pizza and steaks are decent for the price.

No rashes to speak of (just some irritation from leg elastics) when used overnight so it's decent for sensitive skin.

Primary advantages of on-line organisations Often, it really is not decent for additional details on skill within you.

The only reason the ROMs are there is to provide a few that we know work and are decent for someone just starting out.

In 10% of cases decent to is used

Be decent to the other parents.

It had decent to good payoff in one go.

It is indecent to show all five fingers.

But these are highly subjective measures, what is decent to me may be indecent to you.

This is one message from me and if I am decent to them, they will return the same to me.

You bring NOTHING, NOTHING good or decent to the table!!!!! Go suck on a helium balloon.

I do like angry/bitter House a lot more than happy Cuddy-House, who inexplicably could still not be decent to most people.

Not that i'd a proponent for Garcia I'd rather impartial, but he's made some decent to great films this being one of them.

She was bantering with the people who were actually being decent to her and calling out the sickening behavior toward her.

When it comes to the level of craftsmanship, the china replica hand bags can boast of a decent to outstanding craftsmanship.

In 9% of cases decent at is used

Price is also pretty decent at US$ 49.

Our attendances was decent at the time.

Battery life is pretty decent at 8hr 12m.

Sir Rays team was the last team to play decent attacking football, on a regular basis.

Simply put we are decent with what we have but only 6th place decent at the very best.

If a dress is considered decent at the Kelaniya temple is decent for the temple in question.

The people of Somaliland have proven themselves to be broadly decent at building up a peaceable and functioning nation.

It's safe to assume that African Americans will vote 95% for Obama and that their turnout will be decent at the minimum.

Asking for haskell is decent at weeding out people who have no interest in learning new things and improving themselves.

If you are a parent who has a child that plays a lot of video games, it would be worth your time to become decent at them.

In 7% of cases decent with is used

But you were always decent with me.

And they were pretty decent with us.

I think Sten would be decent with Kessel.

Call quality on the Xperia neo L is decent with good reception practically everwhere.

Simply put we are decent with what we have but only 6th place decent at the very best.

Reach and frequency were pretty decent with 54% using that as the main metric for success.

A proper team who brought up four boys to be kind and decent with a black-and-white sense of what is right and wrong.

Overlooking part of cbd and with hints of the floating platform, the view is decent with most window seats available.

The page admin does respond whenever needed and engagement is decent with a fair amount of likes, comments and shares.

Surprisingly, Aguilera actually looks half decent with no eyebrows, but others can end up looking like an egg in a wig.

In 7% of cases decent on is used

Old Miss is decent on offense as well.

I want it to be reliable and half decent on gas.

Two decent on goal headers and a great sliding shot.

He knows he's decent on road courses, but he would really, really love to win an oval.

Seems like he'd be a good fit, as he's supposedly pretty quick and decent on the ball.

Plainly put, as a start-up, you have no chance of recruiting anyone decent on comm only.

By the way, the quality of iPhone 4S photos is surprisingly decent on the Apple TV, which outputs at 720p these days.

Maybe I should figure out someone way to get part of that money to the ppl that actually make me look decent on stage.

I am a bit sad to see it go but what's worse is the lost opportunity to have built something more decent on that block.

The figures look pretty decent on their own, and if you were able to buy all he sets available and have a real Autobot vs.

In 6% of cases decent of is used

Wallace Cleaver Jolly decent of Mr.

I thought this concession was jolly decent of them.

Just saw Lorum1 taping of the decent of the stairs.

It means there is now a vertical decent of 1,356m in the Alps and it is only November.

He's great and it's very decent of him to get the cannon ball rolling with this period.

Which seems pretty decent of them, even if they're hardly on the breadline as a result.

While he does get a decent of amount of cash, he considers the robbery itself to be ho-hum at best, due to a lack of carnage.

That seems pretty decent of Debenhams, I'd glad that they resolved the issue quickly, it must have been very stressful for you.

I saw Armstrong win the stage in 1995 a few days after his team mate Casartelli died in the decent of the Col de Portet d'Aspet.

Dress that dapper celebrities can't get decent of and results are additive, flatbottom if you are looking for for the ingredients are.

In 5% of cases decent into is used

The final decent into El Nido is a treat.

Decent into Chaos? It is not just Pakistan's.

The Ford's decent into seediness was gradual.

Thanks for the awesome afternoon! I've been loving listening to the decent into madness.

Atleast we got to see how slow but horrible decent into madness but he just instantly gets over it.

If you like the company turning right follow, it too has a lovely decent into this beautiful village.

The rapid decent into the Younger Dryas period and the the equally rapid ascent out of of it is a perfect example.

The decent into the town of Sangas seemed to take a long time and on arrival my lead on the cut offs had been cut to 1.

Two separate positive feedback mechanisms are needed to explain the slow decent into, and steep rise out of, an ice age.

It clearly spells out the risks and some of the behavioural changes needed to manage the decent into a low energy future.

In 2% of cases decent from is used

Food was pretty decent from what I remember.

Mmmm 189 cornishair Nearly same as, my family decent from devon.

You can't get anything decent from an environment where they're told exactly what to do.

Andres and Whelan can each take turns taking a crack at goal, both decent from distance.

Hand back the Yellow Jerseys and salvage something half decent from the rest of his life.

Niall had many sons and, many Ulster Gaelic noble family's claim decent from this great man.

The buildings in general are butt-ugly, there are only a few that look decent from the outside.

And this Polish keeper no-one knows about, but sounds pretty decent from what I read on wikipedia lol.

Look at Capello's CV, he can't get anything decent from the same bunch of perennial time wasters either.

I'd not curing cancer, but at least I've created something decent from scratch yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

In 2% of cases decent about is used

He was pretty decent about the whole thing.

They can do their entertainment, but let them also be decent about it.

BUT, I would still like to actually show them something decent about the city.

Everyone is being frightfully decent about everything and I feel wildly happy and rather queer.

Wolffe didn't seem to be joking about getting into trouble for saying something decent about W.

Globlasisation (or the more apt term -freemarketisation) has destroyed all that was decent about the EU.

The outcome I feel will be a real test of all that we believe to be right and decent about the citizenry of Tanzania.

After you feel fairly decent about the first twenty kana (especially the new stuff) complete this worksheet knowledge.

Instead they brand engineered it to hell as the other managers conspired to kill anything that might be decent about it.

The law is the law -- and this law as a moral imperative needs to stand -- for all that is good and decent about America.

In 1% of cases decent down is used

Until that red card, we were just decent down 0-1.

It was a very quick decent down hill, in just a matter of weeks; days even.

We decent down the eastern slopes of the Andes to the Oriente (that what they call the Amazon jungle).

With our clubbing days behind us, we've been able to squirrel away a decent down payment for a house in DC.

The team worked together to get to the checkpoint at the top of the hill and at the top we decided to rest for just 1hr before attempting the decent down the glacier.

In 1% of cases decent considering is used

The Butterfly Effect was pretty decent considering its parts.

Performance is decent considering its an Atom, battery life is excellent (8-10 hours).

And you know what? Now that you think about it, this episode was pretty decent considering its content.

This is decent considering the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 retails at Rs 32,000 and its resale value is a mere Rs 12,000.

All in all it was a great dining experience and the prices I might add were very decent considering the great quality of food we got.

But, dread not fellow eaters, because I still managed to keep my iron stomach in town, though this particular restaurant may be decent considering our local culinary pond.

In 1% of cases decent like is used

We're pretty decent like that at Sick Chirpse, see.

Their dressing is colored, elaborate, and decent like a piece of artwork.

Before him there were foreign technical advisers who were incorruptible and decent like Father Tiko, Manfred Hoener, etc.

I never by the really expensive ones because I lose so many, but this price range is perfect if the quality is decent like it seems it is.

In 1% of cases decent by is used

The speed offered is quite decent by international standards.

I do not think Imran Khan is fantastically intelligent, but he is decent by cricketer/politician standard.

The house is not elaborate by any means as they sleep on thin foam mattresses on the floor, and their pay is decent by Ghana standards.

We just need to get together a little bit more which we are going to do in the next couple months and hopefully have something decent by March.

Willengton Cruz continued to baffle the experts, as the talented left-hander continued his decent by giving up five earned runs in two innings.

Other then the accent, the acting is decent by the entire cast, it is not a romantic drama rather it is closer to life, a more engaging story could have really captivated the audience.

Take a cab to the start or park halfway between the lower cable-way station and the start of the gorge -- this means that there is less of a walk back to your car after a decent by cable car.

What was already a not a very easy and melodic song (only made decent by the amazing Freddie Mercury ), especially for a vocal group in need of harmonies became the biggest turd of the evening.

In 1% of cases decent as is used

Yes, he's looked decent as a #7 defender this year.

He even seems pretty likable and halfway decent as a person.

Would be decent as a live lounge cover but didn't really translate that well.

The data they get out of their system is also rubbish, it isn't even a decent as a reporting tool.

The southern part of Cambodia has always had many inhabitants of Vietnamese decent as well as the area around Phnom Penh.

Let's just hope labour can put somebody half decent as leader (other than Wallace) so that we can kick these tossers out of power.

In 1% of cases decent out is used

They played a decent out of conference game.

He is decent out of the post but he doesn't look like he has a good feel for playing there.

To expect a jump on Monday and get something decent out of them may be a little optimistic.

It never occurs to you that life is serious and there are people trying to make something decent out of it instead of just goofing all the time.

It never occurs to you that life is serious and that there are people trying to make something decent out of it instead of just goofing all the time.

Curiously, it incorporates several features from Jelly Bean such as the updated picker when choosing a default app, and the company's keyboard is finally, finally decent out of the box.

Yes I am aware that private schools don't represent a fair cross section of the population but the outcomes such as being able to make something decent out of wood wasn't from the parents.

In 1% of cases decent over is used

I ran decent over the 1600m, clocking 3.

The decent over Sron an Isean was fun through beautiful deep and powdery snow.

Rockets have still been decent over the past few years with the Loss of T-Mac and Yao, which in most cases teams would lose hope and fall.

In the end, I added something I think will be decent over time, but it would be much easier, for sure, to just have the target allocation to deal with.

There are plenty of Kubel memories that people will fondly recall, such as the grand slam off Julian Tavarez or the cycle, but by and large, Kubel was simply decent over his time with the Twins.

In 1% of cases decent through is used

Juan Mata waited few seconds to check his options and finally a decent through pass to Eden Hazard who made no mistake.

When Manley was not working in their interests they unleashed CIAGA on Jamaica locking up food, starving people and inciting decent through shortage of products and violence.

In 1% of cases decent against is used

Tav looked decent against Braga.

They'll be facing a Redskins defense that has been decent against the run.

A tough draw you have got but I am confident you can perform decent against them.

Now Sri Lanka is quite decent against the art, they lose a wicket only every 43 runs.

They'll face a Raiders defense that is pretty decent against the run, surrendering just 102.

He was decent against seam and swing in first half of his career and has gone downhill since then.

His ODI record is pretty decent against all teams that is why I don't feel the need to post the stats.

Though, actually, he's been decent against right-handers in three of the last four years -- he put up a.

Stoke City, Liverpool and French Champions Montpellier, the gunners were decent against all these teams.

The Pats were decent against the run purely because Wilfork is so effective at taking away the inside lanes.

In 1% of cases decent under is used

Morale was decent under him, because each battalion in the brigade was pretty much left alone.

The stills captured with One S are decent under good lighting conditions; however you will find noise and graininess in low-light shots.

As a result, when they moved out of home the Hotbox Kids couldn't find anything decent under the moniker ' burger ' that they wanted to put in their mouths.

In 1% of cases decent up is used

Overall the chart suggests that a decent up move is likely.

As we got to our initial destination we jumped out of the truck and started our decent up the beach.

I'd like to see Richie concentrate on being Captain Wonderballs with someone half decent up his arse.

I'd personally not big on the tactics used w/ the weapon in multiplayer but once you get the hang of it, it makes a decent up close weapon.

The guns have a great deal of little animations and movement to them and the enemies all look pretty decent up close (something you'll see a lot as enemies like rush you in this game).

In 1% of cases decent after is used

Wooded decent after the first steep hill.

Pavitra Rishta is doing decent after taking such leap.

I just wanted there to be a decent after shock to finish it.

If you are alone just join one of the other groups who decent after the sunset.

Masterfood's Cajun seasoning (whether or not it really tastes Cajun, in adds a decent after taste) c.

As far as his hitting goes, which at the end of the day is all I really care about, was actually pretty decent after his recall.

These may include: Reader comments about this page Laura - 11 Jan, 2012 I'd so sorry to hear that MJB, we're so vulnerable after the birth, decent after care should be priority.

But the question is, how long will Romney remain decent after coming in possession of the immense power of US President? I personally am simply afraid of a Republican in the White House.

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