Prepositions after "daunting"

"daunting for" or "daunting to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases daunting for is used

This can be daunting for SMB's.

It was daunting for two reasons.

Seeking healing is daunting for addicts.

However, broaching the topic of sex can be daunting for both parents and kids alike.

The challenge to unite Palestinians has been daunting for the Palestinian Authority.

I imagine that this would be especially daunting for someone who is learning English.

Bathing a newborn baby can be daunting for a first-time parent or for someone who is not used to handling newborns.

I've seen some of these in youtube vids, but they looked a bit daunting for someone who knows nothing about redstone.

But despite the reputation of Canadians as cold weather warriors, winter driving can still be daunting for many of us.

The spectrum of new classes, new friends and teachers can be daunting for both the parents and the returning students.

In 19% of cases daunting to is used

This may seem daunting to the newbie.

But the project seemed so daunting to me.

This is daunting to some, exciting to others.

Something that I take for granted can be so daunting to a new student in a new country.

You need to put a price on these benefits, which may be somewhat daunting to newcomers.

It is somewhat densely written, and therefore may be daunting to the average layreader.

The novel is a long one, so it is daunting to slower readers, and lacks enough action to keep fast readers riveted.

Each pub can have a unique range of ales, including guest ales, but this can be confusing and daunting to a beginner.

Though the idea of writing a book was daunting to Brittany and Brianna, now 17, the girls were already natural storytellers.

Automating data integrity protections The above recommendations may seem daunting to anyone other than a computer programmer.

In 10% of cases daunting at is used

It was pretty daunting at times.

Gaming can be a truly daunting at times.

This is encouraging and daunting at the same time.

Travelling and going on holidays can be exciting as well as quite daunting at times.

Outdoors activities can be daunting at the best of times when you're not sure what you're doing.

I would recommend sticking with it through the first few pages, which might seem a little daunting at first--it is.

First off, the cost of canola looks daunting at about 70 per cent higher, but net profit works out to $125 per acre.

Juggling your time between your career and your loved ones can really be daunting at times if not for unconditional love.

In case it needed to be said, it seems that, as measured by the establishment, the pain of change is more daunting at the moment.

In 8% of cases daunting in is used

It's exciting and daunting in equal measure.

Walking into the church was daunting in itself.

It's about everything I find daunting in a marriage.

It's daunting in some ways, but no more problematic than many other prep procedures.

It is understandable the some people may find this a little daunting in the beginning.

For me, French cookery is daunting in many ways, but you make it sound achieveable &; fun.

Daunting in their entirety, the ten before 10 approach helps to break these mammoth tasks into bite size activities.

Nevertheless, the challenges remain daunting in the 21st century, with high levels of deprivation persisting across the world.

The complexity of both the problem and the necessary corrective measures are massively more daunting in Beijing than in Washington.

The possibilities for real-time interaction and engagement seem endless, which I find interesting, exciting and daunting in equal measure.

In 4% of cases daunting as is used

The challenge is daunting as the project of.

It is as straightforward and daunting as that.

And this can feel really, really daunting as well as scary.

Picking from so many different options can be daunting as well as overwhelming task.

The assignment becomes progressively more daunting as the deadline for disaster approaches.

Fearless, outspoken yet humble, he could be both charming and daunting as the occasion required.

Deciding where to start can be daunting as a first time volunteer -- that's where we come in! In this section you.

As final year students, this idea becomes even more daunting as the decision to choose the future path becomes inevitable.

It certainly requires a rigorous scientific education that is at least as difficult and daunting as what engineering demands.

Daunting as the challenge is, Erhabor is optimistic that there is hope for a well-controlled TB in Nigeria with improved awareness.

In 3% of cases daunting of is used

But getting away from self is the most daunting of the tasks.

To be fair, though, Fulham haven't had the most daunting of starts.

It does not sound the most daunting of challenges, but nothing can be taken for granted.

They open their campaign on Sunday afternoon with the most daunting of fixtures, away to champions Manchester City.

If you find the right collection of music it'll help make the workout seem shorter, making it not as daunting of a task.

Taking on Deadshot and protecting his family is too daunting of a task to handle alone so Arrow enlists the help of Detective Lance.

The selection of a representative sample of pages or sites from the Web has proven to be one of the more daunting of these challenges.

I knew about e-commerce because I was a web developer for quite a few years before I started my business so it wasn't too daunting of a task.

The most daunting of their tasks - and still a challenge for Flin Flonians today - was building a city on the formidable rocks that were so alluring to the first prospectors.

In 3% of cases daunting on is used

For UK users like myself things look a little more daunting on price.

No one really fancies getting points at Parkhead as the atmosphere can be very daunting on European nights.

You know what to expect now and what is involved so it will be a lot less daunting on you second time around.

There are so many you could select from, that it might really be fairly daunting on the subject of making a selection.

The amount of work that goes into something like D-Styles ' Phantasmagorea or Ricci Rucker's Sketchbook is daunting on its own.

Recharging would have been even more daunting on the home trickle charger -- 3 hours of my time would have been dedicated to topping off the battery.

That said the southbound side of the quays is a little daunting on the bicycle, due to the high speeds and the crazy lane marking causing cars to wander between lanes.

They were really daunting on first visits however I kept in mind I was going for my lg to play with some new things and to learn about sharing, not for me to make new friends.

In 3% of cases daunting with is used

It's less daunting with a partner.

The outlook for tech has become even more daunting with almost.

The volume of information generated by Facebook alone is daunting with 10.

In its standard form, it looks quite daunting with its mass of close-packed figures.

It can seem daunting with the wealth of information available on the internet about the subject.

He was daunting with his bald head, chiseled features and black eyes and his playing was perfection itself.

And returning home after a long day's work can feel increasingly daunting with household chores, bills, and errands.

And while not initially complicated fishing can be daunting with unfamiliar gear, regulations, customs, and so forth.

Making pie crust in hot weather can be a harrowing experience, but it does get easier and less daunting with practice.

For those who begin new lives, the physical transition is more daunting with immediate need for housing, transportation, and employment.

In 2% of cases daunting about is used

We've compiled this article to introduce you some of the things that may seem daunting about the process.

In my limited experience, that signified a classroom, and there wouldn't be anything daunting about that.

Yet, there is something so daunting about traveling for an entire year (says the girl who loves holing up in her dorm room).

There was something less daunting about doing something I was nervous about, knowing that the person I was with was nervous too.

Yet what is so daunting about the very act of talking? No one can be a trailblazer, the first person to say yay or nay to any subject.

So there is nothing physically daunting about my thirties I need to worry about, and I already conducted my mental preparations in Storms River.

The Glass Palace Ruth Scurr There is something daunting about a novel of more than 500 pages (unless you are a speed reader or infinitely leisured).

There is something daunting about playing for an African audience -- assuming you get the opportunity to DJ for people other than folks from your own ethnic background.

Indeed, there's something a little daunting about actually going ahead and altering a routine such as the one I have followed here on Hard-Boiled Poker for so many years.

I'd not quite sure why, but there is something daunting about going to see a vicar! When a couple turn up at my doorstep there is a funny mixture of excitement and nervousness in their eyes.

In 1% of cases daunting after is used

It's all the same faces, so it's not daunting after taking time off.

Serena Williams ' path to the tennis gold medal looks less daunting after her sister Venus suffered a shock third-round exit.

The process wasn't daunting after all! I am glad that I went through clearing, and so much happier with this course because I know it was the subject I performed best in.

I have narrowed my search down to a couple of bikes that are in reasonably close proximity, yes, its a bloody huge country and Brissie alone is pretty daunting after living in little old Nelson.

In 1% of cases daunting because is used

Designing a room can seem daunting because of the many possible layouts.

At first glance, entering or expanding in Africa may appear daunting because of the undeniable complexity of the continent.

I have found that the second category is more daunting because of the disobedience involved; however, in either case following God? s principle would bring healing and change.

In 1% of cases daunting by is used

Starting a non-academic job search can seem quite daunting by comparison.

These challenges are made more daunting by the ever-increasing pace of change in society.

Nanowrimo makes the whole thing less daunting by getting you to focus on hitting 50,000 words in a single month (November each year).

The parallels between reality and some dreaming state are more bizarre and daunting by the miniute which turn into hours, then days, then.

I especially appreciated your description of HOW you went about creating a small community that made the steps seem much less daunting by adding a social element to them.

Your task is made more daunting by the stark reality that the UNP and Opposition are currently led by a wimpy serial loser who can not lead, and will not get out of the way.

In 1% of cases daunting due is used

Though it is daunting due to its length, the letters are big and the chapters are very short.

The task at first seemed daunting due to the files exceeding well over 400,000 records and there were several that needed processing daily.

The prospect seemed daunting due to the fact that I am so busy with work and as a solo project it is quite challenging to travel with everything.

Although implementing CBEC sounds daunting due to its preparation, benefits that ESL students receive from CBEC can outweigh ESL teachers ' initial reluctance or preparation.

In 1% of cases daunting from is used

Cons: Outside - tower blocks can look daunting from the street.

Their web site must be qualified as daunting from its sheer size.

Great post Gemma, nice to know it's all as daunting from the other side too.

The Dragon looked pretty daunting from below and elicted the requisite screams from its riders.

Edmond Nickson A bit daunting from a man who lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State, a very rural place with a slow and peaceful pace.

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