Prepositions after "dark"

"dark in", "dark for" or "dark of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases dark in is used

It gets very dark in the woods.

Oh, and it's very dark in there.

It must have been dark in there.

Ignore this effect unless the Attacking Pokmon is Darkness type or has Dark in its name.

Unbleached flour does not have bleaching agents added and is a little darker in color.

The bright sunlight outside made the inside of the hangar seem rather dark in comparison.

It was extremely dark in colour, almost black, and this was to help it absorb solar radiation in our overcast summers.

Australia Spotted Arowana is nearly the same as the Pearl Arowana except that the fins and tail are darker in color.

When attempting that first tan, the best spray tan might be a lighter tone, going darker in subsequent applications.

It's dark in the room and my hubby is sleeping soundly beside me, he didn't hear the noises coming from under the bed.

In 13% of cases dark of is used

That's the darkest of the dark.

Home to the darkest of dark arts.

Step back into the darkest of times.

I'd proud those songs aren't afraid to delve all the way in--the darkest of the dark.

The darkest of blue indicates the lowest gravitational pull while yellow the highest.

You can find many colours which will be sure to brighten up even in the darkest of days.

He was of small stature, a trifle corpulent, very dark of complexion, with aqualine nose, bold eyes and prominent chin.

Ivy has heard it all before - that her father, who left when she was seven -- was involved with the darkest of magic.

This is a Book that has been read in solitude, in gatherings, in the darkest of nights, and in the brightest of days.

In 12% of cases dark for is used

It is too dark for another line.

I found it too dark for my liking.

Was too dark for a picture though.

Factors: I have earplugs that work and can make my bedroom reasonably dark for sleeping.

The lighting was changeable, to put it mildly, and frequently too dark for decent photos.

Non-restrictive since clause: He may be away, since his house has been dark for two weeks.

Felix 28 Mar 09 -- New York City's Empire State Building is scheduled to go dark for one hour tonight, as are the St.

But things were about to get even darker for this master of the criminal underworld, in ways he could never imagine.

Lip liner that's too dark for your lipstick The issue: Nude shades of lippy paired with a lip liner that doesn't match.

Fake suntans, such as bronzers and lotions, are not a good way to get tan unless you want to be dark for a special event.

In 8% of cases dark with is used

It was very dark with a bit of fog.

The studio was dark with black leather.

So you can go darker with no trouble.

So, if you looked up at the sky and found it dark with no stars, it is all your fault.

In it, his face was solemn and his eyes were dark with sorrow and profound loneliness.

He found it outside Doctor Van Rooyen's surgery: the horses were blowing hard, and their bodies were dark with sweat.

They need our help, these snow-white birds who now must fly in an atmosphere that grows ever darker with pollution.

The plain is vast beyond eye to mark its bounds, even were not all dark with blight of fog and thick with marish damp.

And it was so dark with thunder and rain and the two were running to reach some place where they could get protection.

In 7% of cases dark at is used

It was very very dark at night.

The rooms are quite dark at night.

The sky is still dark at that time.

According to him it was dark at that time and he did not see the accused anywhere there.

Bake all the sections for 12 mins or until firm and just a little darker at the edges.

It was dark at that point and I was walking past the third hole and it was raining sideways.

A few winters ago it became so dark at Howdens Joinery that warehouse staff found it difficult to read product labels.

It is all rather dark at the minute but this morning that crack in the clouds has appeared and I feel lighter in myself.

Both of these have a good balance of cartoonish humours yet manage to lift and bring out the dark atmosphere when needed.

Across the back, flanks and upper limbs are widely spaced rosettes which are darker at the centre and have thick borders.

In 5% of cases dark by is used

It was already dark by that time.

Was dark by the time I left office.

It was dark by then, but earlier I.

For example, much of Europe is far enough north that during the winter it's dark by 5 p.

It was dark by the time we skimmed into Skopelos port after catching a hydrofoil from Skiathos.

It really was dark by that time, the sky was full of stars and it looked massive -- huge -- eternal.

Hen: This is a summer fish - springers are often darker by spawning time while late entrants may still be silver flanked.

Darkness fell as we went through Cwm Berwyn Plantation, and it was fully dark by the time we arrived at Ty'n Cornel hostel.

I looked well dodgy to all the passers by, as it was quite dark by then and i was attacking it with a coat hanger and torch.

It's like a night race but with the added factor of starting the race in full daylight, but being dark by the time we finish.

In 4% of cases dark before is used

It's always darkest before dawn.

Not all was dark before Copernicus.

It is always darkest before the dawn.

I love that quote and I agree with it 100% -- it is always darkest before the dawn.

The heat was also a problem and we had to wait until it was dark before trying it again.

Just as the night is is darkest before the sunrise, so it is with the bankruptcy world.

Since it is dark before sundown, I take out my handy smartphone and click on the Hong Kong Observatory application.

It is always darkest before the dawn, that good old idiom says, but that isn't necessarily true if you act on time.

I suspect that life is going to get bleaker in Miami, but we have to remember it is always darkest before its dawn.

The colours are far more muted, and I did some work on the cliffs to bring out the rocks more, they were quite dark before that.

In 4% of cases dark on is used

This makes the stone darker on top.

Suddenly at 3 PM it's dark on some days.

There's something dark on the horizon, bro.

It is pitch dark on some streets (the potholes and dogs are only some of the obstacles).

They are lighter on what, in layman's terms, would be the belly and darker on the back.

It was darker on top and more mottled paler underneath it definately wasnt a bottlenose.

We noticed that in general, pictures were a little darker on the uncoated paper and dark pictures were not as crisp.

If I had been a bit more vigilant, instead of getting sucked into a movie, it wouldn't have been quite so dark on top.

You can also use clippings of your own hair but if you have light hair remember that it will be darker on application.

The Pakistani Punjab in which Greeks stayed the people are very dark on an average in comparison to the average Europeans.

In 3% of cases dark to is used

Many specimens are quite dark to black.

It was a very small room, but dark to my advantage.

This allows them to see animals in what is pitch dark to us.

The narrow roads were too dark to either position the vehicle for a photo, or take a picture.

She admits here knowing that the body tone of the subject could vary from very dark to very light.

For a medium roast, it tasted pretty dark to me! I'd kind of dreading tasting the Negrenese blend.

Lin Yu Feng's in the mind is dark to scold:This young girl is called me, is to keep me waiting along while first, www.

The patina is obtained by a coating of oil or wax on the surface, and the color varies from a very dark to a light brown.

The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale measures night sky brightness on a scale of one to nine, or pristinely dark to inner-city bright.

Psalm 139:12 even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

In 2% of cases dark as is used

The bull was dark as the clouds.

It was dark as a power cut was on.

It was dark as the boat returned to the dock.

As the book progresses, it becomes darker and darker as the farcical elements are left behind.

Though the staining won't be as heavy and dark as the Tetracycline staining, it is well noticeable.

The book gets darker and darker as the power of Sauron grows, and as Sam and Frodo get near to Mordor.

He was dark as a native African, a quality that would have stood him in good stead from his professional point of view.

Pash of tallow, perishable treasure: Her broken nose is dark as a turf clod, Her eyeholes blank as pools in the old workings.

Something I do believe that may are actually better may be the property may have looked a lot darker as well as foreboding.

Robert Cargill talks Sinister with us! It is October and it's getting darker as the season of the witch pushes towards Halloween.

In 2% of cases dark like is used

Inside, it was dark like a black hole.

It is dark like a sleep that is dreamless.

It's dark like you think a beer should look too.

Not dark like everybody else, and it's a reminder that I'd different.

The sun began to set and the sky was turning darker like a cloudy day.

Dreams that are dark like the whole world is evil and there is no holy spirit.

Her hair was dark like the rest of my family, with freckles decorating her nose.

Just a few days later my daughter randomly said she wished she were darker like me.

If you're going to dry something that is dark like this dark red rose, it will go darker.

There are extremes the people appear very dark like the way the African people are portrayed in CNN clips.

In 1% of cases dark without is used

Jamaica woulda be very dark without it, yuh nuh.

Just dark without a choice to turn on the light.

The day, so dark without, was darker still within;.

The world has become a little darker without his presence.

They were worked from dawn until dark without adequate food and shelter.

Best of all they kept the movie disturbingly dark without being grotesque.

I have to sleep with a nightlight and I NEVER go anywhere dark without some form of a light.

People seem to think that the polar night is totally dark without any light for weeks on end.

Sunless tanning lotion is a product that allows the user to appear darker without the threat of other normal tanning risks.

I know it's tempting to spice up reality with a bit of understandable paranoia, but things are pretty dark without going there.

In 1% of cases dark about is used

There is something very dark about that.

There was something dark about the swiftness of the replacement.

There's something dark about a mind that would come up with that particular scenario.

There needed to be a reason why Thalia and Bane needed to come back to gothem, and a strong clear motive to be so Dark about it.

In spite of the rich economic resources in Africa there is something dark about the whole continent that is making the people suffer immensely.

In 1% of cases dark under is used

I have dark under eye circles here.

If you have a fair complexion but dark under eye circles and wrinkled eyelids.

The forest floor is necessarily dark under the dense canopy, being reached by only 0.

I have very dark under eye circles so need something quite tough to bust them - the No.

If smoking has left with you dark under eye circles, read this blog on ways to help treat them.

It should be even darker under the shelter of the tree, for the country was already a dark one.

There is Deravera, Hydrolyze and Revitalume that are considered the best creams for dark under eyes.

We immediately start looking for the best creams for dark under eyes or skin lighteners to help with age spots.

Oh, and do nt forget a torch - it will be dark under the house! The first things to check are the foundation piles.

Instead we pile on a bunch of make up to cover these dark under eye areas and sometimes this can actually make things worse.

In 1% of cases dark over is used

The colour of this kind of timber gets darker over time.

I saw something dark over the water, even though I hadn't seen anything coming in to land.

A place that's all too familiar to me now, and has grown much deeper and darker over the years.

This instrument lives in a sunny room and the colour has gotten richer and darker over the years.

While the clouds may be darkest over Europe, there remains huge uncertainty in the United States.

In 1% of cases dark inside is used

It was really dark inside there.

It's pitch dark inside the house.

It is totally dark inside the hive.

Bean learns two things: It is dark inside a.

It was quite dark inside the room, the curtains were still not drawn.

Perhaps it was merely dark inside the room, and outside, beyond the window, the sun was shining.

Alttough it's a bit dark inside you can still admire the marvellous frescoes, statues and mosaics.

It's dark inside the partisan ruts citizens have dug for themselves, which is why I'd out in the indy open.

I started out with an opaque shower curtain and I learned that it's too dark inside the shower enclosure with this kind of a shower curtain.

It is easy to predict a few banged heads -- it is mostly dark inside -- but Gormley, like most people, believes we've become an overly risk-averse society.

In 1% of cases dark from is used

It's just a bit dark from the outside that's all.

With the glowering clouds it seems that it is dark from mid afternoon.

The dining room is dark from all the dark polished walls and floor and dim lighting.

You may be darker from spending time outside or have braids from your trip to the beach, you may.

We are keeping it rather dark from the educated class, because that class contains most of our enemies.

Perhaps it would make more sense for these to be flipped, so that the icons fade darker from top to bottom.

Hard to imagine that just about two weeks ago that river was flooded over and those lights were dark from the storm.

Brooklyn Brewery's There Will Be Black launches this week, while part of the city is still dark from Hurricane Sandy.

The recent Assam killings are a clear example of the fact that the self-proclaimed shining India is very Dark from inside.

It is very important to have lights since in the darker season in the Netherlands it can be dark from as early 4 pm, to 9 am the following day.

In 1% of cases dark except is used

As always the room was dark except for a single candle glowing on the table in the corner.

They were terribly excited about how every house on the street was completely dark except ours.

It was pitch dark except for a few lampposts which slowly glided away to the opposite direction.

The room is dark except for the florescent glow of a single recessed light directly above his desk.

When I arrived at the address, the building was dark except for a single light in a ground-floor window.

Eventually, he trips and falls near the table, loses his candle, and finds himself in a room totally dark except for the dim glow of the fireplace.

The house was dark except for the light coming from the old black and white Sylvania television that was located on top of an old chest in the living room.

You will be swimming over and around boulders and stalagmites so be careful not to bump your head! There are several places you that are totally dark except for the light from your flashlight.

In 1% of cases dark during is used

Ireland is totally dark during the winter.

The sky was so dark during the day that even the stars could be seen.

I use it in Peach which is too dark during my pale NC25 winter months.

In far northern countries the sky never becomes properly dark during the summer months.

I get a lot darker during the summer time as well especially my arms, face, and knees.

In a San Juan City shantytown, Christmas lights were on at nighttime but dark during the day.

Often venues are dark during weeknights and you can't get anything to eat on George or Macquarie streets after 6pm.

The sky becomes fairly dark during totality so that planets and bright stars become visible in the vicinity of the Sun.

Speaking of light, thick clouds normally make this town dark, during the day, while another epitome known as TANESCO or something, makes it dark during the night.

Things were very dark during my recovery period, besides the sheer pain, there is the matter of the healing process being taken completely out of your hands, as it always is with serious injuries.

In 1% of cases dark due is used

The earth became totally dark due to this dark black deed of the king.

Reykjavik is more lively than Tromso but the city skies are not quite as dark due to more street lighting.

Even during the day, the rooms were dark due to the horrible amounts of dirt on the windows, blocking out the sun.

Following the golf is not very good and the picture keeps bluring and the screen is much darker due to the glasses.

The glaze is dark due to the balsamic vinegar, but I quite like that as it makes the red of the cranberries really pop.

That he was able to see at all was because the moon was up, although it was still very dark due to the heavy rain clouds.

However, their relationship turned darker due to Skywalker's opposition to the Council's decisions and their refusal to trust the Chancellor.

As a person ages the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel becomes less porous.

I was born a bit light but now dark due to sufferhead SUN, because i hardly wear skirt (not worn in over 15years ), my legs are supper fair in complextion.

I still have darker skin on my toes (from years of sandal wearing) and my ankles are still a bit darker due to the fact that even at my age I still sit on my foot.

In 1% of cases dark because is used

From a beautiful clear sky it was all dark because of fires and smoke.

But the New Dark Age is dark because we've fitted ourselves with blinders.

The Dark Ages were dark because of a lack of records, not because of religious conflict.

It was still dark, the darker because of the dense fog; but the windows of the cottage were lighted.

Much of the time, solar night would not really be dark because of the suns light reflecting off the planet.

They precisely sense the amount of sunlight within their surroundings and acquire lighter or darker because of this.

Just after the rain the sun came out and it was beautiful in the east and the west was still dark because of the clouds.

It's as black as anything we've seen in the show, perhaps made darker because of the cartoon colours on display elsewhere.

The kin becomes darker because of the production of melanin due to recurrent exposure of the sun's rays to the particular area.

In 1% of cases dark around is used

Suddenly I slid from the wall and then all was dark around me, deep dark.

We were commenting how the streets are so much darker around here than in Zagreb.

Place in the heated oven and bake for 15 minutes until slightly darker around the edges.

They are paler than your surrounding skin in the centre but are darker around their edges.

Anything dark around the eyes really closes the eyes in, so you want to get anything light on the inside.

It is very dark around the coin, which represents that Ram used the coin in the midst of his extreme poverty.

These turned out a cross between picture 5 &; 9, where they are crinkled looking, but also darker around the edges.

The detail of the lines and also the mix of green shades - lighter towards the middle and darker around the outside.

In great contrast to the others, it was very dark around this door, and I had to get very close to read the truth over it.

SMI: It's dark around the corner It's dark along the plains It's dark that I need to garner And everything dark that remains.

In 1% of cases dark after is used

They get progressively darker after that.

This might have been because it was dark after sunset?

Then, perhaps, we shall realize that this earth was not so dark after all.

The city below 34th Street was a dead zone, completely dark after sundown and eerily quiet.

There are about 18 hours of daylight during July and August and you will find it only gets truly dark after 11 pm.

The fog finally lifted around lunchtime, it's mild here too but just a dull looking day and it will be dark after 5pm.

It was also discovered that fine hairs became darker after use of Minoxidil, giving the impression of additional hair growth.

If the hair is too dark after colouring, you can use a saline solution, which will fade the colour over the course of a couple of weeks.

By mid December, the constellation will be to the north west once the sky is dark after sunset and will have rotated so that? Psc is highest.

In contrast to the dining halls, most parts of the library and other academic buildings are dark after hours, with the exception of a few security lights.

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