Prepositions after "cut"

cut to, in, off, into or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 14% of cases cut to is used

There were no cuts to benefits at all.

Cut to Lara again, close up on her face.

Cut to: Suk-jin hiding beneath a TV stand.

Cut to a football pitch where a player trip over a freshly dug human-shaped mound of earth.

Cut to more gameplay of her sneaking through the mercenary camp, trying to get to her friend Sam.

The plan that has made all of this possible, from the tax cuts to the jobs, is the Recovery Act.

And there would also be a noticeable video ' cut ' between Derren's live recording and a cut to a pre-recorded segment.

President Obama can ask him about details concerning income inequality and cuts to essential services in Romney's plan.

With grass cut to a level of 5 cm from the ground, maximum productivity is obtained if this is done only once every year.

I do feel that work crews have been cut to the bone and until they hire more workers this sort of response will continue.

In 13% of cases cut in is used

Advantages of Power cut in Tamilnadu.

Peel large yellow onion then cut in quarters.

The shell things were a necklace I cut in half.

In ' The Wretched of the Earth ', Fanon wrote ' The colonial world is a world cut in two.

As Steve Benen noted at the time, it was the largest two-year tax cut in American history.

Also considered are deeper cuts in public sector wages and further consumer tax increases.

Dompok said he has received complaints from trade bodies on impact of export duty cut in Indonesia on Malaysia's trade.

I haven't cut in quite a while, though the main reason is that I can't find what I need (sorry for going into details).

Even if HIV risk were cut in half by 2015, in some countries 20% to 80% of today's 15-year-old boys still would die of AIDS.

A woman with a colorful scarf cut in front of me at the table, then complained to the volunteers about the parking situation.

In 12% of cases cut off is used

Foucault just cut off its head.

It is not to cut off the hand of thieves.

Cutting off the heads of lots of snakes.

Coloring the one next to the exit black would cut off the other and force it to be black.

Don't cut off communication with your mom, regardless of whether she believes you or not.

The flooding is virtually cutting off the Northern part of the country from the South.

They're not going to cut off funding, and we've seen and we saw in the debate this week, there are going to be probably U.

Going round the side, the guns would have positioned themselves at the head of the valley to cut off bin Laden? s retreat.

Had I known that I was high risk -- I would have gotten these things cut off 6 years ago, when the first benign lump showed up.

Blowse said senior Afghan government officials were cutting off the Helmand police's fuel until they could stop the problem.

In 10% of cases cut into is used

Then, it smoothly cuts into the U.

It would cut into its SA mount lens sales.

Don't be cutting into our piece of the pie.

A sudden slash through the air and there was a ' thwip ' as the cane cut into her palm.

If you cut into a lower polygon mesh and smooth it after, the parts might not flow smoothly.

You're now devaluing the original artist's work and cutting into their rightful profits.

Don't cut right through; just cut into the thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect.

Where the windows sit in place the backing sheet has a hole bigger than the hole made by the recessed panel cut into it.

It's getting dark and the military vehicles make a stark screen, with their bright LED lamps cutting into the night.

In 10% of cases cut through is used

Anyway, I cut through the proverbial b.

Good post and good luck cutting through the fog.

If you are looking to cut through the marketing fluff.

The blaze began during maintenance work when the crew was cutting through a pipe.

Most importantly, I think, the slogan cuts through the hypocrisy of the Tory cuts agenda.

Working from the inside of the helmet, carefully finish cutting through the foam to remove the vision opening.

I write this fearlessly as Ramana Bhagavan has cut through a lot of shibboleth defining the very meaning of Divali.

The path cuts through ornamental plantings that are mulched with tree bark to discourage opportunistic wild plants.

The authors cut through the official static to show the truth about war, torture, and government control of the media.

In 8% of cases cut for is used

Merging could mean job cuts for editors.

It would be a huge tax cut for the middle class.

The Dems want to end the tax cuts for the highest earners.

He said he was at the store to demonstrate the need to extend tax cuts for the middle class.

And now he opposes tax cuts for the middle class till he and his friends can get more tax cuts.

And this guy still wants another 25% tax cut for himself and his cronies who are NOT creating jobs.

By launching a web app, the Times can avoid paying Apple's required 30 percent cut for in-app purchases on subscriptions.

Mitt Romney's plan? A new $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, increase military spending, adding trillions to the deficit.

Many people believe that these professionals are out to get the best cut for themselves and do not care about their clients.

I have been wanting to try a pixie cut for so long but still wasn't sure it would suit me, or better yet, if I can carry it.

In 6% of cases cut across is used

It should cut across party loyalties.

It cuts across all age groups after puberty.

An intranet is 24/7/365, and cuts across all time zones.

He should promise record revenues to the government based on tax cuts across the board.

I cut across the plains of eastern Oregon, feeling almost home as I re-enter Washington State.

Tony observed Peter's quicker than normal responses cutting across the end of his questions.

It is planned to run parallel to the A7 motorway and cut across open farmland inland between Manilva and Algeciras.

A 10 cut across the board in the payment has been pencilled into Brendan Howlin's portion of the budget for next Wednesday.

The river networks provided routes of contact between people cutting across the north and south axis and supplementing it.

A Marathon provides the city with a platform to come together in a celebration that cuts across social and economic barriers.

In 6% of cases cut from is used

Turf was cut from McGinn's bog.

Management is being cut from 21 to 8 people.

The cardboard base can be cut from any box that is large enough.

She was reassessed last November and her care package was cut from 15 hours a week to none.

I have now been off work for 13 weeks but my benefits have really been cut from last week to this week.

Strips were cut from cast sheets about ten feet wide, bent around a wooden former and joined by solder.

Chapulwa village pays Hassan the entire $67, but neighbouring Mwendakulima village takes a 10 per cent cut from its guards.

Merry Christmas greeting is stamped on to a die cut from the collection using Hero Arts Christmas Greetings in Royal Red ink.

Check-in -- by introducing new self check-in kiosks and gate scanners the check-in process has been cut from 10-15 to 1-3 minutes.

Rule: If a woman has died and a child is moving in her stomach then the stomach should be cut from the left side and the child taken out.

In 5% of cases cut by is used

Caherclancy, a high fort cut by the road.

The Irish loan book was cut by another 1.

The Australian defence budget is being cut by $5.

Every single piece of spending was scrutinised, and some departments were cut by up to 70%.

Failure to comply after three reminders would result in their benefit being cut by 50 per cent.

Danny: Then why's he wearing that old suit? Withnail: Old suit? This suit was cut by Hawkes of Savile Row.

The eastern section (East Pamir) is a high plateau, and the western part (West Pamir) is cut by high ranges and deep, narrow valleys.

Other features are deep channels presumably cut by flowing liquid water, and large rocks that look as if they have been moved by floodwater.

If they don't follow the orders of the job agencies, their monthly payment is cut by 25-40% where even 100% are not enough for a decent living.

Even small business will not benefit in the same way, its corporation tax cut is being cut by just 1%, whereas the cut for big businesses is 5%.

In 3% of cases cut on is used

Privatization and cuts on welfare sector.

Man cutting on a tree way off in the woods.

Influence of cutting on the biomass The different yields (3.

If you just sit and practice rolls and cuts on the handful of tunes you know, you'll get bored.

I recall one of them had a Mary Wells tune that had already been released as an album cut on Motown 605.

Is an OCR cut on the table? We would say there is a risk, but more likely the OCR will remain firmly on hold.

These are regular people in this country and they are being taxed for a selected people to enjoy a tax cut on racing cars.

I used to waste all the juice from the tomato, when cutting on the board until I started cutting directly into the pot.

My face was covered with another layer of I don't know what and an opening was cut on that piece of thing to reveal my left eye.

That doesn't sound good! They remove around 300 jobs and said that they will cut on canadian productions, that some of the shows won't return in september.

In 2% of cases cut at is used

The app cuts at the bottom though, so you can't control the music.

Tax cuts at a time when we were fighting an unjustified, unfunded war 3.

Notice the bright white line of the paper cut at the bottom of the screen.

It shows the full 7? of fabric to cut at an angle before sewing the length.

Before the last election the stance we took was not to cut at too deep a rate.

Having another piece cut at the angle of the pocket hole to clamp to helps too.

If the edges were both cut at 90 angles, the transition would be a gentle curve.

What's more, try and grip it firmly and its sharp edges start to cut at your fingers.

Use less plastic bags, less tree cutting at the city sides, recycle the recycle items etc.

This philosophy cuts at the root of all ancient civilisations and treats the facts of ancient world as fiction.

In 2% of cases cut out is used

Then proceed to cut out 16 strips with your scissors.

I cut out the square switch holes and welded in a patch.

He would just be another cardboard cut out of the current trendy musicians.

This would mean more than a 1000 crore taka being cut out of the rural-urban economy every year.

Reactors cut out of nuclear submarines and stored on the Hanford reservation DOE site in Washington State USA.

Can one cut out of 10 x 10 square several circles such that the sum of their diameters exceeds 500? There are two staircases.

We should ask our Christian friends why these verses have been cut out of the most famous and important of all Jesus ' teachings.

In 404 AD these books were simply cut out of the Bible because they contained teachings that were contrary to Christian theology of that time.

The Bible used in the Catholic Church contains the books of Judith, Tobias, Banuch, etc which have been cut out of the Bible used in Protestant churches.

In 2% of cases cut with is used

Materials such as PVC can be cut without vacuum.

Finally the brochure is cut with a three-side trimmer.

It should be tender enough to cut with a normal knife.

He said that I need to own it to be able to carry the pixie cut with confidence.

Young shoots, leaves and fruits are cut with a knife which has many little blades.

Stiff materials such as carpet can be effectively cut with a floor mounted cutter.

Aha! Nice thick corrugated card that was reasonably easy to cut with a very sharp knife.

The prefered drink was wine but according to the Talmud this was cut with water 2 or 3:1.

They get drunk and again tension mounts up and jovial atmosphere is cut with an edge of violence.

Step One Place your SIM card next to a ruler and mark where you need to cut with a pencil or pen.

In 1% of cases cut as is used

He described the sod cutting as a great opportunity for miners and their relatives to access credit at a more reasonable rate, when the proposed bank takes off.

Here are a few models on the other hand, which in turn cut as a result of many of these hurdles assure that you have no limbs fixed by the different types of footwear you have on.

In 1% of cases cut like is used

It was cut like a tee shirt, with feathers stuck on the shoulders.

They have spent money like drunken sailors and handed out tax cuts like candy.

I might download it again if it has the deleted scenes / extras / directors cut like Aliens did, otherwise.

I am not a fanatic, but a follower of God speaking the simple truth that cuts like a knife in this culture of death.

In 1% of cases cut without is used

Materials such as PVC can be cut without vacuum.

But Congressional spending rules would not allow permanent tax cuts without Congress admitting to the public that it was breaking the bank.

Key seems to be making statements like the one Steve points out to make us think he can afford the tax cuts without cutting government services that matter to the average voter.

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