Prepositions after "cure"

"cure by" or "cure of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases cure by is used

My wife was cured by chemo plus radiation.

The diseases, which are incurable, can be cured by these POWERS.

Certain kinds of intermittent fevers are perfectly cured by this substance.

After medical treatment he was considered cured by November 2006, and then came to live at Upendo.

Ham During slavery ham was cured by smoking it in large baskets called kreng-kreng over a slow fire.

Sorry folks, America's deep-rooted disease won't be cured by pills, it will require open heart surgery.

Thus sluggish bowels may be stimulated and constipation cured by deep diaphragmic breathing and by tonifying lung energy.

Most cases of TB are cured by a six-month rigorous drug regimen that is provided to patients with support and supervision.

Epilepsy in young persons, following fear, may be cured by this medicine, if the fits have not been repeated a great many times.

In 18% of cases cure of is used

Some have even been cured of their diseases.

The country isn't going to get be cured of disease because we have insurance.

If they are cured of their diseases then there is no reason not to believe the guy.

I'd glad your child was cured of his growth, but until your herbalist can cure polio your comment has nothing to do with immunisation Hi Monica.

Many people were cured of long standing diabetic conditions, providing at least the possibility of a new solution to this long standing problem.

When pressed for truly convincing miracles, Hinn spokesperson Susan Smith cited a woman in Orlando who was cured of blindness caused by diabetes.

One of her women looked out of a window, and told her that a great crowd of people was gathered about the holy woman, to be cured of the headache by the imposition of her hands.

A month after I had been cured of religion, I formed a freethinkers group on Facebook, named African Freethinkers, which I ran till March 2012 when Facebook shut it down without explanation.

In 13% of cases cure with is used

If detected early, syphilis can be cured with antibiotics.

Colds are caused by viruses that can not be cured with drugs.

Stupidity can not be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation.

I read that a man was actually cured with a transplant of such abnormal marrow.

He took Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) for six months and was cured with no lasting problems.

Male candidiasis can be cured with prompt and regular care and medication or holistic solutions.

Tiny baby shrimp or brine are allowed to ferment, cured with salt, sun-dried and formed into a small brick or cake.

You love the nitrites! (Or is it nitrates? I can't recall, but ethically-sourced bacon is never cured with that crap.

What have you got to lose? As they claim that cancer can be cured with Hemp Oil within 2 -3 months surely a trial could be completed within a year.

In 11% of cases cure in is used

People are cured in as little as six months.

She told to her husband and he said at present only the problem so it may cure in some years and he made her some relief.

I discovered that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men which, if detected early, can be cured in up to 95% of cases.

In fact, I've had to run diabetics to the hospital when they've stopped taking their insulin, believing they had been cured in Miracle Valley.

Thin slivers of scallops are cured in the tastiest herb-infused olive oil and lemon juice, resulting in wonderfully tender scallops that simply melt in the mouth.

It can bring down temperatures in just 10 minutes in case of high fevers, viral fever of 1 week cured in a day followed by no after effects like tiredness, fatigue.

In 6% of cases cure for is used

These people would do almost anything to try to find a non-invasive treatment or cure for their condition.

Cure for Yeast Infection -- Home Remedies Yeast infections are commonly seen in women even though chances of occurrence are not zero in males.

Gary Fortinsky, Toronto The medical community has failed to embrace nutrition as both a source of, and cure for, many of our health problems, including cancer.

After curing for up to two weeks, the pork was hung in the smokehouse for another week to absorb the smoke, and then stored for six to 24 months to acheive peak flavor.

In 4% of cases cure through is used

This is because except when it is caused due to a specific medical condition, most back pain can only be cured through rest.

The fact is that at this moment, presbyopia can not be cured through Laser although recent studies are focusing on the choice make use of the medical procedures to cure the actual.

Drug treatments, Coach Bags Uk, home appliances, healthy diet as well as workouts as well as option treatments are great recommendations for you to get your self cured through snoring.

In 3% of cases cure from is used

They are immediately cured from serious back pain, orthopedic problems and cracks in bone.

Since then I am going in Meerawali Baba's Dargah in Pune (Maharashtra ), India to get cured from this.

In 2% of cases cure without is used

SilverhairedSurfer Liberalism is a disease that can't be cured without killing the patient.

A patient attacked by ulcerous pulmonary phthisis will rarely be cured without the use of this antipsoric remedy.

In 1% of cases cure after is used

A newborn, it was reported, was miraculously cured after a month in the ICU by a miracle of the Filipino saint.

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