Prepositions after "cry"

"cry for" or "cry in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases cry for is used

When they cry for it, then help.

FishbowlLA Don't Cry for Samsung.

I cry for the solitude of my grave.

Cry for not being able to finish my assignments: ( It's May, wow, my birthday is coming.

So forgive me if I do not cry for the dope heads in this country who lose some property.

Thirdly the minorities are crying for protection or guarantees of freedom of religion.

Recommend My heart cries for you and your family and believe me your family would be in my prayers from now onwards.

During one piece they sang, they had very somber faces; I was told that the song was about crying for AIDS victims.

She lives happily with him, never seeing him, until one day he tells her that her sisters have been crying for her.

Bitterly did she cry for the loss of her loving husband, poignant was her reference to her children at home in Scotland.

In 16% of cases cry in is used

Time to cry in your green jello.

Go home, lock the doors and cry in isolanced.

Nobody knows I still cry in the folds of night.

He's got a mean hook; in Muay Thai he's made many kids cry (and others have made him cry in return.

Does guy need to cry in front of the girl just to express himself? Some may say yes and may say no.

Retailers in Australia are crying in their weetbix that they are losing sales to online shopping.

This means that Lady X knows that Mrs Fenn's complaint about a child crying in the McCanns apartment was not a single occurrence.

I'd up late as my daughter has been up so many times crying in her sleep that I've decided it is easier to stay up for an hour or two.

Their exuberance is so infectious, it usually leaves me jumping around the room, then crying in the corner that I'd not a teenager any more.

They could hear the wolves, crying in the night, and he wanted one badly for his son, his only son, whose gigantism was a pox upon the Sardu line.

In 8% of cases cry to is used

I cried to the letter when I wrote to you.

These people have cried to the govt and yet nothing is done.

I went to see a lady and talked and cried to her for an hour.

In fact, he cried to God to give him the power to live a holy life.

A child will cry to the parent or even throw themselves on the ground as bait to have whatever they want.

When Moses cried to the Lord in consequence, He showed him some wood which, when thrown into the water, took away its bitterness.

There were cries for help, cries of pain and cries to the police just a matter of yards in front of me to open the gates at the perimeter fence.

He helped my recovery go along speedily and I believe I would have spent twice as long in hospital without him to talk to, to cry to and to laugh with.

Those people are heroes, because they used their God-given talents and brains and didn't go crying to the cameras, asking for the government to come and help.

Let us recall Simpson Miller's opposition reacted with great hue and cry to Shaw's announcement in 2009 that text books and computers would be subjected to general consumption tax (GCT).

In 7% of cases cry about is used

Stop crying about refereeing decisions.

Even m mom is crying about this because she secretly hates my mom too.

They even buried Ron Paul and now cry about all the things he warned about.

But instead of crying about piracy ruining his life he is trying different things to reach.

A couple of times, she has put the younger daughter on the phone as she cries about missing me.

Every issue of every exercise-related magazine cries about the magic of this or that workout or diet.

His job is not to cry about the past but to uphold the laws of this country now! He needs to go and to go in a hurry.

To all those crying about him giving to his kids, sorry you didn't have parents that gave to you like Romney gives to his kids.

Despite the hue and cry about JPMorgan Chase's reckless behavior, Wall Street and its friends in Washington are not about to run for cover.

Tomas never once cried about the style of play or what we did but at the same time, after we beat them, we felt we weren't being respected.

In 7% of cases cry at is used

I thought she might cry at any moment.

I've told people I've cried at work.

Couldn't work out whether to laugh or cry at the plot at times.

My pelvic pains are so extreme that they keep me awake most nights, most times I cry at night.

November your stomach is crying at you but by December you know, you start to just shut down.

When she told me what had happened, I collapsed on the bed, laughing and crying at the same time.

We have seen Africans laughing at someone accidentally falling from a bicycle and crying at the loss of a loved one.

Grounded from talking to anyone on the phone and from going out anywhere, except college, she would cry at the drop of a hat -- for hours.

I can't handle confrontation at all, am easily upset (I cried at this year's John Lewis ad ), and find it just about impossible to walk in heels.

Although a lot of sinister stuff does happen to and around us we tend to raise a hue and cry at anything seen as remotely challenging what we consider normal.

In 6% of cases cry with is used

I think I'd going to cry with admiration.

He started crying with joy and his hands were vibrating.

I'd so sorry for your loss and I'd crying with you as we speak.

They listened, laughed with me, cried with me, and last night, shared their own stories with me.

Whether they distract you by taking you to fun places or just sit, and listen, and laugh, and cry with you.

You would recite with them, cry with them, send your salams to your Imam in the morning, and then go about your day.

They don't know it, they just go about their life, living, and I get to dream, hope, laugh and cry with them, from near and far.

I want to forever be at your side, to love you and to argue with you, to laugh with you and to cry with you, to share with you and to dream with you.

I also don't recall any whiny helpless person crying with their hands out wanting help and something free (Its Oklahoma after all) All systems take maintenance.

And that very same hour he left, he didn't even bother to pack, and Mrs Timothy was left to cry with her daughter and wonder why there was so much wickedness in the world.

In 5% of cases cry like is used

The poor Master began to cry like a child.

You'd cry like a baby for anything to relieve it.

But you won't cry like him, will you? You're not afraid of death.

He keeps crying like a baby, and saying things we can't understand.

Not crying like lil ' bitches that its not how you usually have it.

I told her that it was just money and I will not rush out of her office crying like the others.

Share this quote Creedy: Defiant to the end, huh? You won't cry like him, will you? You're not afraid of death.

He came second, won hundreds of thousands to add to the 20 mil he's already got and then commenced crying like a baby.

He said he cried like a baby when party officials and Ilorin elders overruled him and insisted on fielding Bukola Saraki as governorship candidate.

She met friends from Maine in Portsmouth, New Hampshire over the weekend and handed over KJ and added on her Twitter account that she ' Cried like a baby.

In 4% of cases cry over is used

She even crying over the phone.

No point crying over spilt milk.

Crying over the death of a beloved.

There is no purpose in crying over spilt milk.

Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and yes, I've cried over you.

I shall certainly cry over him a such a way that people will talk about it.

So instead of crying over spilled milk, I decided to start a brand new blog.

I have seen far too many women made to cry over fashion, something that should be fun.

If you have to cry over this issue go to Mecca Masjid and cry over Mahboob Ali Khan's grave.

And what Apple did to Samsung in the legal case, by crying over the shape as one of its copied features.

In 3% of cases cry unto is used

We all need to cry unto the Lord.

Moses did what the people had neglected to do; he cried unto the Lord.

He cried unto the Lord - Moses was not only their leader, but also their mediator.

You should cry unto the Lord because it is a bad testimony for somebody to say that to you.

And he cried unto the Lord, and said, O Lord, my God, hast thou also brought evil upon the widow with whom I sojourn, by slaying her son?

English Revised Version And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, and he cast it into the waters, and the waters were made sweet.

In 3% of cases cry on is used

I broke down and cried on my wife's shoulder.

His children were crying on the other end of the telephone.

As a teen, I attended a wedding where the groom cried on the alter.

She was crying on the inside but the pain was showing on the outside.

When I retired a few Malay and Indian students hugged me and cried on my shoulders.

Not to cry on the other hand could indicate that a man is above the pain of others and can't be easily moved.

To keep it inside, even though you might cry on your own, hidden away from everyone, because you don't want them to know.

Agoraphobic Plumber #90 -- well, here's the bright side -- you had a shoulder to cry on -- sorry, just began a mini-martini.

And it's been reported in the press that Sheryl Sandberg cried on Mark Zuckerberg's shoulder, which is not exactly what happened.

In 2% of cases cry after is used

Some are crying after being hit by the soldiers of Hades.

Drew If I wasn't a robot I'd probably cry after reading that.

I cried after finishing our conversation, and now I feel so much sadness for everyone on this planet.

In 2% of cases cry from is used

I cry from the questions of Munkar and Nakir.

I owned iPad 1 for a year, and while it's nice, it's a FAR, FAR cry from the productivity capabilities of the current gen MBA.

Far cry from the 2007 predictions of Australian Climate Commissioner, Tim Flannery, of no water and empty dams with sustained drought.

He cries from his single, obliterated eye socket, and asks that they only, merely humble me as I have -- through vile trickery -- humbled him.

How can you imagine that feels when you're crying from the rooftops that aloneness is God and the ones closest to you ask ' Osho, I'd having relationship problems.

In 2% of cases cry during is used

I haven't stopped crying during my waking hours.

It is not known whether he cried during his acceptance speech.

I was crying during whole thing, only stopped when by baby was out and I was told he s fine.

Sources also reveal that Stephens was crying during the final moments of negotiation and insisted he did not want to sign the settlement.

Palestinian mourners cry during the funeral of Salem Paul Sweliem Most of the population in Gaza are Muslim, but there is also a Christian community.

In 1% of cases cry of is used

This is crying of a dad words which I am begging infront of you sir.

In 1% of cases cry into is used

I screamed and cried into my gag and hood and just wanted to run but I could not.

In 1% of cases cry by is used

Jimshorts This just sounds like a bunch of whining and crying by stewardesses.

His relatives sang to him and wife Dwina said that he had cried when she played him the song Crying by Roy Orbison.

In 1% of cases cry because is used

In the nights used to scream and cry because of pain and of nightmares.

It was about three weeks before I could feed him without crying because of the pain.

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