Prepositions after "crush"

crush by, to, under, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases crush by is used

Some were machine-gunned; others were crushed by tanks.

He eats his victims after they are crushed by his giant hammer.

In the end, patriotic people who supported them were crushed by AK.

Central suffered a 26-0 loss at Johnson County and Union was crushed by Sullivan North, 41-17.

Herring who gave Big Nog a good fight as well as many other HWs for years got crushed by Lesnar.

All ' ava roots prepared for receptions now are either grated or crushed by pounding between two stones.

It has stayed with us when we had our own people crushed by oppression, our language killed by force and intimidation.

You want to be in a position to accept relatively low pay and work your way up, without having your finances crushed by debt obligations.

Fortuitously for Eden, a workers ' uprising in Hungary against the Stalinist dictatorship was being crushed by Soviet tanks on the very day that Egypt was being blitzed.

REad wrote: If I were a boy racer I'd be more worried about the risk of being hit by a meteorite than the threat of having my car crushed by Crusher Collins legislation.

In 8% of cases crush to is used

NOSE-BLEEDING: Take the hard skin of almonds, roast in oven and crush to fine powder.

We repaired and embellished the car under the wheels of which crazy devotees flung themselves at every festival to be crushed to death.

His friends came in such a disordly fashion that a great commotion was caused by the galloping of so many horses and Umar was crushed to death by them.

In 8% of cases crush under is used

If you didn't have your back up all the time, you'd likely get crushed under the chaos.

When the truth comes out, the administration is going to be crushed under the weight of it.

I could hear the shattered pieces of glass door being crushed under their boots as they walked towards my room.

In 7% of cases crush with is used

My ardor had begun to cool, unbelievably, &; I was crushed with shame.

And the earth together with the mountains are borne, and crushed with a single crash.

Personally, I only add a slice or two (crushed with a spoon) to a glass of cold water.

They assume that I like being called ' weird ' while deep inside, I am crushed with despair.

Methods of destruction used by the settlers included poisoning, digging up and burning, crushing with rollers drawn by horses and bullocks.

Their skulls had been crushed with great force, but their bodies remained uneaten--killed by a beast of tremendous strength, yet not out of hunger or fear.

In 6% of cases crush on is used

Individuality and individual expression were not to be crushed on either esthetic or moral grounds.

We had a taped-off-TV video recording of both the Ewok Adventure movies, and I nursed a (sadly ill-fated) crush on Mace.

In 5% of cases crush into is used

More than three hundred thousand people visit the mill each year to see how fresh apples get crushed into cider.

Well, now that Shia is single and Selena is too, maybe this would be the perfect time to turn that crush into something more.

In 4% of cases crush at is used

This is the rise of ordinary people which must be crushed at any cost.

One can store these in an external storage device, but these devices can crush at anytime.

At one point the crowds were so severe that a sole member of security was left to sort it out, as people began to crush at the front of the queue.

Certainly federal Labor is doing quite a bit worse in Queensland polling than John Howard was at the time the Coalition was crushed at the 2001 Queensland election.

In 4% of cases crush in is used

The series went from being one of the most anticipated, to one of the biggest flops as India were crushed in every single discipline of the game.

The investment you've put in at each phase is so minimal that rethinking, reconfiguring or redesigning isn't crushing in workload or ego-bruising.

In 3% of cases crush between is used

His right arm was crushed between the rock and canyon wall.

Mellison crushed between a trains iron wheels and the iron rail.

In 2% of cases crush of is used

With bolts, a small redistribution of load from the end bolts to the interior bolts occurs due to crushing of the wood at the end bolts.

In 1% of cases crush after is used

According to this law, the offender's car is only crushed after offenders get three strikes.

In 1% of cases crush against is used

She took a few tight steps, placing one stilettoed foot in front of the other, concentrating on the sensation the strawberries created as they slipped and crushed against each other.

In 1% of cases crush beneath is used

According to local media reports, a 60-year-old man who was killed died in the village of Wycinki after being crushed beneath his collapsing house.

In 1% of cases crush prior is used

The pretext was it endangered the state as controlled by the UK parliament, and it had to be crushed prior to any distribution.

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