Prepositions after "cruise"

cruise to, at, through, on or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases cruise to is used

She cruised to victory in straight games -- 21-9, 21-4.

The umpire had apparently cruised to 16 when there was an appeal for caught down the leg side.

Alistair scorched the 10km run course with a mind-bending 29:07 run split to cruise to Olympic gold.

On the women's side, one rider separated herself from the rest of the field, and cruised to a convincing victory.

Bangladesh, who had to chase down a reduced target of 73 in 13 overs, cruised to victory with seven wickets and five balls to spare.

Spain cruised to a 5-1 win over Panama thanks to two goals from Pedro and further strikes from David Villa, Sergio Ramos and Markel Susaeta.

The Dutch simply must win to stay in the tournament and when they take the lead through Van der Vaart, they look like they can cruise to victory.

The Proteas tightened their grip on the top ranking in Test cricket as they cruised to 467 for five at tea, with an overall lead of 529 runs, five wickets in hand and more than two days to play.

In 12% of cases cruise at is used

A typical commercial jet will cruise at Mach 0.

Traffic was very light and we enjoyed cruising at an easy 22km/h to soak in the open spaces before us.

Even before the umpires called lunch, Zol had reached his century and, along with Pande, the duo was cruising at 150.

While cruising at 35,000 feet an hour-and-a-half later it hit stormy conditions that iced up the pitot tubes used to calculate airspeed.

Some of James Bond's vehicles are best suited to be being parked in Casino Square, Monte Carlo while others are more at home cruising at 37,000ft.

Pakistan batted first and were cruising at 0/129 until a spell from Mitchell Johnson turned the game and we restricted them to 244 which was a challenging target.

Cruising at 190 for one in its chase of 299, India suddenly seemed to be losing its way at 235 for five before Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja came together to seal the series.

In 12% of cases cruise through is used

Cruising through ECR, you will have to cross Muttukadu before you hit the spot.

Fat raindrops made music on the roof of the taxi as we cruised through the dark before entering the city.

You can tell my iPhone to F*CK himself the next time you see us cruising through a party holding hands, by the way.

The plot wasn't just lost, it came crashing to a devastating, miraculous end as Djokovic took the fourth set tiebreak 8-6 and then cruised through the fifth set to take the match, 6-1.

Whether lounging all day on laid-back Doctor's Cave Beach or cruising through the gaudy delights of Gloucester, this is the spot where Jamaica lays its ' big sell ' on the world's tourists.

In 10% of cases cruise on is used

Meanwhile Taylor Cole was cruising on the mound.

I have cruised on carnival, royal caribbean, and norwegian.

Toddlers and puppies are the ones that concern me the most when Im cruising on the beach.

I have cruised on Pacific Dawn, Pacific Jewel, Pacific Sun, Pacific Star, Sun Princess, Golden Princess, Pacific Princess, Voyager of the Seas.

On a 1500 ml run to Scotland I found it brilliant to cruise on the motorway, at an indicated 75mph it will easily return high 50s to the gallon and round short runs 48+ is easily attained.

In 10% of cases cruise in is used

One of the best starting points when cruising in the Leewards is in Antigua.

They cruise in expensive cars, apartments and expensive fashion taste to match.

CRUISING IN JAMAICA TODAY Tourism is the largest industry in the world and cruising is by far its fastest growing sector.

But for the more laid-back, the Shannon-Erne waterway offers some of the best cruising in the land and is renowned throughout Europe for its pristine depths, friendly locals and idyllic terrain.

In 6% of cases cruise along is used

Other large pelagic animals may also be seen cruising along the wall, such as sharks, turtles and manta rays.

Our sunset cruises leave Stone Town in the late afternoon to cruise along the coast, slicing through the clear turquoise water.

In 4% of cases cruise into is used

Both Mainland and Isles teams have cruised into the semi-final and meet against each other on Thursday.

Play it safe and cruise into the beach when your time is up and avoid the embarassment and possible fees for damaging the jet ski.

Even at its high points this century, Penn State had been playing shorthanded football with Paterno cashing in on decades of excellence and cruising into a retirement that he knew never existed.

In 4% of cases cruise with is used

OK!? Seriously, this page is information for anyone contemplating cruising with a weapon aboard.

In 2% of cases cruise after is used

Cruising After a bad start Alvin Ong's SMU Team from Singapore on Amanda have scored three wins in a row.

The Herald Sun reports an Australian cruise liner has turned back during a Pacific Islands cruise after a passenger went missing.

In 2% of cases cruise around is used

None of my friends ever fixed hot rods in their parents ' garage and cruised around the shore towns with their high school sweethearts.

In 1% of cases cruise for is used

It's the Tesla Model S, a sleek electric four-door sedan with the ability to cruise for 426km on a single charge - its also offers touchscreen controls for numerous functions.

In 1% of cases cruise off is used

Thurot left Sweden early in 1758 and cruised off the eastern and northern coasts of Scotland, where he captured even more ships.

In 1% of cases cruise up is used

Cruise up the River Shannon to Lough Ree (1hr 15min) or down river to the monastic settlement and round tower of Clonmacnoise (1hr 30min one way).

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