Prepositions after "cross"

cross into, to, from, with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 15% of cases cross into is used

At Jesus ' birth, we crossed into positive time.

In 1090, Yusuf bin Tashfin crossed into Spain a third time.

He and his family ran for three days until they crossed into Kenya.

BSF personnel of Doulatpur camp caught Hannan when he crossed into India to take cattle.

He gathered 450,000 troops in Poland and on 24th June he crossed into Russia to crush her once and for all.

Keep the ball on the ground like Germany and Spain and only lift the ball off the ground once ready to cross into the box.

Kirkoff had earlier tried to cross into the USA on the mistaken belief that the Spanish Aero Car would carry him across the border.

We don't want the virus to cross into the civilian areas, which can cause much more damage than the current ban by neighbouring States.

I couldn't cross into Zambia and proceed to Mbala because the Zambian immigration official had left for the evening to do some chores in town.

In 10% of cases cross to is used

The hole crosses to significant dips.

On the 4th of February we crossed to Mpete.

Just before Pak Tam Chung is the river crossing to Sheung Yiu (folk museum) village.

All staffs have passports authorizing them to cross to any country in the European Union.

That afternoon we crossed to Siau in Tropica, and spent a night camping in a small hamlet.

As of now we (and Tropica) are poised to cross to Para at first light tomorrow, and are hoping for 4 or 5 days of paddling from there to Sangihe.

The star found herself high above the rainforest perching precariously on the narrow wire, which she had to cross to the other side to get into the camp.

Construction costs for the proposed project (2011) ranged from $120 million (plus HST) for a two lane crossing to $200 million for a four lane crossing.

For more than three years, the Somali Bandits have been launching attacks on villages in northern Tanzania, especially areas cross to the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

In 10% of cases cross from is used

Edward Intvan We crossed from St Jean Pied de Port on March 29th.

Dixon crossed from the Canadian side to the American side before returning.

EDITOR 'S NOTE: Alex Thomson of ITN stated that there was one crossing from Israel to Gaza.

ALEX THOMSON: By occupation, he means this, areas, just one militarized crossing from Gaza to Israel.

In a Bullish trend we are hoping to find BUY trades, so we would wait for price to cross from below the Kijun to above.

In a Bearish trend we are hoping to find SELL trades, so we would wait for price to cross from above the Kijun to below.

To the insects, apparently this 1m gap was sufficient to make crossing from one sub-island to another a jump dispersal.

Maicon was left well out of position as Benzema peeled away from him to turn in a curling deep cross from Angel di Maria at close range.

The Iraqi government confirmed ealier that Al Qaeda has been crossing from Iraq into Syria to carry out attacks on government forces.

As I crossed from midtown and headed down into Chelsea, the noise and crowds of the city began to fade and soon I was practically on my own.

In 9% of cases cross with is used

That line has been crossed with The Room.

They are sometimes crossed with thoroughbreds to improve their speed.

On July 22nd 1876, Spelterini crossed with her ankles and wrists manacled.

While i often leave here cross with the world at large, i always feel i have learnt something.

When the Egyptians caravan reached the coast of the Red Sea, they saw a camel rider crossing with all speed.

Dogs such as Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are crossed with Poodles and tend to take on their hypoallergenic qualities.

Crossed with the narrow-breasted North American types, these heavily muscled meat birds quickly supplanted other varieties.

Cross with care and follow the path through the woodland to return to your car, or turn left over the bridge to the bus stops.

Too often he receives the ball in a good position and dilly dallies his way around the box, refusing to cross with his left foot.

The Emir and his delegation entered the Gaza Strip Tuesday morning and left in the late afternoon through Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

In 8% of cases cross in is used

It is too dangerous and you will never cross in time.

Sometimes it's even crossed in the early stages of dating.

Basic audience type THE JAILBIRD more often than not has his arms crossed in front of him.

This was no easy task, and I wondered if it had ever before been crossed in jeeps or Land Rovers.

This will also give a relatively safe haven for pedestrians to wait until safe to cross in either direction.

With the waters parted, two and a half million Israelites plus their flocks could cross in an orderly manner.

Read more Surely he's one of the scariest people on the planet, someone you wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley BUT he's scared of.

Reports vary between 8,500 and 30,000 people having crossed in the past 48 hours, ' UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told reporters in Geneva.

An American officer estimated that about 700 Filipinos who attempted to cross in boats and by swimming were killed, drowned, wounded or captured.

This will mean vehicles will no longer have to cross in front of oncoming traffic travelling at 70km/h when turning in and out of Hataitai Park (as well as Goa Street).

In 8% of cases cross over is used

It was a fairly long distance and crosses over the Saint John River.

He crossed over the road to Woolworths and got my dad a birthday card.

They cross over the sentient beings in pursuit of attainment of Buddhahood.

One option is to take the side road to the Englishtown ferry and cross over St.

A PVC dowel may be placed across the chest with the arms crossed over the bar.

I was sorry later to hear he'd been denied permission to cross over the gorge on his own wire.

With his Four Immeasurable Minds, he practises the Six Paramitas to cross over the sentient beings from suffering.

At one time, the Kali Valley was the standard trade route from India to Tibet, crossing over the Lipu Lekh pass.

Prior to 1912 both American and Canadian Governments tolerated persons crossing over the ice bridge or building shacks.

Passes crossing over the mountains bordering Afghanistan include the Khyber, Bol? n, Khojak, Kurram, Tochi, and Gomal passes.

In 7% of cases cross by is used

Running from east to west, it is crossed by several small south-north lanes.

When Community Friends first came here, our volunteers crossed by boat until the bridge was rebuilt.

The people of Sind gave us permission to proceed as far as the Machvara /16/, and this river was crossed by boats.

Ruaha is crossed by the dry sand rivers and the Great Ruaha River fringed tall tamarinds, acacia and wild fig trees.

In the beginning of Ramazan we resumed our journey and came to the river Kara, or Kere /15/, which we crossed by means of a raft.

Kilburn is named after the upper reaches of the Westbourne, also responsible for Bayswater, and once crossed by the Knight's Bridge.

The next major operation, crossing the river Rhine, involved another airborne operation and an assault crossing by amphibious vehicles.

Here are vertigo-inducing valleys, such as those crossed by the Milford Track, and a maze of majestic fiords -- glacial valleys now filled by the sea.

The burn was crossed by three causeways -- probably built by monks belonging to Colm Cille's or a later monastery -- and these followed the lines of William Street, the Bog Road, and Stanley's Walk.

In 7% of cases cross for is used

But, at the same time, he has told me not to cross for the sake of it.

The feedback from customers and the influencer community has been 100% positive (fingers crossed for future blog posts!).

Fingers crossed for me! (: Post navigation One comment on How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy.

Sterling finds Young down the left and he steps over and beats Lustig before crossing for Welbeck who can't miss from a yard.

Crucially, Arsenal scored the next goal on the hour as Giroud broke down the left and crossed for Cazorla to bury at the far post.

I'd keeping my fingers crossed for a new sexual revolution to sweep across Nigeria and Africa in general, and this isn't just blind hope.

I would love to see him finish in the top four and I'll keep my fingers crossed for him, because I really do like him as a man and a manager.

North of the rivers, there was no Rome after AD 47? although trade and various transactions pertained, and indeed a bridge crossed for such purposes.

Fingers crossed for you! No running for me today, since we have a hurricane going on today -- also I ran a 50K on a mountain yesterday and can barely move.

In 4% of cases cross at is used

The two arcs should cross at the centre point of your circle.

Two for the waist and two that go over the shoulders, cross at the back and tie under baby's bum.

Their paths all cross at Ruth's Inn where owner Ruth Oakley has taken naturalism to unnatural extremes.

All of a sudden Maggie now becomes anxious and yelps when she crosses at the traffic lights, as soon as we go near them she is so anxious.

There she visited the Khabari Alawazem Crossing at the Kuwait -- Iraq border and met with members of the Alaska National Guard at several bases.

Who knows? Eventually I managed to overtake (which is how I know she was female) but I was so cross at her incompetence that I honked the horn at her as I did.

Their performing paths crossed at a major festival in Toulouse, France, and this inspired a new combination of performances and sowed the seed for doing a full length album together.

The novelty with this road trip is that you will go through at least 8 immigration checkpoints as you go through Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah borders plus a very short ferry crossing at Pandaruan.

In 3% of cases cross on is used

At right: The wombat crossing on Gregory terrace, between Coles and Kmart.

Indian, Arab, African and European cultures cross on this tiny muslim island into a peculiar mix.

She looked patient and resigned enough, with her hands crossed on her bosom, and her eyes downcast.

There were miles upon miles of wild country to cross on foot or horseback, wild rivers to ford and mountainous terrain to navigate.

Another stood menacingly, arms crossed on the plank that connected us with a few of the homes on stilts, black water flowing in between.

Generally speaking, such signs are placed where pedestrians may be crossing on hard-surface flooring, perhaps right after it was washed.

In 2% of cases cross between is used

During 2010 Mark decided to go rambling in the Middle East and walked the entire length of the Israeli Separation Barrier, crossing between the Israeli and the Palestinian side.

In 2% of cases cross through is used

The evening downpour on Sunday left me expectant of more migrants the next day &; we had to cross through mire and water to find our way to the site.

Giving Iran access to Lebanon and Syria via the Suez means that they will have free movement of arms and troops without having to cross through the U.

In 1% of cases cross against is used

He was crossing against the light and there was a pickup to my left, blocking my view of this ecologically-responsible ninny who thought traffic lights didn't apply to him.

In 1% of cases cross under is used

Heading West you pass the marinas of Granville Island, more enviable waterfront condominiums with views across False Creek to downtown Vancouver, and eventually cross under the Burrard Bridge.

In 1% of cases cross across is used

Seven hours mostly flew by, except for a slow ferry crossing across the Padma, the river that traditionally separated East and West Bengal.

In 1% of cases cross near is used

On Tuesday, Uganda closed the Bunagana border crossing near Goma.

In 1% of cases cross before is used

I've even heard of the line being crossed before marriage.

In 1% of cases cross beyond is used

Other bones i'd particularly like to pick at this moment in time are as follows, and in no particular order; 1 - The inability of any Utd player to cross beyond the front post.

In 1% of cases cross behind is used

Place your hands crossed behind the head.

Bicycle Crunches Lie down on your back with your hands crossed behind your head.

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