Prepositions after "criticize"

"criticize for" or "criticize by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases criticize for is used

Lets not criticise for sake of criticising.

The book is being criticized for being the.

I get criticized for not allowing my girls soda, etc.

Regarding the florida game: Darn right and they should be criticized for that performance.

However, he was criticised for his failure to swiftly bring about an end to the Korean War.

Arsene Wenger has often been criticised for his transfer policy in the last ten or so years.

In the last five years, however, many peace organizations were criticized for corrupt and rent-seeking practices.

Much of his work can be criticized for various reasons, but I think here he was trying to say something reasonable.

Resting David Ramos/Getty Images In spite of the previous slide, Messi can hardly be criticised for a lack of effort.

He refused to allow the candidates the traditional free mailshot, presumably for fear of being criticised for the expense.

In 23% of cases criticize by is used

These policies were criticized by Joseph E.

The policy was criticised by EU officials for being too invasive.

Romney has been criticized by officials at both General Motors Co.

It was criticised by the Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers.

However, the apparent alternative of liberal multiculturalism is also criticised by Zizek.

The move, however, was criticised by legislators as being a temporary relief to a deeper problem.

Poll workers were criticized by those who waited in line for their inattentiveness under the weight of the situation.

History is teplete with instances of Caliphs being brought to the court and publicly criticised by ordinary men and women.

They have been in lockstep in their decisions, and have seldom been criticized by the media for their monolithic groupthink.

Rallying disaffected miners in the gold and platinum industries, they have been roundly criticised by the ANC and its allies.

In 7% of cases criticize in is used

The criticism of the LDS church is regularly criticized in much more hostile ways without overreaction.

The Mole was a good listener, and Toad, with no one to check his statements or to criticise in an unfriendly spirit, rather let himself go.

All I am saying, is that the IC provides others with the opportunity to learn and help, and I believe that shouldn't be criticized in any way.

There are dozens of instances out there, and I'd fairly certain I remember at least some of them being criticized in front page posts right here.

Part of their story involves telling Canadians that oil riches are floating everyone's boat, so oil production should not be criticized in any way.

The working paper was criticised in many quarters with the Irish National Organistion of the Unemployed (INOU) questioning its conclusions and some of the data the paper used and did not use.

In 3% of cases criticize as is used

Link farming is also something that works although it has been severely criticized as a Black Hat SEO technique.

But they also have been criticized as a fertile breeding ground for the views of anti-government extremists, conspiracists and racists.

This move was criticized as a public relations gimmick to show the general public that the president was healthy when actually his true state of health was deteriorating.

It is in this place, where backlash can beget backlash on both sides, for those criticized as well as those doling out the negative comments, that the book review now so frequently exists.

The Long Island Power Authority, known as LIPA, reflects the shortcomings of the state's quasi-independent public authorities, which are often criticized as a shadow government that resists scrutiny.

In 3% of cases criticize on is used

The result has been criticised on Twitter.

The profit maximization criterion is criticized on several grounds.

Nick, are we saying the President is not be criticised on his stewardship? What didn't then candidate Mills say about President Kufuor and his ministers.

In 2% of cases criticize at is used

His propensity to shoot reminds me of a quote from Guillem Balague on Frank Lampard who, like Cazorla, has been criticised at times for over-shooting.

In 1% of cases criticize about is used

There are a lot of things to criticize about the Star Wars soundtrack, but that opening fanfare is beautiful.

Self-Sustenance is not an unfair policy by any means, so there is nothing for the fans to criticize about it.

In 1% of cases criticize because is used

The club are often criticised because of their supposedly unprogressive youth policy.

In 1% of cases criticize from is used

Of course, it's easy to be wise in retrospect, and to criticise from a distance.

In 1% of cases criticize over is used

The department also has been criticized over a number of cases alleging abuse by officers.

In 1% of cases criticize to is used

If they don't win, SOMETHING (a move) / SOMEONE has to be criticized to death.

History shows that presidents don't go from being highly criticised to being highly praised while they are in office.

In 1% of cases criticize without is used

I have every confidence that you are intelligent enough to criticize without belittling.

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