Prepositions after "creep"

creep into, in, up, over or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases creep into is used

Now, Islamists (Thambis) are trying to creep into this.

A couple of mistakes start to creep into the England game.

But it's starting to creep into the center of our discourse.

Creeping into the hallway it was only a short number of strides to her parent's room.

The disturbed reptiles glared dully on the intruders, and then crept into the shadow of the walls.

Neither is Sun dabbling with concepts creeping into tools from companies like Borland or Rational.

I can understand the desire to be sure that no misunderstanding or unexplained assumptions have crept into physics.

Another reason is that this kind of autobiographical writing leads to ' self ' often creeping into occupy centre stage.

Kasab was one of a squad of ten who crept into Mumbai on three inflatable speedboats shortly after nightfall on Nov 26, 2008.

Hearing the fear creep into their voices, and realizing the bears weren't going anywhere soon, we agreed to find a new route home.

In 12% of cases creep in is used

Misfortune crept in the mix and he was sidelined by an accident.

A sense of hopelessness creeping in here, ladies and gentlemen.

Now I am letting it creep in my head that he may have sperm in there somewhere.

Most people have negative thoughts that creep in their consciousness from time to time.

When you read a lot, or write a Lot, sometimes the ideas of other eminent people might creep in many times.

Their main strategy is not to wipe off the miscreants from this region but to creep in the boundaries of our country.

A couple of unscheduled breaks have crept in this year though (due to illness and now writer's block) and these annoy me.

Spotting that some seriously young fans had crept in unawares, he said sorry for swearing but made no apologies for the full-on racket that ensued.

In 5% of cases creep up is used

He slowly creeps up to the firecracker laying on the ground (the un-dug hole) He carefully lights the fuse, (drilling the hole).

Zoey tried her best to stay away from the little boy, but he just creeps up to her most of the time, staring at her with those big golden eyes of his.

In 5% of cases creep over is used

The innumerable stars that had been scattered around the sky illuminating the heavens had faded and gradually the first ray of light crept over the water giving my surroundings a hazy glow.

Spring has only recently begun to creep over the northern hemisphere of Saturn and its moons, so scientists are only beginning to understand the change wrought by the turning of the seasons.

In 5% of cases creep to is used

By chance, or else attracted by hearing his voice, it crept to Mr.

If the seal does not notice, the bear creeps to within 30 to 40 feet (9.

Some were simply after his money and they flattered and crept to him because they wanted to be his friend.

At the close on the second day, Jamaica had crept to 18 for one, a lead of two runs heading into today's final day at the Yorkshire Sports Club.

In 3% of cases creep across is used

This monstrous glacier crept across the continent with enormous force, carving huge chasms, grinding up rock and anything else in its path.

In 3% of cases creep from is used

I crept from train to train, checking which ones were ready to go.

The pictures are arranged into five chapters called Desert, Ocean, Mountain, Forest and Polar, but these subjects often creep from one chapter into another.

Some plants creep from the bank towards water, some are fully submerged, or partly under water and there are still others which float freely on the water surface.

In 3% of cases creep out is used

One word can initiate a new beginning and your writing spirit can creep out of that dark hole and you can write once again.

But she felt it, creeping out of the sky, reaching toward her through the sounds, the scents, the color that filled the air.

Ere I crept out of childhood I was myself a shanachie- carried in mind and could tell a sheaf of the old tales, as I had learned them by a hundred firesides.

In 2% of cases creep around is used

There were lots of corners in the course, and after the early crashes everyone had learned it would be best to creep around the corners to stay upright.

You know it's September when you see Milla Jovovich creeping around the sleek interiors of the Umbrella Corporation and the mavens at Sony and its Screen Gems genre unit will be happy with the $21.

In 2% of cases creep upon is used

My Calenus, age creeps upon us - let us, at least, feel that we have lived.

In 2% of cases creep through is used

As he crept through the vestry, he heard a sound from the church.

Glancing round at the window to see why, Zaphod gaped as a huge sluglike, gunmetal-green spacecraft crept through the air past the building.

In 1% of cases creep towards is used

One night I saw him sneaking out of his cage; he'd opened it and was creeping towards the audience.

In 1% of cases creep toward is used

I can live with the small shortcomings in grip compared to felts in the water -- just take a little more care and a wading staff if you are creeping toward my age.

In 1% of cases creep past is used

It's because they keep looking for ways to creep past the boundaries.

An hour later I was creeping past the shattered dome of the City Hall.

In 1% of cases creep on is used

I certainly don't creep on her on facebook.

In 1% of cases creep for is used

Even at his advanced age, crawling and creeping for several minutes daily will improve his reading skills.

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