Prepositions after "crawl"

crawl into, out, on, with or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 15% of cases crawl into is used

The short answer is they will crawl into anything, and hide anywhere they can.

The door was locked so I crawled into the room from under the shattered tinted glass.

Fortunately, Eru has a snug, dry little cabin to crawl into when the daily rowing is done.

They crawl into a new client's office on their knees, begging to be hurt and whipped and abused.

Instead, I say my prayers, tell God my problems, and then crawl into bed with them still on my mind.

After 13 years with Shaq, she is now crawling into bed and nestling right beside me every single night I am home.

When her marriage was fixed, a 9-year-old Farima crawled into her mother's lap, confused about what it meant to be engaged.

She thought it made her look strange, and was convinced she would find a way to crawl into the ground if any of her friends ever saw it.

I think I'd like to crawl into my bed now, pull the covers over my head, and just allow the rest of time to speed by at the rate it always goes.

Most women would've crawled into a hole and died from the embarrassment -- or at least gained 300 pounds so they wouldn't be recognized in public.

In 12% of cases crawl out is used

I crawled out of the room and peeked from the corner of the gas station.

New friends never cease to surprise us as they crawl out of the hole deemed a toilet.

Now, John Key has been sucked into the same cess-pit of slime that Banks crawled out of.

Anonymous outside of atlanta and athens, the right wing crazies have crawled out of their holes and made the state a political joke.

Music, especially folk music has been around since man first crawled out of the primordal slime and cracked open his first bottle of beer.

He noted that whenever he addresses this topic, people crawl out of the woodwork with stuff like this: I worked hard for my health insurance.

One good thing is that there are a lot of worms crawling out of the woodwork prepared to blame the victims, yell about privacy and restricting the press from investigating scandals and sue.

Lisa's Voice: Ooh! And we're especially proud of that, aren't we? Doctor Bashir: I get the feeling that it's gon na take me some hours to crawl out of this rather sizable hole I've dug for myself.

You will probably want to throw your phone/clock out of the window every single morning, but by the time you've crawled out of bed and turned off the incessant beeping you are awake and up! Job done.

In 11% of cases crawl on is used

Go on a pub crawl on one (or all) of the 22 bars downtown Augusta.

I spent most of the time worrying about lizards and snakes crawling on me.

Your side ought to be wearing sack cloth and ashes and crawling on your needs begging forgiveness for that.

A niece was a doctor serving there at that time and escaped by crawling on all fours to escape detection by the IPKF soldiers.

Crawling on his stomach through the gunfire, the Captain reached the stricken soldier and began pulling him toward his encampment.

Start Questioning! Menu 3 Reasons Why Atheists are Good People For sure, we don't crawl on our knees asking for forgiveness and God's grace.

Flatworms on the move: To move about, small flatworms secrete a mat of mucus and crawl on this mat with a dense layer of cilia on their underside.

In 10% of cases crawl with is used

But crawling with tourists they are (see above).

Your oh-so touchable touchscreen is crawling with bacteria.

Much like the Mary River area, the Adelaide is crawling with crocodiles.

Squirrels are crawling with fleas, did you know? you are kind! offering the tempty yogurty treats.

Gurushabd Khalsa lifted the lid and slowly pulled up one frame, crawling with bees and half full of honeycombs.

When I travel to destinations that I've been dreaming about for ages I seem to forget that once upon a time they were not crawling with tourists.

The place was always crawling with poll watchers, and just about any activist group could file with the Board of Elections and get certified as poll watchers.

The last time I visited the Tower, when It was closed, following the Ceremony of the Keys the place was crawling with fully armed Scots Guards who were based there on their tour of duty.

In 9% of cases crawl through is used

Like Jason Grimsley crawling through the Comiskey ductwork, or the Astros doing this.

One person is the bridge/tunnel on their hands and knees, and the other person has to crawl through the space made.

Snyder and around forty other neighbours and friends searched the forest for five days, crawling through the manzanita.

The car turning, falling plumping into a river on its side; himself trying to crawl through a window as the water seeped about his body.

That day in 2000, as Hafez's motorcade crawled through the grieving Syrian populace, Ibrahim was commentating on Al-Jazeera's six-hour telecast.

So I made a very undignified exit by crawling through the (sob!) broken china and crushed macaroons and found myself lying in the gutter on Cow's Lane.

The last part of it was to crawl through a tunnel made of barbed wire while live rounds were being fired from a Bren light machine gun just above the top of the wires.

Their lyrics are catchy, their guitars might as well be ice-creams they're so full of licks and the drums leave me pounding my steering wheel as I crawl through rush hour traffic.

In 7% of cases crawl to is used

But he continued to crawl to the Akal Takht.

At harness-up time he tried to crawl to his driver.

As the toddler progresses from crawling to walking, he falls less and is able to balance more.

Rose Garden mention of terrorism in a non-specific, in passing reference, that was enough to have Cindy crawling to his assistance.

So what we have is a precocious 2-year-old, one who is growing but also teething and transition from walking and crawling to running.

We peaked in, standing on tiptoes to see over the high fence and there they were! Little critters crawling to the point where we shown the light.

From there, Schumacher crawled to the pits for a tyre change, and then jostled around amongst the also-rans before finally pulling in three laps from the end.

The result was a journey which took the tired and bemused athletes past Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament before finally crawling to its destination.

I got on my knees and crawled to him, I unfastened his shorts he lifted up so I could take them off, that's when I realized just how skinny he really is I pulled out his d*ck, it was average I guess.

In 6% of cases crawl across is used

Our planet is like an ant crawling across a DVD when compared to massive Jupiter.

Maggots again, but larger, full grown, they now crawled across his grief and his repentance.

Not only will your baby learn the importance of cleanliness, but he will also get an ab defining workout as he crawls across the floor picking up dirt and trash.

In other images she displays her undercut hairstyle - which she has sported for several years now -- and wears a blue leopard print swimming costume and crawls across a table inside a cage.

In 4% of cases crawl under is used

He's so uninterested in crawling under homes and the generally daft demands of his chief.

He crawled under his blanket, squirmed until he was comfortable and pushed me to the edge of the mattress.

He came back with the chef in tow and I felt like crawling under the table (this is a two Michelin starred restaurant!).

Bryson cited safety reasons for the restriction saying that children in the past have run out into the street and crawled under moving floats to grab pieces of candy.

In 3% of cases crawl towards is used

I crawled towards the gate down at the front, which was maybe approximately 20 feet or so in front of me, so it came up very fast.

A person seeing a spider may make a huge internal picture of a spider crawling towards them, and then feel the resulting fear (VcKi).

In 3% of cases crawl over is used

It was very unreal-and the ship was blowing an emergency horn as she crawled over the fence that keeps you from falling.

Finally arriving at our destination we were marched to a camp where there were only bare wooden bunk beds, so we collapsed on straw, with the odd rat crawling over us.

In 3% of cases crawl from is used

The bleak fact is that Scott, Wilson and Bowers were beyond redemption when Oates crawled from the tent.

Look at this example: Source The amphibia, which is the animal class to which our frogs and toads belong, were the first animals to crawl from the sea and inhabit the earth.

Today, after 47 years of wandering the capitalist deserts, crawling from one GDP number to the next, this young metropolis appears lost, weary and thirsting for a new dream.

As he crawled from their tent on to the ice in temperatures of -40 C, Oates achieved immortality with the famous parting remark: ' I am just going outside and may be some time.

A great chocolate-coloured pall lowered over heaven, but the wind was continually charging and routing these embattled vapours; so that as the cab crawled from street to street, Mr.

In 3% of cases crawl onto is used

They can crawl onto anything (such as a new bed) any time.

His parents are worried that he will fall and hurt himself and often try and block him when he tries to crawl onto the fireplace.

In 2% of cases crawl along is used

When an economy is crawling along the bottom, any small wave is likely to lift our spirits.

One man would lie at the tunnel exit and when the guard was furthest away would let escapees out who would crawl along the rope to the tree.

In 2% of cases crawl up is used

The WPI inflation for India had crawled up to 7.

Some of the hills are so steep you are crawling up them.

We crawled up to the edge of the water hole, and photographed till it got dark.

In 2% of cases crawl by is used

You'll be crawled by search engine bots every day and multiple times in the day if you post frequently.

But it hurt him very badly because like thousands of websites, being crawled by a Google Search crawler is a must for OneNewsPage.

In 2% of cases crawl around is used

We put them on the babies and let them crawl around each other in her back yard while we snapped pictures.

Even more so when there's an actor crawling around the queue, grabbing for ankles and whispering in ears.

He's still crawling around the house and walking with help, but it's all baby steps to get to the finish line.

In 1% of cases crawl off is used

The boy crawled off the blanket fetching sticks.

In 1% of cases crawl like is used

However, you have noticed that your communication with some candidates is now crawling like a turtle.

In 1% of cases crawl in is used

On one occasion while trying to sneak around a nasty rapid, I inadvertently brushed against one and was instantly covered in a million spiders -- crawling in my mouth, my ears, up my nose.

In 1% of cases crawl past is used

The two men at the bottom of the exit shaft were Clive Saxelby and Joe Moul and they came crawling past me in Piccadilly.

In 1% of cases crawl behind is used

I crawl behind my computer and sure enough there are already some fanciers asking for a racing system.

In 1% of cases crawl before is used

This means that if your site has a high page rank, chances are, it will be visited and crawled before other, smaller sites on the web.

In 1% of cases crawl underneath is used

You know, the real family came to visit us quite a bit on the set and to have them there, that stuff crawls underneath your skin.

In 1% of cases crawl at is used

You went over a very creaky bridge and the train used to just crawl at snail's pace.

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