Prepositions after "crash"

"crash into", "crash on" or "crash in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases crash into is used

Beachy's aircraft crashed into San Francisco Bay.

Or maybe it was that the moon was going to crash into us.

After a long day of touring the area, we crashed into comfort.

Of all the aircraft that crashed into Lake Victoria only 1 Wirraway remains missing.

The attack caused the plane to crash into Mediterranean near the village of Om al-Tuyour.

The proprietors were great, their whirlwind young son crashing into the patrons and furniture like a spinning top.

The helicopter crashed into the steeply sloping, heavily wooded ground on the south bank of the Mouse Valley water.

A large bull rose out of the water, opened his huge mouth in warning and then crashed into the pool and disappeared.

Kaffee: I get sick when I fly because I'd afraid of crashing into a large mountain I don't think Dramamine'll help.

In 13% of cases crash in is used

A dream that started off perfect, but crashed in the end.

The litlins crashed in the car on the way to our next destination.

If you crashed in your heat and you're going to lose, get off the track.

A few of the children were at a family party playing a game when something crashed in the kitchen.

The fact that many airmen crashed in the sea, known as ' the drink ', may give this explanation added point.

An estimated 350,000 families have been evicted from their homes since Spain's property market crashed in 2008.

If it threads the keyhole right through its center, it will crash in the Pacific ocean, 500 km out from the West Coast.

Helmets provide equal levels of protection for crashes involving motor vehicles (69%) and crashes from all other causes (68%).

Then the aircraft incident, which crashed in China, demonstrated that while China did not want a conflict, China was no push over.

That 727 (Big Flo) was crashed in the most common way, nose first (albeit at a very small angle, none of this vertical dive stuff.

In 11% of cases crash on is used

The driver crashed on Rangitikei Line about 11pm on Friday.

The model fails if all cars crash on the same day (or even week!).

And, how long will it be before one crashes on some poor sods head and takes a life?

B-7810) in the implementation of not successful, the helicopter crashed on sea ice damage.

Obama crashed on HIS record and Liberals are running scared! We can't take 4 more years of Obama.

Thank you very much for this! I have at least one machine where the old Skype would just crash on startup.

Not wanting to make the 1 1/2 hour ride back to the Chateau, Eric instead crashed on the couch backstage at La Olympia.

TORONTO -- A motorcoach from Toronto that crashed on a New Jersey exit ramp this weekend was not authorized to operate in the U.

He Must Have Been In A Hurry A Fall River, MA, man is accused of leaving not one, but two motor vehicle crashes on the same day.

We make sure to buffer the reader, eliminating a long-standing bug that would crash on certain inputs, such as &; followed by CR+LF.

In 9% of cases crash to is used

Oil prices had crashed to $11 per barrel.

Make it a good one and send them crashing to the floor.

Consider what would happen if the price crashed to $5 an oz.

A big wind down in consumer spending could bring business activity crashing to a halt.

English batsmen were found wanting against them and as a result crashed to a huge defeat.

A 0-0 draw at Genoa was still a decent result but then Lazio crashed to a 2-1 defeat against relegation-bound Lecce at the Olimpico.

She would be walking along and would suddenly pitch forward in a totally uncontrolled way and crash to the ground, and could not explain what happened.

Then when Brigade faced the difficult task of chasing 284 to win he brought any dreams of victory they may have harboured crashing to earth with 6/87.

Having been in the top five for three seasons running, last term, largely because of the added burden of playing in the Champions League, Fiorentina crashed to eleventh.

In 7% of cases crash through is used

Behind me, a figure came crashing through the doorway.

A number of large trees were lost in the Great Lawn, one crashed through a backstop.

This view would see gold potentially crashing through the floor in the 1520s in the next move down.

He give up trying to understand when Coronal Flagg was came crashing through the door onto the floor.

Deepak came crashing through a mango tree in the compound of the house of Raviprakash in Narmada Nagar.

Two four-metre crocodiles came crashing through the undergrowth and launched themselves off a raised bank.

Kallis's first ball, short and wide, was crashed through point for the innings's first four, in the fifth over.

But they are ALWAYS more fearful than they let on: it just takes the right people to crash through that and expose it for what it is.

It crashes through his land, 700 feet wide including its walkways and steep, sloping embankments, like a velodrome for giant bicyclists.

Crashing through hedges, over walls, across busy public roads and even into lakes and rivers, the terrified creature does everything it can to stay ahead.

In 4% of cases crash at is used

So I'd crashing at a mate's and someone has just started having sex in the flat.

When he's in Silicon Valley, he crashes at friends ' houses rather than staying at hotels.

I dragged along one of the homies and we crashed at a friend's guest house for the duration of our stay.

He explained that my computer was infected with ' hackers ' software and that it was likely to crash at any time.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA, however, said a BRT bus crashed at about the time FRSC sent out the spurious tweet, at another location.

I ran syscheck from the wiibrew download and it crashes at the end, maybe because it's outdated? I downloaded and installed syscheck GX from the homebrew browser and it produced this.

In 4% of cases crash out is used

The World Champions crashed out of the Asia Cup following a loss to a relatively weaker Bangladesh side.

They are about to crash out of the tournament with zero points and yet there is very little urgency on the pitch.

But the trip to Elland Road made reality hit home as we disappointingly crashed out of the League Cup and again waved good bye to the possibility of some silverware.

And as predicted, Dream Team V, under the watch of Austin Eguavoen put up a poor performance at the CAF U-23 Championship in Morocco, to crash out of the London 2012 Olympic Games football event.

Hamilton crashed out of the Valencia event after a clash with the Venezuelan driver as they battled for third on the penultimate lap - losing him vital points in the world championship standings.

In 2% of cases crash against is used

The boat was now at the mercy of the mountainous waves crashing against and over the tiny boat.

Bring a picnic basket and watch the sunset with the turquoise blue waves crashing against the rocks.

As we made our way back, I sat on deck staring at the magnificent scenery of the island's structures, which have been slowly changing after years of waves crashing against its surface.

In 2% of cases crash with is used

Again, Jeremy had friends there who we crashed with for a few days.

This ensures that there is no item in the house that crashes with the chosen decor.

Behind them Polyanskiy had to stop for a quick wheel change, while Leonardo Chacon (CRC) crashed with Olympic two-time medallist Simon Whitfield (CAN).

Mr Narh urged the public to help minimise road crashes during the campaign and the Yuletide because about 1,800 die annually from road crashes with four people dying daily.

In 2% of cases crash for is used

We went back to the cover of some trees and crashed for a few hours.

This model is doomed to crash for all the obvious reasons (viz maths ), and is crashing.

But, if it's all the same, she'd like her fiance to lay off the pretend plane crashes for a while.

In 2% of cases crash from is used

Helmets provide equal levels of protection for crashes involving motor vehicles (69%) and crashes from all other causes (68%).

For weeks I woke up with a start most mornings, in a cold sweat of fear, with images fading behind my eyes of planes crashing from the sky into buildings.

As a result, nearly one-third of children are orphaned and life expectancy has crashed from 60 to just 33 -- which, as one person pointed out, made me an old man there.

In 2% of cases crash near is used

And now I'd listening to the ATC communications from the flight that crashed near Buffalo.

Momi was on duty aboard PIA Boeing 720B jetliner which crashed near Cairo Airport on May 20, 1965.

The plane crashed near a clearing, but there was not enough room for a Life Flight helicopter to land.

The doomed plane crashed near the village of Kirch-Brombach with the pilot and three crew still aboard.

Several rockets launched from Gaza have since crashed near Israel's biggest city Tel Aviv for the first time.

It seems that control of the plane which crashed near Pittsburgh was probably wrestled out of the hands of the terrorists by a group of brave passengers.

In 1% of cases crash within is used

They were wrong about tech, it crashed within the next few months, but probably right about the rest.

In 1% of cases crash after is used

Zoom, by Andrew Hunter, plays both but crashes after a certain amount of turns have passed.

In 1% of cases crash over is used

Capsizing was imminent as water came crashing over the decks from all directions.

In 1% of cases crash like is used

Ultimately they over-reach and then crash like a dropped load of concrete.

Financial markets have been known to crash like this, once every eighty years.

In 1% of cases crash during is used

Mr Narh urged the public to help minimise road crashes during the campaign and the Yuletide because about 1,800 die annually from road crashes with four people dying daily.

In 1% of cases crash due is used

Also, I believe that Jamaica's real estate market is going to eventually crash due to the recent housing boom.

In 1% of cases crash around is used

HIS media empire is crashing around him, he's just shut down a scandal-hit newspaper and his BSkyB bid is in tatters, but Rupert Murdoch still came out grinning yesterday.

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