Prepositions after "cram"

"cram into" or "cram with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases cram into is used

Thursday evening saw a load of people cram into a 15 at around 5.

A mish mash of services, all crammed into a single, bloated app.

Small animals may be crammed into boxes and poisoned with hot, unfiltered exhaust.

The drive was beautiful and pleasant, even crammed into the back of the Land Rover.

These Jews were crammed into ghettos, deprived of rights and property and massacred by elite killing squads.

You should visit the bird breeder and make sure that the birds are well-kept and not crammed into dirty cages.

On arrival we were crammed into rental cars and proceeded to drive up and down the delightful motorways of the UK.

He was very suspicious and more than a bit perplexed that I was crammed into the hole with the exposed wheels beside me.

Too much study can be as bad as not enough study because the mind shuts down when too much information is crammed into it.

One of the earlier mishaps occurred when 27 students crammed into an elevator in Rundle Hall and proceeded to get it stuck.

In 30% of cases cram with is used

The meeting was crammed with enthusiastic opponents of the Church of Rome.

It's understandable that people have a lot going on, the weekends are often crammed with stuff that needs doing.

The wine country is crammed with the great thing about vineyards and the sweet, rich taste of wines and similar adult drinks.

You know, the ones that are crammed with tired, condescending slogans and worn-out stock imagery of impossibly contented members of staff.

The whole house in west London is crammed with layer upon layer of visual delights - things that have caught Chambers's eye over the years.

KADURUGODA RUINS At the end of first day, we came to settle down in a single room at one corner of a big hall which was crammed with people.

Housed in a bland conference room at a state-run television studio, the church was crammed with some 300 people scrabbling for foldaway chairs.

Concrete jungles, factories spewing smoke, crowded roads crammed with traffic -- certainly, humankind have come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Brian's short life was crammed with success and controversy; an intelligent man whose presence, taste, vision and passion left a lifelong impact on the world.

Fifty railway trucks crammed with bodies and the discovery of gas chambers, torture rooms, whipping posts, and crematoria strongly support report which had leaked out of the camp.

In 15% of cases cram in is used

Air Force was trying to cram in hundreds of landings and departures.

Do not try and cram in any new facts, this may confuse you and cause you to worry.

It's much better than cramming in small space to watch everything in a laptop screen.

It may be small, but this slender good-looker crams in some high-spec design features too.

But as in any developing country, a big slice of the population is crammed in urban areas.

Presently, the school has only one volunteer teacher with about 100 students who are crammed in one classroom without any distinction in academic level.

Like I say, some providers like AAISP can be better at tackling Openreach than bigger ones where individual gripes are considered less important than cramming in the numbers.

In 6% of cases cram for is used

This wasn't simply a matter of cramming for exams.

It's basically 5 and a half weeks of cramming for me.

Motivation wise, It may be good to cram for a behavioural interview right before you're interviewed, review your resume.

Taking exams can lead to stress and anxiety if you have not studied during the year because you will find yourself cramming for each test and studying late into the night.

In 1% of cases cram below is used

It might not really appear to be a lot however it may be unpleasant to possess your own loath crammed below your own earphones in the capturing variety.

In 1% of cases cram next is used

I haven't flown much, but I can say that being crammed next to someone who smells like sweaty cabbage, consuming refreshments out of plastic that smells faintly of fish is not cool.

In 1% of cases cram outside is used

Tents, vans, camera crews and news anchors were crammed outside the courthouse, baying for every last morsel of the Anthony case.

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