Prepositions after "craft"

craft by, in, with, for or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases craft by is used

I intend to obtain some more, made and crafted by the master himself.

The furniture used remains those that have been used many years ago crafted by the finest of Philippine hardwood.

Conceived in 1998, the Ros Tapestry has been completely hand crafted by more than 150 local embrioderers from Co.

Once your article and content have been expertly crafted by us, we will make sure its posted for maximum exposure.

I specially slightly like its earrings watches that are crafted by its gifted verify makers and bracelets expertise.

Anyway, this time round, the invite was for Xin Chinese Restaurant's new items on the menu, lovingly crafted by Chef Alfie Hoh.

Prepare yourself to wait for quite a bit for every single brick in Gotham City to be expertly crafted by invisible people while you wait.

He's ably assisted in this first issue by the coloring team of Ray Dillon and Mo James, who add lush depth and texture to the world crafted by Rector.

Another misconception about strategic stories is that they are crafted by the CEO and her team and communicated to everyone much like Moses heralded the Ten Commandments.

In 15% of cases craft in is used

These boots are completely crafted into genuine sheepskin.

She is also a life-long insomniac who loves to craft in the middle of the night.

These agreements have been crafted in line with the most popular working destinations of Irish CAs.

Material and campaigns should not be just crafted in an office and sent to hundreds of thousands of students.

Bear in mind, these UGGs are crafted in soft sheepskin and magic fleece lining to be worn barefoot for the snugly comfort in ultimate.

CEREC Crowns By utilizing the CEREC technology, patients do not have to get fillings or crowns since their new crown is crafted in one office visit.

The Arabian Court is crafted in the spirit of the orient with dramatic architecture creating symmetry, amidst a landscape of fountains, walkways and lush gardens.

Levels 1 -- 10 The following accessories have a variety of sources: some can be purchased from Coraline or Ivan the battlemaster, or can be found or crafted in Crows Hill Cemetery.

In 13% of cases craft with is used

This ensemble is crafted with silk so as to bear an elegant look.

This was during a time when sportswear was, more often than not, crafted with confining and heavy materials, and naturally the idea took off.

All you need to do is to keep following my guidelines and by the end of this post, we both will have a brand new HTML webpage crafted with our own hands.

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least being that fashion involves the creation of artifacts that are crafted with an eye to aesthetic interests.

In 12% of cases craft for is used

Yes, I know he's excited, but I wonder how much of that is carefully crafted for the show.

I have been crafting for 15 years, and just started this as a full-time business last year.

Not to mention Claus ' many arrangements crafted for easy-listening orchestras and even a Roaring 20's album.

The double extension band was crafted for the Rolex Deepsea model so the watch can fit over both wrist and dive suit.

Harper has gagged federal researchers and scientists, preventing them from speaking out on the perils he is crafting for British Columbia.

I loved the craft fairs, but time, money etc meant I had to get a real ' job ' on a computer -- I now craft for fun and have retired from work.

This is a program that was crafted for expert athletes to obtain them prepared for their seasons, make them larger, stronger, quicker, but at the same time, healthy.

In 9% of cases craft into is used

These boots are completely crafted into genuine sheepskin.

Although most of the bosses drop unique named souls that can be crafted into unique weapons.

About the property So many special features have been crafted into this outstanding and beautifully presented home.

Consider this: What was once the product of destruction has been crafted into an instrument for the realization of a better future.

Crafted to resemble an object of importance to the deceased, these beautiful coffins can be crafted into many shapes, including planes, crabs, boats or even a bottle of beer.

In 6% of cases craft from is used

Shimmering ghostlike leaves crafted from metal screening hung over each sumptuously decorated table.

Crafted from wood, stone, coral or even cotton, the Zemi was considered a spirit that was fed and worshipped daily and was a symbol of the gods.

In 5% of cases craft as is used

The actual Baoshen combined beautiful hand crafted as well as distinctive consistency, can make a day time to place this lower.

Even though Return of the Jedi was crafted as the end to the greatest adventure, the franchise has to keep telling epic narratives.

Now, is it the best of Jamaican art? Only the individual artist and the dedication to craft as well as the survival and rise of that artist will endeavor to be deemed a master.

In 4% of cases craft on is used

The current model needs to be crafted on an Italian piazza.

Obama says good policy can not be crafted on the schedule of the 24-hour news cycle.

In 2% of cases craft out is used

The attractive objects crafted out of gold, silver, pearl, ivory or precious stones embellished man from the earliest times.

The Egyptian ornaments such as funeral masks, crowns, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other elegant objects were all crafted out of gold and studded with precious stones.

In 2% of cases craft to is used

It would usher in the age of the manicured candidate, carefully crafted to not just play the part but also sound like and look the part.

In 1% of cases craft along is used

So a new law was crafted along the lines of people being allowed to use any means they like to defend their property.

In 1% of cases craft due is used

Im currently taking a break from my leather mask crafting due to same issue.

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