Prepositions after "cover"

"cover by", "cover with" or "cover in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases cover by is used

It should be covered by your insurance.

But he too was recovered by a destroyer.

Shadowy part is seen here as the moon is covered by the penumbra shadow of the Earth.

The entire rooftop of the hotel is covered by Aer - an open air lounge with panoramic.

Severance pay rights are covered by the Labour Standards Act of the Korean Legal Code.

Room and board are covered by participating local families, but you are expected to return the favour at some point.

This monument was only recently discovered by authorities and they are in process of turning it in to visitor center.

As for contents in the home, this would be covered by renters insurance which is something you should have purchased.

The percentage covered by employment-based health insurance in 2011 was not statistically different from 2010, at 55.

In 29% of cases cover in is used

Thus, the sky is covered in clouds.

Now the mountain is covered in snow.

It has been covered in great detail.

My partner has property in Kelowna on a rural road covered in vineyards and wineries.

It was covered in hearts and xoxoxo's Yesterday, I made a stain on an orange t-shirt.

That these events are not covered in Western Media does not mean that they don't exist.

Future? The last aspect of suicide I want to cover in this article is the way thoughts about the future are affected.

Covered in blooms in the spring and soft white snow in the winter, the Great Wall offers visitors a timeless charm.

These expensive Tebaldi for Bentley pens have a two-tone 18-carat yellow gold nib covered in rhodium and ruthenium.

In 21% of cases cover with is used

Cover with your choice of topping.

His wife was covered with blood.

Cover with wool and keep overnight.

The Forests: The valleys of the Hill Tracts are covered with thick-planted forests.

My face was covered with a scarf, making me indistinguishable from a rebel fighter.

Millennium Plain is covered with marques with amazing experiences going on in them.

The screens are covered with Gorilla glass which is tough and also enables perfect viewing from different angles.

I can not tell you how many times I have gone through to compile someone's work and found it covered with errors.

The day was cold and damp but a huge log fire blazed in the bedchamber and the cradle was covered with warm furs.

It was round, like a small moon, and its surface was covered with what looked to be some type of control housing.

In 7% of cases cover for is used

They just cover and cover for the empty suit.

Just make sure you are covered for all the major.

Good luck getting Lampard or Gerrard to cover for his runs.

To make possession football work, you have to work as a team and cover for each other.

Flights were covered for speakers and three participants who also received bursaries.

Henry's loan spell is cover for Gervinho's time at the African Cup of Nations tournament.

Anyone doubt Brad's covering for his partner? Find out that guy's name and try to make a comment with that in it.

Microsoft sells first-party and third-party covers for the Windows Phone 8X, all of which were between $20 and $25.

Ensure you're covered for early birth and medical care should you be unlucky enough to go into labour away from home.

You might want to use ground covers for protecting a sloped area from erosion or to emphasize depth in your landscape.

In 3% of cases cover under is used

Offit's symptoms are not covered under our program.

Other taxpayer groups and services will soon be covered under Phase 2 of the project.

Therefore, both corporates and NGOs should also be covered under the scope of the law.

Peugeot now want 600 just to look at it then decide whether it's covered under warranty.

Fine, all work covered under warranty, but as coming to end of warrany wrote to Peugeot.

What you may be addressing, however, is that abortion is covered under the 9th Amendment.

BENEFIT PACKAGE Over 95% of disease conditions that afflict us are covered under the NHIS.

Teachers of aided, government or corporation schools have not been covered under the order.

Topics covered under the programme include self-esteem, customer care, history and cultural awareness.

Enrolled lands are covered under the Minnesota recreational use laws that limit landowners ' liability.

In 2% of cases cover on is used

It was covered on The Project last night.

Keep the drivers covered on your policy current.

Fortunately, all covered on the extended warranty.

Cherish your valued customers by applying Christmas themes, Logo, covers on your brand.

Osho was never poisoned by the US Government, and that was fully covered on my Web page.

It should give you a little more insight into what topics Maron will cover on the new album.

Take cover on the pallet stack, and then immediately rush to the cover on your right, keeping on the side facing the wall.

When you come outside the second time, take cover on the wall right next to the guard, then go over to the high security door.

However as it uses satellite images some parts of the world suffer from been cloud covered on the day that the image was taken.

Then move down with your camo on and rush to cover on the wall at street level, behind the enemy taking cover there on the right.

In 1% of cases cover at is used

Sell rallies and cover at dips.

Bertrand has shown glimpses but they need more cover at fb.

The wickets were not covered at the time and the rain helped.

Martinez from bilbao would be good and he can cover at cb capably as well.

Store raw meat covered at the bottom of the fridge, separate from cooked foods.

I find that it is very good from the point of view of the personalities, the countries and the topics being covered at the Forum.

The shorts are experiencing max pain now in their very red accounts before they will spend days and days ahead covering at insane high levels.

The Singapore Context In addition to the things you can do as a family to prepare for the arrival of your child, it'll be good to note how much you are covered at a national level.

In 1% of cases cover from is used

I'd love to make journal covers from the fabrics.

They weave a breast covering from nito or vine.

Toby Flood will act as out-half cover from the bench.

Atleast 40% of 20 deaths were targeted to be covered from each camp.

We know that a man is obliged to cover from his navel to the knees only.

She entered the house with a very long dress and was covered from head to toe.

The top is to cover from the throat to below the knees and is the same back and front.

Funny thing is how the line has been twisted to have men say it means be covered from head to toe.

Watch this weekend that when they do, cover from midfield will fall back when needed to prevent this from happening.

The purpose of such programs seems as arbitrary as the range of products and price caps they cover from state to state.

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