Prepositions after "count"

count on, for, as, in or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases count on is used

I don't count on it though and.

Don't count on your camera's zoom.

Human lives are counting on it.

It really is a wonderful life, as long as you don't need to count on an income from it.

Unlike Facebook, it can also count on the loyalty of its customers to prop up its stock.

It's clear that Romney not only doesn't expect America to care -- he's counting on it.

If Atta Mills ever counted on the Rawlingses ' support, this was the very time Mills knew he was finally on his own.

Many of them will offer just the same top quality of service and help as you'd count on from any individual back house.

The time has come when you can count on someone to help you get your book, scrapbook, story, poems or recipes published.

Also mention that whenever an answer to a question is out of your hands you know you can always count on your supervisor.

In 13% of cases count for is used

Small calls count for everything.

Teen comments ought to count for a lot.

We wonder how entries are counted for all the gardens, given that people just walk in.

Nice to see that being an Orange customer for some 20 years counts for something, though.

You may be a fantastic developer, but it doesn't count for much if no one knows you exist.

Eugene? s watch making skills counted for little in a country where watches were stamped out on a production line.

Three whole days of grudgery! What the hell? Apparently 17 months of constant love and devotion counts for nothing.

Historically speaking, after agriculture revolution, where human physical strength counted for much of success, the.

In 12% of cases count as is used

You will be counted as a hidden user.

E) Diagonal adjacency doesn't count as connectedness.

The carbon in that group counts as part of the chain.

I think what might count as the computer is quantum physics itself as a quantum computer.

For the record, many Republicans and tax experts argue those shouldn't count as tax cuts.

That plaint has been sent to the Police Station afterwards and has been counted as the FIR.

But the claim that harming someone in only the de dicto sense could count as wronging someone is plainly implausible.

Games -- Digital Downloads We announced this one last week, but it still counts as an update, so it's going in the list.

The issue is whether we go straight to tiebreakers, for example head to head, or if game 163 counts as a regular season game.

This will count as the second big defeat this year in America as both companies continue to sue and countersue across the globe.

In 10% of cases count in is used

Counting in tens is easy enough for children.

The Dhamma teaches us what really counts in life.

You may also count in the Nikon Series-E 100mm f/2.

I did have some brown rice and miso, but, I knew that wouldn't count in this situation.

But the stones which are inside the outer wall which is visible are not counted in there.

Poets count cyclicly in *poetic metre*, in the same way that musicians count in *musical metre*.

PROBLEM: - If the Talaq is given in state of menses, this menses will not be counted in the three menses for Iddat.

If depreciation were counted in determining cash flows, the investment cost would be inappropriately double counted.

He started as a charcoal seller, then opened up a restaurant and has risen to be counted in a class of billionaires.

In 5% of cases count towards is used

The phd students dissecting rats count towards the 11.

Fruit juice, soup, squash and milk all count towards the total.

This will count towards how your son will feel about himself in the future.

In other words, they don't count towards the linked pages ' page rank / Google ranking.

Loan guarantees are not counted towards the National Debt because they are not spending.

If you don't satisfactorily complete a course, that course will not count towards meeting your ATAR requirements.

The Stamp 5 states: Which Stamps Count towards WACTT? Only immigration stamps in a passport can be counted towards a Without Conditions As To Time application.

The rally, which counts towards the Automobile Association of Tanzania's national championship, had attracted 30 drivers including several foreigners from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.

In 4% of cases count against is used

Excessive deregulation counts against that.

Ironsi's short stay in power can not be counted against us.

PTT calls don't count against a subscriber's monthly data limits.

Only the time spent on H-1 and L-1 is counted against the clock.

Weirdly, not being on that can count against you for your credit rating.

If our response to the story is that what Fred does is morally wrong, then this will count against my hypothesis.

That senior championship matches only count against the status of a Junior player who is a member of a senior club.

Period spent on H-4 is not counted against the 6 year clock (True, thanks for your intervention) **40;1916;TOOLONG.

On the whole Churchill's fatness seems not to have counted against him, like Goering's did among disaffected Germans.

And Brown believes the ditching of experienced players such as Mike Blair and Ross Ford will not count against Scotland.

In 3% of cases count to is used

I counted to five, and then released the curl.

Try to hold the muscles strong and tight as you count to 8.

The nasty woman should have counted to 10 before opening her mouth.

Then I teach them how to count in say Japanese (I can count to ten in quite a few languages).

What counted to him was his own image and his own vision and he used any means to propagate it.

Count to 3 and pull them into the raft by falling backwards and pulling hard on their shoulder straps.

A If you remain calm and count to three after the interviewer asks you a question, these extra seconds will help you.

Count to three as you inhale, hold the breath in your lungs for three more seconds, and count to three again as you exhale.

Count to three as you inhale, hold the breath in your lungs for three more seconds, and count to three again as you exhale.

This doctor also told the man to go home and get a cherry bomb, place it in a tin can, hold it next to his ear and count to 10.

In 2% of cases count among is used

Inadvertently, he'd opened up a debate with his own investors, which he counted among his least favorite activities.

The sylvan acres of Devonshire Park can be counted among the few sporting settings where McIlroy can pass virtually unnoticed.

They already count among their numbers the highly regarded Sir Malcolm Bruce, chair of the powerful Select Committee of MPs on International Development.

I didn't mean to imply that quick and trite assessments (such as crop up frequently on twitter/facebook) should be counted among the ' wisdom of the crowds '.

The eagle, with the proposed treaty signed by Manwe himself, had come scant hours after he, along with his brother, had made their choice, had chosen to be counted among the Eldar.

While some key sectors of national development were receiving government attention before the late 1950s, rural and Gaeltacht areas were not counted among those as prospects for growth.

In 2% of cases count at is used

Typically, it starts counting at power-on time.

We have players who are good enough to stand up and be counted at the top level.

If the clock for example should start to count at 2 minutes, the Time should be set to 120.

If the clock for example should stop to count at 2 minutes, the Limit should be set to 120.

This is about seven million more people than were counted at the previous census, in 2001.

Asking prices can do what they want it the actual selling price that counts at the end of the day.

If counting upwards starting at 0, make sure that the Limit is not 0, as the clock will not count at all.

He was in contact with all who counted at that moment-President Yahya Khan, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the army Generals.

Its over to you PeeBee;) Asking prices can do what they want it the actual selling price that counts at the end of the day.

Full Article Video Stacks of ten thousand Japanese yen bills are piled up before counting at the Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) in Seoul November 11, 2008.

In 2% of cases count from is used

He has taken time to count from zero to some new number.

It counts from January to November, and omits December.

Accordingly, I am starting my wave counts from the October 2008 low of $680.

As well as keeps an over all count from the time installed to the time uninstalled.

Talking about fashion in Bollywood cinema it can be counted from the era of 1960? s.

Lion researchers use the whisker spot patterns to identify lions, counting from the nose outwards.

We can number intervals of the Octave (shown in pink below) by counting from C (zero) to the next C (12 steps above C).

Read this fascinating account from chapter 22 of the book Altered States of Consciousness, and imagine being in that state.

If you have side groups attached to the chain, notice that you always count from the carbon atom in the carbonyl group as being number 1.

In the year 17 of the Hijra, the fourth year of the caliphate of ' Umar RadhiAllahu Anhu, he decreed that the years of the Islamic era should be counted from the year of the Hijra.

In 1% of cases count amongst is used

Chhattisgarh is counted amongst the very few states in India that boasts of a power surplus.

Once one falls into the margin, it takes a lot to stand up and be counted amongst the smiling.

Great meals, Bedouin dancing extravaganzas and their shisha pipes count amongst the place's highlights.

Please join us -- just an email address is required to be counted amongst those opposed to the ongoing existence of Guantnamo, and to receive updates of our activities by email.

In 1% of cases count by is used

They have to be counted by hand.

The popularity of one's Facebook profile is counted by the number of friends he/she has.

How they were counted by the person firing or isralies are counting as they travel in line.

Notes counted by cashiers using desktop counting machines are also issued to commercial banks for circulation, while unserviceable notes are destroyed by the Bank.

Does anyone know what the proportion of the total of absentee votes (cast in another electorate) normally are? They seem to be the only major thing not yet counted by the electoral commission.

In 1% of cases count toward is used

The salary of the waived player will not count toward the luxury tax.

Considering they count toward the KP every time they die (by you or the enemy.

A CER can be sold or counted toward Annex I countries ' emissions commitments.

The salary of the waived player will not count toward the salary cap or luxury tax.

Before the class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our grade.

Only payments made under certain repayment plans may be counted toward the required 120 payments.

Any nights earned in 2010 that exceeded a member's elite-qualifying threshold have been carried over into 2011 to count toward elite status.

They get 50% of the profits because they put in 50% of the deposit (the loan from the FDIC does not count toward divvying up the profit from these assets).

For example, hotel award stays count toward elite status in Choice Privileges and Hilton HHonors while most programs do not count award stays in your total stays toward earning elite.

In 1% of cases count upon is used

We count upon attracting all nations to the task of erecting the new fundamental structure, the project for which has been drawn up by us.

Even though the plotters tried to keep contact with Rommel to an absolute minimum -- he was surrounded by SS troops -- they still counted upon him to step up right through to action day.

In 1% of cases count with is used

Words count with us and we hurt easily.

Count with me, it is going to be my favorite show for sure.

Count with the students the number of squares needed to cover the rectangle.

He must be counted with; for import necessarily attaches to the drawing down of His name.

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