Prepositions after "cost"

cost for, in, to, by or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases cost for is used

My projected communication costs for 2012 are $1685.

This led to banking crises and rising borrowing costs for governments.

Out of pocket costs for people with insurance have gone up by 32 percent.

The Post reports that costs for Canada's gun registry have overrun by a factor of 500.

Since then Isuppli thinks that the materials costs for that model have fallen to $134.

Beware that these enclosed items can mean higher fundraising costs for the organization.

Additionally, the app eliminates the need to install new vending machines and lowers cash handling costs for the MBTA.

Financing: At the University of Delaware, fees and residence costs for an international student are approximately $ 27.

Similarly, unit travel time costs for transit passengers, pedestrians and cyclists increase as their LOS rating decline.

It is estimated that health care costs for chronic disease treatment account for over 75% of national health expenditures.

In 14% of cases cost in is used

Material costs in China are soaring along with labour costs.

But not cheap (the industrial models cost in the range of $100k.

Remember to include the shipping costs in your overall expense.

Many have argued that net metering is the key to lowering electricity costs in Jamaica.

The ignition failed at 180,000km, which was replaced at a big cost included reprogramming.

These took an estimated 23 000 hours of staff time to process, costing in the region of 440 000.

Manufacturers typically plan and manage a significant portion of their IT costs in expectation of changes in their sales.

Last June, six days out of warranty, the car failed and cost in excess of 2,500 for repairs and this has happened again now.

Also not addressed was the lack of proper public transit to the area, which would cost in excess of $100 million to rectify.

Yesterday, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, described his proposals as the most radical reform of care costs in 64 years.

In 10% of cases cost to is used

At what cost to their mental health, I'd not sure.

For how long will it be and at what cost to both sides.

Public sector bodies can simply pass on higher wage costs to taxpayers.

That higher percentage carries across all expenditures, from child care costs to haircuts.

Most of our staff works on a volunteer basis, there are at all times costs to any organization.

There are challenges and costs to introducing this sort of technology in the preschool classroom.

Firefighters started taking even more time off, raising overtime costs to $694,000 -- far beyond the $216,000 budgeted.

Politicians also need to make sure that energy policy is geared towards delivering the lowest possible costs to consumers.

GM was trying to fund the transfer of healthcare costs to the union -- and was extremely cash poor at the worst possible time.

We also do not build buildings or provide other equipment or facilities -- budget elements that would typically boost program costs to much higher levels.

In 6% of cases cost by is used

This is cost by the tonnage of the vessel or by time carter.

The VEC has reduced its IT running costs by 30pc over the past 18 months.

Cut transportation costs by car pooling, walking, riding a bike, taking the bus.

It could also reduce NHS costs by providing paramedics and hospital staff with a fast, reliable, non-invasive test.

These increased cost factors will further increase the average future power costs by probably another 2 cents per KWH.

Promises of driving up energy costs by attacking domestic oil and coal production don't see to spread confidence either.

Sleazuloid developers cut corners &; costs by paying off officials at every level to ramrod favorable legislation! Hale most notably.

This in turn creates buying power to bring down the product costs by offering suppliers the kind of volume guarantees that enable them to reduce their prices.

He also thinks towns could train local hunters (typically cops and firefighters) to sharp shoot and then recoup town costs by selling the venison at local farm markets.

I updated costs -- by increasing non-staff costs by 10 percent and staff costs by 17 percent (employing childcare assistants at 19,300 is far too low for this important function).

In 5% of cases cost of is used

Who knows? You might figure out how to cost of CS5.

The cost of living in New York, for example, is 105.

It does nothing to stop the rising cost of health care.

Over time, you cost of acquisition should go down as growth and your brand image goes up.

You simply can't lower the cost of heatlh care by just throwing money at it, as Obamacare does.

So China is stuck in a dilemma, grow and improve and the cost of labor will drive profits down.

Beyond reducing your cost of operation, the biggest lever on profit is usually the price you can charge for your product or service.

IT equipment has an uplift cost of nearly 30% on products purchased in New Zealand, laptops for example, but no one really complains.

Also provide details on costing of the project, including information on the project's forecasted budget versus its actual budget.

In 5% of cases cost about is used

It cost about P200 for 3 hours.

Scampi costs about RM86 and LOTR RM120.

A car will cost about P1,200 to ferry across.

And that does cost about the $30+ for small item.

It cost about 15 for two pot-sized servings of teas.

If we don't qualify for the CL, it costs about the same.

The bursary programme will cost about Euro 30,000 per year.

Peugeot tell me it will cost about 2k for the twin front seat.

From Cochin, the journey takes about four hours and costs about Rs.

Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne costs about 20$ for USA and 20euros for Europe.

In 5% of cases cost between is used

Lunch for students costs between $1.

The pipeline will cost between $3 billion and $5 billion.

Liposuction on the arms can cost between RM6000 to RM8000.

It has a capacity of seven passengers with additional space for cargo and costs between $2.

A mortgage loan fee can cost between $500 to several thousand and gets wrapped into your closing costs.

Yet restaurants here have fixed menus for lunch that cost between $10-15 USD as opposed to $25 USD for dinner.

It should cost between 18 and 25 on the Internet, although there are some copies advertised at silly prices in the US.

A full day of island hopping will cost between P1000 and P1200 for the boat hire - this is very cheap if there are four of you.

Lower campaign costs The opportunity to share equipment, coaching, transport and regatta costs between the men and women skiff teams will reduce campaign costs.

I know the cost of yarn, and even SIMPLE scarves, mittens and hats that take only 1-2hr to make, end up costing between $5-15 depending on what type of yarn you're using.

In 5% of cases cost from is used

Normal seats cost from 80 to 120 baht.

The St Anton trip is from 16-23 March and costs from 1,100.

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy may cost from $30 billion to $50 billion.

A week full-board, including treatments, flights and transfers costs from 1,400.

To my knowledge, the government does not separate war costs from all other defense costs.

Food and drinks cost from SGD2 to over SGD50 per entry on the menu, depending on the type of restaurant or bar.

A Foundation Degree or Diploma will cost from, 600 per college year to, 4500 for the entire course (usually lasting a number of years).

It is only after you have subtracted all of the selling costs from the final sale price you will find what money you are actually making.

Not just that yet the particular are priced at of training that would be a life coach can certainly cost from about $3000 in order to $6000.

This move is unavoidable -- shareholders are pushing for it to increase profits and convert many of our operating costs from fixed to variable.

In 4% of cases cost on is used

It is necessary to impose obligations or costs on the Crown (s.

It is best to check shipping costs on each site to find the best possible rate.

It costs on average 50,000 kina per kilometre per year to maintain a road properly.

It also alleviates stress and costs on families and encourages them to stay on an keep chch alive.

Borrowing costs If you need to take out a loan to buy your car, you must consider the interest costs on your loan.

If it isn't in the proposal, I simply tell them it will cost on an hourly basis for anything outside the original scope of work.

I Love your hat -- I am just not a hat person, but I know what you mean about all those hidden costs on top of the ' mere ' materials.

In 4% of cases cost around is used

The boat ride costs around US$0.

A brand new 500Gb drive costs around USD100.

Current KitegenStem units will cost around 220.

It cost around 1500-2000Tk for the saline, and doctors fee.

The Census Exercise for Arusha Region is expected to cost around 1.

Local ferries ply every half an hour from the airport to the Male Mainland and costs around 1$ or 10 Rufiyaa.

Visit Mehana Kasapinova Kshta for the cosy fireplace, clay pitchers of wine and dishes costing around 4-10lv.

It's overflowing with a distinctive culture and is a great place to see your dollars stretch -- it'll cost around US$40 a day to get by, but the beach and the markets are free.

In 3% of cases cost per is used

Ways to decrease cost per sale.

VPS Deal VPS Value VPS Expert Cost Per Month $ 25.

Cash costs per carat are rising too, however, from $1.

If it helps SYDR initial costs per cabinet were less than half the figure you mentioned.

Between 2005 and 2010, road construction costs per kilometre of tarmac road averaged Sh1.

The easiest of the above to work on, is increasing conversion rates &; decreasing cost per sale.

So -- now you know what your max cost per click is: Drop all of your CPC to your max bid amount that you have worked out you can afford to bid.

Because organic clicks are essentially free, in the long run your CPC (Cost Per Click) will be greatly reduced when compared with PPC spend 4).

By combining your average cost per click &; your average sales conversion rate -- you can work out your average cost per sale -- with PPC marketing.

What better than sponsoring a girl child's education to honour the memory of Nimmai? And you know how much it costs per year? A little less than Rs3000.

In 3% of cases cost with is used

Author Says: You can save up to 30% off your postage costs with the use of a franking machine.

Too many legacy costs with GM and they're not getting it that Hyundai and Kia don't have that and do a better job besides.

One could say that cloud computing is highly advantageous because it is able to lower annual energy consumption costs with no loss of capability.

On the whole it will also cut travel costs with the Cardiff Devils and the Dundee Stars only having to cover the 900 miles between them 4 times instead of 6.

Throughout pinnacle need situations it is satisfactory for you to quote your heavy end regarding your daily sheet costs with regard to rooms which have been offered at one lower rate.

Divide the $8,700 cost by 76 new customers, and the restaurant paid $114 for each new regular, which in this example is roughly what we assumed it would cost with conventional advertising.

In 2% of cases cost at is used

Just look at what it costs at the Division III level to run a football program.

It seems that Apple has managed to keep its parts cost at about $170 to $180 per unit.

It highlights the activities which if delayed further would increase vulnerability and costs at a later stage.

The shipping costs are shown together with the other purchase costs at the conclusion of the order process, prior to confirmation 3.

This enabled Aer Rianta to sell Soviet aviation fuel to other airlines which in turn, offset Aeroflot's hard currency operating costs at Shannon.

The Marriott chain reported saving as much as 17 percent in hot water and sewer costs at its hotels thanks to implementation of its Linen Reuse Program.

Top to bottom review of all programs, salaries and costs at the RTE to see what wasteful spending can be eliminated BEFORE the taxpayers are forced to chip in.

In 2% of cases cost as is used

Indeed, many businesses that quit Kenya cite high energy costs as the main cause.

Resistance carries an economic toll increasing health care costs as well as increased suffering and morbidity for affected patients (6).

It is common knowledge that any recovery is likely to be stifled by rising energy costs as the price of petroleum rises, creating cost-push inflation and supply bottlenecks.

When compared to acquiring or developing an Accounting system, Cloud based Accounting software can minimize upfront costs as well as running costs by not needing to have a dedicated IT department.

In 1% of cases cost up is used

Some became my dream house, costing up to RM1million, for a terraced house.

In 1% of cases cost such is used

They also found that the average employee costs around $700 per year in tech costs such as software or services.

Fixed cost savings by eliminating a normal business costs such as a local income or payroll (not having employees) 3.

In 1% of cases cost plus is used

What a go! I knit all the time, I know how much yarn costs plus the time you put into making it.

In 1% of cases cost into is used

Homeowners can also use both programs to refinance their existing mortgage plus the renovation costs into one loan.

In 1% of cases cost over is used

Thieves sell counterfeit releases, for three times what they would nornmally cost over the counter.

A five percent reduction in transaction costs over the next five years through the elimination of red tape is targeted.

It also proposes increasing the age for Medicare eligibility, even though this would add tens of billions to the country's health care costs over the next decade.

Supply contracts for the supply of new marine craft to include a Tugboat, Security Patrol and Rescue boat as well as Pilot launch, all costing over US$10million.

He also said the bank was still being investigated in several jurisdictions over Libor rigging, and could face further costs over interest rate swaps it mis-sold to small businesses in Britain.

In 1% of cases cost next is used

Sips petrol and costs next to nothing to maintain.

It costs next to nothing and a small effort here can transform Sky's PR from catch-up to leadership.

In 1% of cases cost like is used

It was going to cost like R8 to fax the application and I didn't have any money.

In 1% of cases cost instead is used

Chatting online allows you to save more on communication costs instead of talking on the phone.

In 1% of cases cost due is used

It's viable due to the low off peak electricity costs due to nuclear power.

I am sure all of us have seen campaigns that were managed for a lower fee but ended up wasting four times as much of media cost due to inefficient optimization.

In 1% of cases cost across is used

Another issue we're facing -- rising energy costs across the globe.

Process improvements introduced by Continental and others are revolutionising drilling and costs across the state and will spread to other plays across the country.

Out here in CA we spread the RE costs across the commercial sector (as we have time of use rate structures as a mandatory billing for this sector) as well as the residential sector for each ISO.

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