Prepositions after "correct"

correct by, for, in, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases correct by is used

Which was easily corrected by nursing her.

Even Jeremy wants errors corrected by some means.

The defective pieces can be corrected by repairing or changing defective parts.

The very good news is that all of these can be corrected by using eyeglasses or lenses.

It is also not likely something that could be corrected by buying a CB over the summer.

Fortunately, most of Nasser's mistakes were afterward corrected by the martyr Anwar Sadat.

Its many shortcomings were explored and corrected by suitable modifications with the help of the designers and HAL.

I heard that the answer sheet is corrected by computer, is it true? becuse I'd wondering how can computer read the answers.

In this way differences between the radiated sound and the electrical input can immediately be corrected by the electronics.

Ailments are associated with departure from these standards, and they can be corrected by appropriate physical and/or chemical means.

In 17% of cases correct for is used

What is it, why is it important, why should we and how can we correct for it? A short introduction.

Now, let's correct for the absurd worst case TOBS, where every single record high was double counted.

This would be sufficient to correct for small deviations of the center of gravity from the center of lift.

It would be better if you just gave your own honest assesment, instead of trying to correct for perceived ' biases ' in others.

What that means, is that correcting for park and league, Happ's been below-average according to ERA, and pretty bad according to FIP.

With repeated trials of identical stimuli, it is possible to estimate trial-to-trial variability to correct for the amount of potentially explainable variance 56.

In 16% of cases correct in is used

It has been corrected in some other soccer sites, I wish to.

This is certainly something Nokia should correct in a firmware update.

This was corrected in a detailed article by Halperin and Nelson Phys.

Unfortunately these estimates contain a number of basic errors, which mostly have been corrected in Table 1(b).

Note that there are many typographical errors in the paper, which are corrected in an erratum (PRL 17, 1307 (1966) ).

It was a mistake and one he failed to correct in the final debate when moderator Bob Schieffer raised it in his very first question.

Double-loop learning occurs when error is detected and corrected in ways that involve the modification of an organization's underlying norms, policies and objectives.

Am I correct in thinking that he may have made a body suit of the sad grey stretch, which all his armor fabric was attached to? It did have a certain something, but for another time and place.

In 11% of cases correct on is used

Corrected on 14-07-2012 at 12:28 p.

Ensure that brochures are corrected on re-print.

Also a move in the right direction and I stand corrected on that as well.

SimonFromLakemba says: 10:58am 14/02/12 Yea correct on a lot of that AdamC.

I stand corrected on the commercial status of IOP Publishing, and apologize for the error.

JEMillerEP said: Peter, I stand corrected on the overall energy price controls that were in place prior to 1973.

In 5% of cases correct to is used

In the last part of this sentence,? the delay of renew of fire insurance? should be corrected to? the delay in renewing the fire insurance?

After it got a ways in front of us it cut over to the right until it was directly in front of us and then corrected to the left, accelerated, and went out of sight straight ahead.

F-numbers corrected to measure light transmission rather than aperture ratio, called T-stops (for Transmission-stops ), are sometimes used instead of f-stops for determining exposure.

In 4% of cases correct worth is used

For people they can not such as, they can not correct worth all of them whatsoever.

In 4% of cases correct through is used

These errors can only be corrected through learning and knowing Osho's mistakes.

In 4% of cases correct from is used

EURUSD $FXE: The Euro continued to correct from its recent top at 1.

Silver $SILVER: Silver too continued to correct from its recent top at $35.

The Index has been correcting from its top of 370 and is now positioned at 306.

Crude Oil $WTIC: WTI crude continued to correct from its recent top of $110 and closed the week at $91.

In 3% of cases correct before is used

Property prices corrected before continuing to surge upward again.

In 1992, the Sandwich Class Housing Scheme was announced and property prices again briefly corrected before continuing their upward surge.

In 3% of cases correct at is used

Will the market correct at some point in the future? Yes.

Any way, such mistake may happen and it may be corrected at any time.

If you think the accounts were wrong why did you not have them corrected at the time? You think the vehicle service on Cowal Ferries was subsidised, I believe the accounts and don't.

In 2% of cases correct with is used

Continued failure to comply is unlikely to be corrected with extended use of the whip, and alternative training measures should be employed.

In 2% of cases correct about is used

X XHowever, i do see things like you (apparently) getting angry when Xyou're corrected about a misrepresentation you've made as being a Xproblem.

X X> However, i do see things like you (apparently) getting angry when X> you're corrected about a misrepresentation you've made as being a X> problem.

In 1% of cases correct during is used

And what you'll see on the reports is that a lot of the violations are corrected during the inspection.

In 1% of cases correct because is used

This oversight is being corrected because of complaints from a number of attendees at such events, still often dominated by men.

In 1% of cases correct according is used

Depending on object reaction, the scenario can be corrected according to expected reaction and achievement of the necessary result.

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