Prepositions after "copy"

"copy from", "copy in" or "copy to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases copy from is used

It seems to be copied from the net.

Even the letters they copied from Tamils.

Only staff may copy from our special collections (eg.

It wasn't novel -- the idea was copied from even earlier games -- but it just worked.

As sinhala is a later developed language they just copied from tamil and probably malayalam.

Her jokes are tired and straight copied from other housewives; her presence seems so forced.

Thus, there will be a puff up in the number of characters when copying from Microsoft Word to the Internet's Text Box.

The press run was limited to one hand-written page and consisted of two-day-old hockey scores copied from the Ottawa Journal.

When you open a website, the website files are copied from the server to your computer and are then displayed in your browser.

It is critical that all these destination cells are empty as their contents will be replaced by the formula copied from Sheet1.

In 14% of cases copy to is used

Even my URL was copied to the dot too.

All the photos and videos found in your old device are copied to your computer.

The letter was copied to the Chief of Staff and the National Security Co-ordinator.

In a following step, the film is copied to a printing plate which then is mounted on a press.

The FBI investigation also uncovered 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails between or copied to Allen and Kelley.

This was contained in a press release issued by the Ministry and copied to the Ghana News agency (GNA) on Saturday.

There is a part in your mind, a small part, that likes this, and this particular part can't be copied to anyone else.

Furthermore, the ResourceLink Elements of the spawned Process must be copied to the ResourceLinkPool of the active, big Process Node.

Once this has been accomplished, the spawned Node is copied to the location of the original Node, completely overwriting the original Node.

To accomplish this, the affected Resources must be copied to the spawned JDF Node and purged during merging, a Process that is described below.

In 11% of cases copy in is used

I have wrote to HDNL and copied in Topshop.

Please ensure all copies are clear, legible, and copied in their entirety.

Copied in Germany Volume Three / October 2004 / Copenhagen Interview with S.

This will let you select a page of your pdf and have a screenshot copied in your clipboard.

Their aqueducts and cisterns can be seen all over Europe, and were frequently copied in medieval times.

And once created, this Buddha statue was accepted and copied in every country, where homage was paid to the Master.

Getting copied is inevitable, beat them with service At a certain point, being copied in China is just a fact of life.

Please note that all photographs and artwork in this blog are copyright of the artist and are not to be copied in any form without permission.

It is not yet sure what features Samsung has copied in the TV, but it's clear that there is no difference between the process of advertising the products.

He has shown that circuits in the cerebral cortex act as copying machines, but they copy in a Darwinian fashion, introducing mistakes that continuously create variants.

In 8% of cases copy into is used

Each section is a set of executable files, libraries etc to be copied into the shell.

The Status of the spawned Node is copied into the appropriate PartStatus in the StatusPool.

NodeInfo and CustomerInfo Elements or refelements may be copied into the respective Ancestor Elements.

Then, the Process to be spawned (Job C in Figure 4-9) is copied into a newly created or already existing Big Job (Big Job bigZ in Figure 4-9).

Each Read/Write Resource that has been copied for spawning must be copied into its original location, completely overwriting the original Resource.

In 7% of cases copy by is used

All of which have since been copied by Linux, of course.

They give the wearer a significance that is personal and not copied by countless others.

Members of the University are at present covered for commercial research copying by the University's CLA Licence.

Noted the uniqueness of the property, he described as it as a brilliant stroke, which has been copied by many other resorts across the Caribbean.

All the data copied by the tool will be synced with your Windows Phone phone via Zune! The application is available for free, and is a must-have for.

You can use Information Rights Management (IRM) to help prevent sensitive email from being read, printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people.

Although not necessarily for this precise reason, the Rosetta Stone and the triple texts carved on a precipitous rock-face copied by Rawlinson come to mind here, i.

In 7% of cases copy for is used

Pages may be printed or copied for personal use only.

There are special rules about copying for performance.

But by this, your data can be copied for a long time, as DNA can be easily duplicated.

Anything may be copied for the purposes of examination, which includes setting examination questions.

The characters are all drawn as in the book, so their appearances can not be copied for Poptropica avatars.

Search results were copied for a fee (27 francs per 1000 cards or 5 centimes a card in 1902 Rayward, 1975, p.

Each Read/Write Resource that has been copied for spawning must be copied into its original location, completely overwriting the original Resource.

The ' non-commercial ' requirement for copying for research is a new provision introduced as a result of the implementation of the European Union Directive on Copyright.

Preferably, litigant has to be interested in the main Louboutin distinctive to the lone within the shoes or even have a look at measurement hard copy for further authentications.

In 4% of cases copy on is used

You must copy on paper, so you can grade yourself.

Copy on paper for five minutes, then stop the machine and compare what you copied with what the machine sent.

Most of the tunes were new to me, so I would watch Jim play the first phrases and I would try to copy on the repeats -- mostly to little or no avail.

In 3% of cases copy of is used

When i was 13 i rented Vampire Hunter D, Rock and Rule and Robot Carnival uncensored on video and made myself copies of them for me.

In 3% of cases copy onto is used

In another of today's stories, some film companies are launching a new format for DVDs that includes a file that can be copied onto a hard disk.

If they know your PIN, they could get cash advances from an ATM using a ' cloned ' credit card (where your details have been copied onto the magnetic strip of another card).

In 3% of cases copy without is used

It can not be copied without going through.

Note that articles are copyright and can not be copied without express permission.

All material with this report is inside the public domain and may be reproduced or copied without permission.

Adding links to something that you've copied without permission does not transform it from plagarism and theft to aggregation.

Articles from: InfoPool, Visual Artists News Sheet, and Printed Project are subject to specific copyright and should not be copied without express permission.

In 2% of cases copy with is used

Copy on paper for five minutes, then stop the machine and compare what you copied with what the machine sent.

In the past, people used communication system as a mean of creating integrity with in while copying with challenges brought by nature.

In Word, or what ever you use, select(highlight) the sentence that you want copied with whatever else, hold ctrl and then highlight everything else you need.

In 1% of cases copy at is used

To copy at full speed, you MUST build the reflexes in order to achieve 90 percent accuracy.

You know, however, that you can reach your goal because you've already mastered some characters and proven that copying at full speed is something you can do.

In 1% of cases copy because is used

Such companies can not easily be copied because of the unique fit of their business processes and activities.

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