Prepositions after "convict"

convict of, by, in, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases convict of is used

He also was convicted of mail fraud.

He was not convicted of carrying a weapon himself.

Four members of the SA were convicted of the rime.

If convicted of illegally burning waste, you can incur a fine or a prison sentence.

You are not eligible to vote if you have been convicted of buying or selling votes.

Salman Taseer lost his life for supporting a Christian women convicted of Blasphemy.

On the trial, A gives false evidence against B, intending thereby to cause B to be convicted of a capital offence.

October 17, 1817 - Margaret Houghtaling was hanged in Hudson, New York, having been convicted of killing her baby.

A work licence allows a person who has been convicted of drink driving to continue driving for work purposes only.

All three were convicted of participating in the crackdown on opposition political activists under Saddam Hussain.

In 11% of cases convict by is used

Israel has been convicted by the Russell Tribunal of the crime of apartheid.

Judges may be impeached by the house of representatives and convicted by the senate.

Indiana Judges may be impeached by the house of representatives and convicted by the senate.

B and C are charged by a Magistrate of the first class with, and convicted by him of, robbing D.

Judges may be impeached by the house of representatives and convicted by two thirds of the senate.

Judges may be impeached by the house of representatives and convicted by a two-thirds vote of the senate.

After a full-fledged trial, the appellant was convicted by an order dated 20th December, 2003 passed in G.

Judges may be impeached by a majority vote of the assembly and convicted by a two-thirds vote of the senate.

Judges may be impeached by two thirds of the senate and convicted by two thirds of the house of representatives.

There has been the confession statement of Kasab and he has even convicted by the highest court of the Indian land.

In 6% of cases convict in is used

In November 2009, Emrah Bulatci was convicted in the killing of Const.

The Fays of Killegland Meadows, Ashbourne, Co Meath, were later convicted in June 2011.

Beyond a summary of the crimes for which they were convicted in Israel, we know little else.

Ramon Torres Hernandez, 41, was convicted in the 2001 death of 37-year-old Rosa Maria Rosado.

She was convicted in New London of beating and choking 6 year old Eunice Bolles to death out of revenge.

Hernandez was one of three people convicted in the attack on Rosado, the crime for which he was executed.

Labboun was convicted in 2010 of federal bank fraud charges, in what amounted to little more than a garden variety check kiting scheme.

Her sister, Sarah Ellis, was convicted in the same case for obtaining money under false pretences and sentenced to 18 months in prison with hard labour.

Sandusky, the longtime defensive coordi-nator to head football coach Joe Paterno, was convicted in June of sexually abusing 10 boys between 1994 and 2008.

Mahaney came to Citi in 2005 from Galleon Group, the hedge fund led by Raj Rajaratnam, who was later convicted in one of the biggest insider trading crack-downs in U.

In 5% of cases convict for is used

Sound like they should have been convicted for mortgage fraud on 51 properties.

In other words, EU migrants would be even less likely to be convicted for a crime, compared to the average.

Their criminal records files were accurate (section 2 (1) (b) ) in showing that the man had once been convicted for a criminal offence.

It has been 18 years since the first international war crimes court opened, also in The Hague, where Taylor was convicted for crimes against humanity.

Imagine, if Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Stockwell Day or Dalton McGuinty had been convicted for using pot as teens, today they'd have criminal records.

Furthermore, last month, even before any charge was filed Gotabaya Rajapaksa went on national television to say that the General will be convicted for 5 years.

In 5% of cases convict on is used

He was convicted on two counts.

Bibi has been convicted on charges of kidnapping and forced abortion.

The 26-year-old Omar Abdi Aden, alias Salman Abdi, was convicted on his own plea of guilt.

Alfina appeared in court on Thursday and was convicted on her own plea of guilty to charges of physical abuse.

They wanted to know when she died, where she died and how she died before they were willing to convict on any charge.

Any person convicted on a trial held by a Sessions Judge, or an Additional Sessions Judge, may appeal to the High Court Division.

Bakker was convicted on federal fraud charges after bilking 116,000 followers of his PTL ministries out of $158 million in the 1980s.

In 1946, Malcolm and his friend Shorty Jarvis were arrested and convicted on burglary charges, and Malcolm was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

He said? Charles M'Cready, you have been convicted on the clearest possible evidence? such evidence as the jury could not for a single moment doubt? of the dreadful crime of murder.

In 2% of cases convict under is used

He may be convicted under section 335 of that Code.

In 1% of cases convict as is used

After the Nuremberg trials of 1945-46, he was convicted as a war criminal and sentenced to life at Spandau prison.

Chelsea fans love him, and, in all likelihood, would continue to do so even if he were to be convicted as a serial killer, while most of the rest of the world.

In 1% of cases convict at is used

Beasley, 53, has pleaded not guilty and could face the death penalty if convicted at his separate trial.

Of the 72 people charged with insider trading by Bharara since August 2009, 69 people having pleaded guilty or were convicted at one of six trials.

In 1% of cases convict to is used

In 1990 the land owners Darly and Darcy Alves da Silva were found guilty of the crime and convicted to 19 years of prison.

In 1% of cases convict with is used

In January, 1951, John McCloy, the US High Commissioner for Germany, announced that Alfried Krupp and eight members of his board of directors who had been convicted with him, were to be released.

In 1% of cases convict without is used

For a person to be abducted, then to state he is arrested and now he is convicted without trial.

When sitting for that purpose, the senators shall be upon oath or affirmation; and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.

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