Prepositions after "convey"

"convey to" or "convey by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases convey to is used

Convey to her your feliciations and then RETURN to your homes.

Johnston for a letter that was conveyed to Derry by the Rev.

The messages we convey to our children are powerful and indelible.

The President's decision is conveyed to the senator and, in most cases, to the Senate.

However, I still remember the topics I wrote on and what I was trying to convey to my readers.

As I advised, it's important that you convey to him, through a honest and gentle conversation.

You need to calm and sit them down, and convey to them all the required details concerning the act of driving a vehicle.

The meeting which was cordial and fruitful was successful in clarifying the true import of the letter conveyed to Prof.

Therefore, the messages that are being conveyed to the public is what they want conveyed -- so much for freedom of speech.

I took as much pride in the compliments that I was asked to convey to her in the kitchen as if I had prepared the food myself.

In 17% of cases convey by is used

What on earth does the Scottish archaeologist mean to convey by such a statement?

Similar complaints were conveyed by many parents during the course of data collection.

There was also a message to youngsters that Manson wanted to convey by promoting the use of films.

This implies that the real point intended to be conveyed by the implicit verses refers back to the explicit verses.

The human cost is conveyed by moving interviews with the now very elderly survivors, and by extracts from letters and memoirs.

Mail between Kingston and Port Royal was then conveyed by the Harbour Master's launch across Kingston Harbour and at Port Morant.

This observation is conveyed by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) ' s New Report Climate Change as a Security Risk.

Their aim: to crack the cordon of language and draw out the message of love and brotherhood conveyed by folk songs and help people bond.

The subtleties of Stphanie's emotional state are beautifully conveyed by Cotillard's performance, worthy of her Oscar winning act in ' La Mme '.

In 16% of cases convey in is used

Moritz was conveyed in two lines of large hollow tree-trunks.

The message itself, though conveyed in manifold and diverse forms, is one message.

At least, that's the message I'd trying to convey in this latest London Drugs video.

The level of professionalism conveyed in your business cards reflects positively on your company.

Also please keep in mind that your staff was spot on with what was conveyed in that posture report.

The essence of this teaching is conveyed in a memorable instance when the Guru, washed the feet of his disciples.

We will consider what meaning this expression conveys in the context of print journalism and what objectives are served by its use.

Their particular talent is to give form to and express precisely in words, pictures, action and sounds that we struggle to convey in our own stories.

If parcels are to come to my door, invariably they arrive in a small vehicle, and invariably they were once conveyed in great big one, like the one I drive.

In 5% of cases convey through is used

Each dish may well be part of the chef's narrative for whatever it is he is trying to convey through his menu.

And, from what the trailer suggests, this is conveyed through spellbinding photography by Amol Gole as there are breathtaking shots of some of the most picturesque parts of India.

In 4% of cases convey on is used

They were conveyed on the transport oDWARKA? by May 25 th 1901.

We also saw a 30 truck, police escorted convey on our way back from KL.

It's part of the joke, and one of the aspects of the books that the producers did a good job conveying on screen.

Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive.

In 2% of cases convey of is used

Same here, I could not even finish TW-Hana Kimi because her personnality (or at least, what she conveyed of it through her character) just made me cringe all the time.

In 1% of cases convey into is used

Pigs shall be placed in pens or containers in which they can see each other and conveyed into the gas chamber within 30 seconds from their entry into the installation.

In 1% of cases convey with is used

They convey with freshness and immediacy Zao's intimate appreciation of Chinese and Western culture.

In 1% of cases convey via is used

When ready, information would be conveyed via Radio Globo, Pereira said.

Flashbacks were handled in an interesting way; conveyed via an audio track of the memory.

In 1% of cases convey over is used

It might seem rather obvious to point this out in an island nation like the UK, but a large proportion of our economic produce is conveyed over the wet stuff.

In 1% of cases convey for is used

Fifteen coffins with the remains of these British braves were conveyed for 3 miles to the Falmouth Parish Church for internment.

In 1% of cases convey before is used

The message of Islam had been perfectly conveyed before his demise; and the function of subsequent scholars was exclusively one of interpretation, not of amendment.

In 1% of cases convey at is used

The CCD? s withdrawal from the investigations was formally conveyed at the court by CCD Inspector A.

In 1% of cases convey as is used

It played into the stereotype of Chinese imitators rather than the image Huawei wants to convey as an innovator.

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