Prepositions after "convert"

"convert to" or "convert into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases convert to is used

Clovis converted to Catholicism.

Later, we converted to the Spitfire Mk.

Convert to and from fractional Time units.

Tony Kelly, Lancashire Peugeot Partner Tepee 2010 This has been converted to a WAV.

Novak converted to Roman Catholicism in May 1998 after his wife, Geraldine, did so.

Persecution of Christians ended in 312 when Constantine converted to the new faith.

Shall flow unto it - This is a figurative expression, denoting that they would be converted to the true religion.

He said you are happy that your Muslim sister got a MSc abi, it is not late for you too to convert to christianity.

We will take the Euro as our example, where 1 Euro could be converted to commodities or hours of unskilled labour.

Aminah, a social worker who worked at a home for disabled young people, had converted to Islam six months earlier.

In 31% of cases convert into is used

Even rubbish can be converted into electricity.

The amino acid may be converted into body protein.

Qualified leads that you can convert into paying customers.

In August 1946, it was converted into a public company under the name of Air-India.

The Old Home Economics Lab was also converted into the School? s Bookshop,? Essentials?

Each bit of user data is converted into a series of redundant bit patterns called chips.

Whatever the individual or the group needs to survive is converted into and out of its symbolic representation.

Elena Bodnar won the 2009 Ig-Nobel prize for inventing a brassiere that quickly converts into a pair of gas masks.

The sensations are first converted into percepts by the mind, which then presents these percepts to the intellect.

Sugars travel most quickly to the liver, where they are converted into energy more quickly than any other nutrient.

In 6% of cases convert from is used

I converted from Hinduism when I was fourteen.

I did not convert from Catholicism to Lutheranism.

Barnes converts from mid range and slightly wide.

Angiotensin II is converted from its precursor by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

The progenitors of the present members of these communities originally converted from Hinduism.

You can feel the movement of the olympic logo design as it gradually converts from classic to modern.

Modular designs are in vogue which can be converted from day-beds to pop-up trundle double bed for an over-night guests.

The referee had no hesitation in pointing to the penalty spot and Adam Oakes converted from 12 yards with his usual aplomb.

PSD to Magento enables the website to be excelled for SEO friendly and it is not tough anymore to convert from PSD into Magento.

The rail corridor from Clyde to Middlemarch was converted from a railway to one of the best multi-day cycle trails in the world.

In 3% of cases convert by is used

No doubt some Jews were honestly converted by his eloquence.

They can also be converted by TAS using their Weather Utility macro.

Only a small part of that, less than 10%, is converted by photosynthesis.

Ten minutes into the second half and a free kick against Ghana was converted by Diego Forlan (C).

The free kick was met in the box by Smallwood and his flick on was converted by Danny Browne at the far post.

This ' social common sense ' perceive the Christians as those who are converting by force, fraud or allurement.

In reaction, a number of those who had been in the church longer, originally converted by Paul, began to disapprove.

Russia had been converted by Greek Orthodox missionaries and was technically subject to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Modern major team employment individuals once shouted a story engineer soy converted by the initial priming number for supporting the residue.

Yet even some Kafirs were converted by only listening to the Qur'an, without the help of any learned exegeses, and indeed at the first hearing.

In 2% of cases convert in is used

Agnostic to convert in a couple of hours.

People scan the headlines and move on, converting in the single digit percentages.

Then it is fed to the Claus unit, where it is converted in two steps: Thermal Step.

Know the retailer coupon policies before you decide to try out converting in discount coupons.

In both cases, there is an external energy source that is converted in another form more convenient.

Converting in the opposite direction, if the value is outside the range that can be held, the behaviour is undefined.

If uselist is True, outputs is returned as a list (if outputs is not a list or a tuple then it is converted in a one element list).

YouTube videos of your choice will be quickly downloaded and converted in your preferred format (MP3 or AAC ), ready to be consumed whenever you like.

In 1% of cases convert at is used

Instead we converted at over twice the average conversion rate with a 6.

In 1% of cases convert for is used

The buildings are being renovated and converted for museum and educational purposes.

The design was perfected and two regiments of tanks were successfully converted for active service in ITALY.

Yet Smyth's well-drilled outfit maintained their presence in the ' Tarf half and forced a central penalty which full-back Dunne converted for the opening points.

In 1% of cases convert on is used

Their power play is set in cruise control as well, converting on 24.

Atkinson fought back, but Hill managed to convert on her first game ball.

Alberta, AB) got the run started at 18:26 of the opening period, converting on a breakaway to tie the game at 3-3.

Nonetheless, just like BOLD did, Holdingford converted on fourth down, with Messman slipping under the BOLD defense and into the end zone to tie the score.

Right? Hey Jbell, did you watch the Ravens game? Romo converted on two 4th and 10? s and hit the game tying TD on the last drive only to have Dez drop the game tying 2 point conversion.

Whether it's getting the puck in deep on the fore-check; moving the puck out of the defensive zone; converting on the power play; communicating on the ice; it is all about doing it consistently.

Nick Tarnasky would bring Rochester within a goal as he converted on a pass from Rick Schofield, but Mayer would preserve the one-goal lead with several key saves in the waning minutes of the game.

In 1% of cases convert with is used

McGrath was not for changing his mind and Oakes stepped up to convert with some ease.

The referee went under the posts and Robson happily converted with the stadium clock showing no time left.

However, the drawback is that the quality of converted videos is lower than if they are converted with a CPU.

After picking up a goal last time out, Morrison turned provider as he put the ball on a plate at the back post for Shane Long to convert with a diving header.

This provides the ability for specific values to be converted with the property context's specific algorithms or conversions for use in the evaluation of the expression as a whole.

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