Prepositions after "converge"

"converge on" or "converge in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases converge on is used

Converge on the scope of data release, i.

A crowd converged on the scene and threatened the bus driver.

Here, at this point, light from below and above converge on the observer.

They converged on the scorched bed, only to discover the object of their task missing.

Note: Notice how it does not show all other JR stations that converge on the larger stations.

In the meantime Admiral Joy? s surface forces had begun to converge on North Korea? s eastern shore.

As with most historical arguments, you have a plethora of data converging on one point, and not a few big pieces supporting the whole.

They were among thousands of people who converged on Beale for one of the Blues Foundation's signature annual events, the International Blues Challenge.

Thanks, Jeremy! March 9th, 2006: Slowly but surely, we're converging on the most grammatically perfect web page in the world (now that's a low standard!).

FPL will host the 10th Asia Pacific Trading Summit in Hong Kong on 8th May, with over 500 market participants from across the region converging on Hong Kong.

In 20% of cases converge in is used

It should all converge in San Francisco in about a week and a half.

Creative industries are converging in terms of media, quality and deliverables.

Religious charity and social democratic thinking have converged in this system's philosophy.

Organisers had expected thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands, to converge in a Chicago protest.

The priests, from Machakos, Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyeri dioceses, converged in Machakos to lay ground for their big day.

One, however, is left wondering how the word spread so fast to the extent of triggering people to converge in their masses.

Every year participants from many countries converge in Canada to participate in this programme with their Canadian counterparts.

By attractor I just mean the subset of phase space to which all trajectories eventually converge in forced, dissipative, nonlinear systems.

Pryce also remarked that sometimes it is not easy to see clearly the different life paths that actually converge in time as part of God's great plan for your life.

Africa Through the Eyes of Women Artists generates energy, history, contemporary ideas, and the natural elements of expression that converge in a centrifugal purpose.

In 14% of cases converge with is used

Its approach has converged with international norms, although there remain some China-specific features.

Various other related matters came to converge with this particular concern and so a Peace Researcher article took shape as well.

In the northern part of the country, the Hindu Kush mountains converge with the Karakoram Range, a part of the Himalayan mountain system.

Commodity exporters Brazil and Russia, for example, can't converge with the interests of China and India, both of which need to import many commodities.

The population of New Zealand became significantly more urban during the 1920s, so employment patterns should have been converging with those of Australia.

As multi-dimensional and stimulating as its readers, The Genteel is the inspired destination where informed readers converge with in-depth fashion and design coverage.

In 13% of cases converge at is used

Even if story lines converge at some points.

The routes from the north thus converged at the Korean capital.

Gladioli converge at Delhi from all over the country, while Bangalore and Thailand again are hometown for lilies.

Ireland's four principal routeways converged at a crossing place made of hurdles of interwoven saplings straddling the low-tide Liffey.

For example Ikebukuro station has three different subway lines, in addition to the three different JR train lines which converge at the station.

In 8% of cases converge to is used

By January 1, 2004, the above will converge to a rate of 0-5%.

In the circular case as it is posed the recurrence doesn't converge to a trivial case.

By suitably reordering these results, we can make the sequence converge to any value in 0, 1 that we like.

National Polls Tightening Finally, on a somewhat related subject, we are starting to see polls converging to a smaller Obama advantage.

In 4% of cases converge upon is used

Four prongs became three as the mass of the invading troops converged upon the capital? s transportation nexus.

Fighting ships and their numerous auxiliaries, Army troops and the Marine Brigade, planes for the Air Force, food, fuel, and ammunition for all were converging upon the Far Eastern theater.

In 2% of cases converge into is used

The latter converged into peace/status quo and termination of hostilities.

In 2% of cases converge towards is used

It might be reasonable to expect them to converge towards rates in other euro countries, however the pace of change is uncertain.

In 1% of cases converge amid is used

Thus, by the middle of the 19th century, all ambitious tendencies in painting had converged amid their differences, in an anti-sculptural direction.

In 1% of cases converge for is used

A lot of forces need to converge for a club to be successful.

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