Prepositions after "control"

control by, for, in, from or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases control by is used

Completely controlled by Democrats.

We are so controlled by our privation.

Don't fight it, nor be controlled by it.

Menu Smartphone HTC Incredible S is controlled by the operating system, Android 2.

Every sector of the economy where shortages persist is controlled by the Government.

A lot of these precincts in question are controlled by Democrats, so it's not an easy task to find real answers.

We are being controlled by the many vested interests that a great Government is challenging for the good of all.

Like the BBC which was controlled by ex-Microsoft employees and had a strong bias against anything Apple as well.

However necessary it may be, population will never be controlled by human will, only by war, disease, and famine.

In 9% of cases control for is used

DOD The middle class is harder to control for the elite.

Per-capita injury rates are misleading, however, because they do not control for exposure.

These findings remained significant after controlling for the effects of age and ethnicity.

So by controlling for industry and occupation, you could be controlling for some amount of discrimination.

I consider the figure that we get, controlling for industry and occupation, a relatively conservative one.

I've seen some studies where, even when controlling for measured factors, women will get less training than men.

After controlling for age, people from low-income households and cardholders experienced higher levels of edentulism.

Have they controlled for kleptocacy? Some parts of Asia have moved forward (despite rising temperatures) since the 1950s.

Finally, once we control for intelligence and self-confidence the effect of formal college education almost completely vanishes.

The dysfunction was evident after controlling for mood and cortisol levels, but relative role of medication was not evaluated.

In 5% of cases control in is used

Poaching has been controlled in the Erode district.

Cattle and sheep are much slower than horses and easier to control in herds.

That an independent body be set up under WADA guidelines to handle all drug controls in 2014.

It is corrupt one party ONLY control in this state in the legislature and ALL state level offices.

The system is controlled in one place and all of the parts are manageable in a single app or web page.

Paper supply was government controlled in WWII (not sure about WWI) - I believe that affect what got published, i.

Some want overt structure in their poetry, and see its loss as symptomatic of a loss of morals or control in society as a whole.

It passed back to Dutch (Batavian) control in 1803 (under the Treaty of Amiens) and then back to the British on 10 January 1806.

We reaffirm our commitment to the Treaty of Tlatelolco which promotes nuclear weapons control in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On a side note, what's Fable: The Journey doing on this list? Being a Kinect exclusive I was hoping for some Kinect controls in it.

In 3% of cases control from is used

We had to create a wireless robot that could be controlled from 300 metres away.

They are directly controlled from the clerical leadership and the supreme leader.

Register shifting and buff are controlled from the wrestplank in the Italian style.

It is difficult to find out the exact position of this factory, which was controlled from Dhaka.

Blue host also offers unlimited domain hosting and everything is controlled from a simple CP that.

To go from incremental to quantum improvements you have to remove command and control from the mainframe.

He wanted all supervision and control from the north off his back, for which purpose he conveniently used the Jaffna bogey.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are planes with no passenger, programmed or controlled from a distance to do reconnaissance, and possibly execute pre-programmed missions.

However, Catalan nationalism goes far deeper than this, and the process will not easily be controlled from above by the likes of CiU, especially if taken in a left direction.

In 3% of cases control with is used

Two men had diabetes, which was controlled with medication.

Luck is a good fortune that we can control with our own thoughts, words, and actions.

It is not curable at this point, but may be controlled with treatment for some years.

Her thyroid function is well controlled with a 5-mg dose of methimazole 3 times daily.

He has incredible weather powers that he controls with the help of his magical staff; he can call the wind, storms, cold and snow.

Later only the major elements must be controlled with conscious attention, such as changing lanes when driving, searching for an ashtray, etc.

Step 2: Creating the input HTML form using helper classes HTML helper classes have readymade functions by which you can create HTML controls with ease.

Things were not all going well for Napoleon, he now had a huge area to control with a dwindling force, promised supplies and reinforcements had not arrived.

One group, led by Xbox godfather J Allard, was pushing for a sleek, two-screen tablet called the Courier that users controlled with their finger or a pen.

These may seem minor but they are controlled with great power by social reinforcement, as can be seen by the strong rejection of the behavior if it occurs.

In 2% of cases control of is used

Controlling of Oven Fire Only fruit tree wood will be used.

Toussaint then found little barrier to control of the entire country.

Global businesses need global capital -- and the control of promoter groups reduces as a company gets bigger.

The key to control of Tata companies is Tata Consultancy, which is 74 percent owned by Tata Sons and is its prime cash cow.

Telemetry and M2M solutions can be found in applications such as monitoring and controlling of drills, wells and pipelines.

In fact, the Catholic Church was pivotal in the biggest change, when the Church wrested control of marriage away from the family and planted it firmly in the Church.

Control of the host country's key industries by foreign investors will inevitably lead to control of the host country's economy and politics, which is a self-evident truth.

A shaman would undergo a psychic vastation, a journey across the valley of death, and only after that would his control of the spirit world enable him to perform curative acts.

It does also seek to reduce and control impacts of industrial emissions through location planning, control of emissions and the use of clean or environmentally sound technology.

But police records and the ever swelling reach of the CRB check are by far the most intrusive and controlling of the surveillance apparatus which exists at present in England.

In 2% of cases control on is used

I don't believe we are in disagreement on the negative impacts of price controls on oil markets.

A new dog however, will notice that all trees have bark and may be harder to control on a long lead.

The data will be stored on servers with access controlled on a need-to-know basis and limited by passwords.

Price controls on oil were not removed until January 1981 and played a major part in the 1979 gas lines as well.

Then the government began to remove decades-old state controls on the economy and privatize state-owned companies.

Although there is concern over lasers causing skyglow, technological advancements have allowed skyward light to be controlled on clear nights.

There are no physical buttons on the front and you'll find the power button on the right edge and the volume controls on the left edge, just like the Galaxy S3.

While I do think motion controls on their own rarely work, Uncharted Golden Abyss recently changed my mind about their integration into existing physical controls.

For those who want to get better results in self-portraits, they should be aware that it is possible to snap the picture using the volume controls on the headphone cord.

There are no longer any border controls on goods moving between EU countries and products manufactured in Ireland must be allowed to be sold on markets in all member states.

In 2% of cases control to is used

When a girl is convinced that she feelings for you, she will naturally cede all control to you.

This means that the ALV Grid Control passes control to the application before the function is executed.

You are more likely to use master pages and user controls to your pages (if not, you might want to consider).

The midwife is the key professional providing continuity of care and promoting choice and control to women in pregnancy and birth, and to women and their babies following birth.

In 1% of cases control as is used

Practice and certain maturity that came later gave me good flexibility and control as a drawer.

First the setup: There are two make-or-break factors that Jeff Ford can't control as a vendor at the farmers ' market in Madison, Wis.

Constant endeavor has to be made to sustain individual freedom and liberty and subject them to reasonable regulation and control as to achieve socio-economic justice.

In 1% of cases control at is used

The first five were controlled at US stations.

The infrared wireless remote control and switch can be controlled at the same time.

So, despite its size, it's more than easily managed in the city thanks to the power and control at hand.

Historically, science has pursued a premise that Nature can be understood fully, its future predicted precisely, and its behavior controlled at will.

Playing powerful games can give children a sense of power and control at a time in their lives when other things around can make them feel powerless and weak.

In 1% of cases control over is used

Although the Northern Alliance controlled some areas, the Taliban had overall control over Afghanistan.

The control over customary wells built by the pastoralists themselves effectively controlled access to pastures (Kirk 1994).

In case you have plenty of specialized awareness assist machines, specific host is best as you will far better control over host.

In Kenya a major shortcoming of the conversion was its disregard of the social role of community and family control over resources (Okoth-Ogendo 1997).

The principle of abandoned land is based on the French Code Civil and says that the state exercises control over such land as part of the state? s domaine priv (Coulibaly et al.

In 1% of cases control through is used

It was subsequently controlled through political means when Bhutto's government was overthrown by Gen Zia.

Because there will always be those that want to limit the rights of those they hate, don't understand or want to control through a few scriptures.

Access to care records is controlled through Smartcards and passcodes, and individuals are granted access to information based on their role and level of involvement in patient care.

Assuming Jeff Francoeur doesn't sign a lifetime contract, the Royals will, if not on Opening Day then soon afterward, have a starting nine in place that the team can control through 2015.

They are just about finished with the soft control through economic manipulation, dumbed down education and journalistic propaganda and now the iron fist will be smashed down upon our heads.

In 1% of cases control via is used

And one should assess carefully what can be controlled via the SNMP MIB.

As Melbourne is a large city, traffic is primarily controlled via stoplights rather than roundabouts.

Controlled via Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or computer, the device can teach old robots new tricks.

For Halloween, I thought I would combine the networking and GPIO capabilities of the Raspberry Pi to create a pumpkin with lights and sound which can be controlled via a web page.

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