Prepositions after "contribute"

contribute to, in, towards, by or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases contribute to is used

Contributing to society and the economy.

Jobs contributed to global problems, too.

Would you like to contribute to OliverReed.

However, there are many factors to the surgery that contribute to changes, he said.

Examples of medications that may contribute to asthma are aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Many components contribute to a house owner's incapability to repay a mortgage loan.

I suggest you don't contribute to economic discussion forums until your viewpoints mature are are more informed.

His campaign staff and those who contributed to his campaign really mean nothing as he was the ultimate winner.

Think about how work experience and other activities outside of your studies may contribute to your application.

These pollutants are also deposited on soil, plants, and in the water, further contributing to human exposure.

In 4% of cases contribute in is used

I assume he has contributed in the past.

We should contribute in every way possible to build ecovillage.

The worker's experience contributes in making job and safety improvements.

Now you have to log in to contribute in which about half as people will get involved.

This has contributed in no small measure to our development and progress as a nation.

It's the actions of someone who values work and wants to contribute in any way she can.

For those who can not study and had to start working, they contribute in economy as a steady supply of workforce.

Went solar as soon as I could &; make twice as much as I use so contribute in a small way to the green energy supply.

He was a legal colossus par excellence who contributed in no little way to the development of Nigeria's legal jurisprudence.

The techniques of marketing research and product development can contribute in many ways to the needed educational revolution.

In 3% of cases contribute towards is used

This will also contribute towards global warming.

So many things contributed towards my attacks becoming worse.

SSP Chowrasia's sound advice has also contributed towards my success.

Operators of new plants would also contribute towards the fixed costs of the GDF.

It is one of the important steps to take which does contribute towards attaining success.

Essentially, in desperation, the rattlesnake contributes towards its own ultimate demise.

In Netherlands for example huge reduction in public spending is expected to contribute towards contraction.

In fact he was working on a report about the costs involved and what he could do to contribute towards them.

Knight strongly believes that stakeholders of the resort town should contribute towards the improvement effort.

Even contributing towards building such huge magnificent Buddha image outdoor is very meritorious and beneficial.

In 2% of cases contribute by is used

The computer room with computers contributed by well-wishers.

Thank you all! This post was contributed by J Kila Chong, Office.

It takes about 20 seconds! 2009 example: Email contributed by Wyonne M.

The major portion of growth was contributed by the liquor and food and beverage segments.

The papers collected here, which were contributed by Petra Hellmuth, Nicholas Jacobs, John T.

See a few fabulous views of the original leather case of the BCB-flash Unit contributed by Mr.

But rather needed Somaliland inputs in consultation to contribute by helping Somalia like other 50 participants.

Rizwan Ahmad About the Author: This article is contributed by Brian Jason and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.

Rizwan Ahmad About the Author: This article is contributed by Jet Russell and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of cyberockk.

In 1% of cases contribute at is used

Members can choose to contribute at 1/40 th, 1/50 th or 1/60 th.

Its amazing how little you have to contribute at Arsenal to still be given a contract; its a joke.

They are likely to be at least 3 or more seasons away from contributing at the Major League level.

The savings came mainly in incarceration averted, but it also considers the value the participants contribute at their work sites.

I started out at 350pm but have since reduced to 200 as took out mortgage and could not afford to keep contributing at that level.

He wants to be an intrinsic member of the team working closely with engineers in a way he has not been asked to contribute at McLaren.

I'd almost a bit excited that his loan is only until January, because he's playing well enough to contribute at the Premier League level right now.

Normal rules apply for deduction levels; they should be set at 2% of the employee's gross salary or wages unless the employee requests to contribute at 4% or 8%.

If someone doesn't seem like they want to talk to you after a few minutes, or they're not contributing at all to the discussion, then give them their space and back off.

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