Prepositions after "continue"

"continue with", "continue to" or "continue in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases continue with is used

I won't even continue with this.

So why continue with those terms.

Please continue with same fervour.

Let's hope that we get rid of the stage fright and continue with our passing game.

If it gives the both of you theraputic comfort, then by all means continue with it.

But the fact remains that continuing with the Coalition is a pretty binary choice.

However my practice has begun to flourish as people advise to continue with mild dosage of 20-40mcg for newbies.

That fall when the Eisenhower bandwagon began to move across the nation Jerry Lambert continued with his survey.

Other students have said that they couldn't get a job, so they decided to continue with higher education instead.

A: Unfortunately, there are those who are hell bent in continuing with their ideological line; whether it is Mr.

In 16% of cases continue in is used

Hope it continues in the GG room.

Then continue in a soft, low voice.

The inquiry is continuing in Winnipeg.

Peter Fowler will continue in his role as a director on the board of Chi-X Australia.

They continue in this vein for the incline press, decline press, flys and extensions.

He continues in bluff and uncourtly manner when he takes up the moving plot once more.

The planet has its limits and by now every one realises that continuing in the same way is not an option anymore.

In August 1992 it was announced that the Contestable Equity Fund would not be continued in the 1993 academic year.

We can say that we're very happy with the outcome and we hope to continue in this line at the Hungaroring next week.

They were as follows: (I) That he be considered as continuing in canonical obedience to the Bishop of the Diocese.

In 15% of cases continue to is used

Some ferries continue to Ko Phangan.

They continue to renew the contract.

All continues to polarises the light.

Dana's excellent article continues to garner attention by other pro-science writers.

Interestingly, the Luo community still continues to stage opposition politics today.

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He hovered his chopper just feet above the water where the man continued to swim, his head wounded from the fall.

They have already grossly underestimated a deficit that will most likely continue to balloon in the coming months.

As days went by, with weeks, then months, dragging past, I was informed the X rays continued to show improvement.

The lungs are not fully developed until our 8th birthday and our brains continue to development well into our 20s.

In 9% of cases continue for is used

This continued for several days.

This continued for eight centuries.

Downpours continue for several days.

This is why treatment is needed immediately and is continued for about three months.

Follow up certificates will be required if the illness continues for a longer period.

If this current situation continues for 400 years then I might start to get concerned.

If the Court winding up continues for a period of less than two years, Forms 22(E4) and 23(E4) are not required.

Today a new Congress in the midst of the people's war is put forward in order to continue for the conquest of power.

At this stage you may have some spotting, which can continue for a few days and could be mistaken for a light period.

Right now I don't want to but If this continues for another year and keeps getting worse I may just end up giving up.

In 8% of cases continue on is used

The matter continued on Friday, June 29.

We reserved that and continued on our trip.

Despite this, protests continue on the streets.

You can't continue on the crest of a wave thinking you're always going to be picked.

We continued on our way, carrying with us the Frenchman's surprise at our situation.

For example, you can start browsing a web page on your iPad and continue on your Mac.

And the tour de force continues on -- with a rumination of one's life -- through the launching single, ' Today '.

Pocket and I had for some time parted company as to our original relations, though we continued on the best terms.

Finally, the percent of freshmen who frequently vote in student elections continues on a dramatic decline from 76.

I can't even paint my right hand's nails using my left hand so I'll just continue on watching out for what designs.

In 3% of cases continue at is used

If the Pirates continue at this.

The case continued at year's end.

The controversy continues at this writing.

Discussions over developing a transparent system of accounting will continue at the.

The victim was hospitalized with severe burns, and the case continued at year's end.

Sometimes the children ask to leave again, and education continues at home once more.

The impression is that external time must have slowed down, while the internal experience continues at the same rate.

The descent into the pit is abrupt and once at the bottom the journey continues at rock bottom for about twenty eight years.

A keen reader and a regular at evening classes, Chifley's education continued at his own direction and by his own determination.

But luckily your support has been amazing so far an if we only continue at this pace we will exceed the goal more than two or three-fold.

In 3% of cases continue through is used

The road continues through Drumcondra.

The journey would then continue through the scenic Akwapim Ridge.

Continue through the open door to the next room into an elevator.

Although the Muster continued through the evening, I could only stay until about 5:00 p.

The person who can continue through setbacks is one who sees them as momentary not permanent.

They continued through the cold and cloud throughout the night until the sun started to rise.

His work continues through the various human rights activists he mentored and organizations he helped found.

He started to do education consultancy in 1997 and continues through his company Howard Campbell and Associates.

These laws were continued through Reconstruction as a means of preventing former slaves from marrying white people.

Originally Stanley Park's Seawall ended at the Burrard Bridge, but now continues through Yaletown to Main Street/Science World.

In 3% of cases continue into is used

Mass migration continued into the early 1960s.

Some disruption may continue into Eid al-Fitr itself.

That theme continued into the general election season.

If that dip continues into the holiday buying season, the economy could have a setback.

My beauty stalking continued into 2012, when she chopped her hair into a lob (long bob).

Continue into the room at the end of the hall and kill the guard patrolling in front of you.

This high standard of education continued into the early 1970s (I know because I was then a small child in Uganda).

The program continues into the next statement after the try-catch-finally, unless it is pre-maturely terminated or branch-out.

A strong push of resurgent arctic air is hinted next weekend---strong cooling which is likely to continue into the following week.

United's midfield problems will continue into another new season unless Ferguson pulls off a masterstroke and signs a modern great.

In 2% of cases continue throughout is used

The shipment will continue throughout the month.

Nonetheless the discrimination continued throughout 2011.

The hearings, which commenced in July, will continue throughout August.

The parallels between Colorado and Aston Villa continue throughout the team.

Yeats's interest in the performance of his verse continued throughout his life.

It was a pattern that continued throughout the first half, which finished 3-0 to the visitors.

So the green cats were simply the logical progression of a trend that had continued throughout my childhood.

You'll begin work on your personal Total Life List, and continue throughout the book (and ideally after that!).

However, Muslim discontent with partial rule persisted, and unrest and violence continued throughout the 1990s.

The push to develop a nation-wide smart grid encourages the energy efficiency trend to continue throughout the decade.

In 2% of cases continue as is used

The church now continues as the people of God 1 Peter 2:9-10.

The list for the best hair styles for the men continues as: - 1.

Brij Bhasha continued as a medium of poetry till late 19th century.

So it's really continuing as an organisation to find those shows and take big risks.

Also, news from Livingston that Gareth Evans will continue as manager for the foreseeable.

Mr Subramaniam continued as an associate of the firm from January 1994 until December 2003.

If war is to continue as a human possibility, this elaboration of the tank in scale and species follows inevitably.

Selling off part of the business could leave the remainder in no fit state to continue as a functioning, viable farm.

FUR TRAPPING continues as a cash crop in frontier areas, but as a way of life it is confined to a few northern areas.

The current Chairman, Shri Mohammad Hamid Ansari is also continuing as the Vice-President of India for a second term (11.

In 2% of cases continue by is used

A war started and continued by Democrat presidents by the way.

Payment should continue by the same method as prior to approval, e.

Coal use can be continued by gasifying it and using it in OCGT/CCGTs.

This tradition was continued by Dante in the Inferno, where centaurs guard the underworld city of Dis.

Continue by bus to oasis Huacachina to explore sand dunes and small village in the middle of the desert.

Brendan Halligan states? the strike was undemocratic? and he continues by saying that? most miners wanted to keep working?

Just reversing the Original Bush cuts continued by Obama would do a lot to prevent further deficits that contribute to the debts.

Garland continued by discussing the history of the throne of David, which ceased when the Jews were taken into exile in Babylonian.

If the operation against the refugees continues by the Bangladeshi authorities, more refugees in the camps are expected to die of starvation, another camp inmate said.

In 2% of cases continue until is used

This attack continued until 4:00 A.

This was supposed to continue until 2014.

Data collection will continue until the end of the year.

Anticoagulant treatment is continued until three months after a PE in most cases.

LONG ISLAND: The Town of Oyster Bay is holding a clothing drive that continues until 5pm on Sunday.

He granted independence to all 13 French African colonies but the Algerian War continued until 1962.

After passing north of the Leewards on the 6th, Connie turned northwestward - a motion that continued until the 10th.

Treatment in pregnancy is continued until three months after the embolism or until six weeks postnatal, whichever is longer.

The Anglo-Saxon account continued until 1154, most other literature from this Middle English origin was in Old Norman or Latin.

LTTE violence continued until October 1994, when the Government once again offered to negotiate in the hope of a peaceful settlement.

In 1% of cases continue under is used

The practice continued under the Fifth Republic.

Continue under the stone arch at the back right of the area and you will find another giant blue wall.

The Sinhalization of the armed forces continued under the United National Party government of President Jayewardene.

Not-for-profit corporations under the OCA will not be required to file articles of continuance to continue under the ONCA.

The UKFC RSU did this job exceedingly well for nearly a decade and I do hope that this work will continue under the BFI's new remit.

The now famous Good Hope Hotel was eventually founded by him and it is still continuing under his family name and enjoying well merited success.

Rights preserved 182(10) Subject to Part XVI, this Act ceases to apply to the corporation on the date that the corporation was continued under the laws of the other jurisdiction.

In 1% of cases continue till is used

The weak status continued till the nineties.

He said the government would continue till 2014.

In any case, the debate will continue till Election Day.

This temporary number will continue till 1st December 2012.

The job search process starts in Period 4 and continues till the end.

This successful multiethnic political collaboration continues till today.

Method 1: Simply test for sub-squares starting with S (length of side) = N, and continue till S = 2 i.

The polling will continue till 1700 hrs and the counting of votes will be taken up on June 15 from 0800 hrs.

Dear friends, The state of Emergency was imposed by the Indian State on June 26,1975 which continued till 1977.

The correction is likely to continue till the end of October with minor pullbacks on the way unless it ends earlier.

In 1% of cases continue without is used

It says, ' continue without log in.

If you continue without changing these.

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In the 30 years since it was first released in 1983, the evolution of the G-SHOCK has continued without pause.

If they are allowed to continue without paying a penalty, the pallor will hang in the history of the University.

It seemed impossible to continue without falling over or falling apart as I was being pulled in so many different directions.

Apple's development had to continue without him, and Jobs took over the direction of the Macintosh project from its originator, Jef Raskin.

On the west coast, where Swenson had joined Mansfield on 30 June, the patrol of arcas Yoke and Zebra continued without contact with the enemy.

The perceived need to preserve the 2-party system led the ABA to identify 6 other reasons why it would continue without the Electoral College:.

In 1% of cases continue up is used

It will then continue up to the Ciaran Shannon Walk.

This service continued up to the outbreak of the Second World War.

The increase in stroke volume only continues up to a point however.

Objection to negative numbers continued up to the early 19th century.

When they bail, continue up the path and follow it around to the left.

This will continue up the road for as long as I continue to do as before.

The Taliban visits to Washington continued up to a few months prior to the September 11 attacks.

It will then continue up to the Ciaran Shannon Walk in Annacurra Woods and back to do a loop of the.

There is a long flight, which leads up to Christ's Saddle where the visitors can rest before continuing up to the Monastery itself.

O/N Serengeti Sopa Lodge -- F/B Morning game drives of the Serengeti National Park before heading back into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to continue up to the Ngorongoro Crater rim.

In 1% of cases continue after is used

Some of us continued after school and it has paid off.

George Bush informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.

Article continues after video The last speech of Liaquat on October 16, 1951.

A mother and her infant are hard-wired to expect unity and for that unity to continue after birth.

If the offence is continued after conviction, a person is guilty of an offence for every day the contravention continues.

Baba's Mission Continues after Death Bhakta Narayanrao had the good fortune to see Baba twice during the Latter's lifetime.

Meanwhile, testosterone production by the ovary continues after menopause at much the same levels as in menstruating women.

Either way, most of the actual training is being done by contractors, and that's what will likely continue after 2012 anyway.

The Bush administration's dalliances with the Taliban may have even continued after the start of the bombing campaign against their country.

Mordvinova and Carroll ended up in a partnership alongside Beeka -- that continued after his murder -- to relocate strippers from their home countries to operate in local strip clubs.

In 1% of cases continue like is used

If things continue like this, trust will be lost.

This could happen again if we continue like this http: //twitter.

And if we continue like this, we might be blacklisted by the United States of America.

DAMMNNNN!! Carly Rose can SIIINGGG!!!! Top 3 if she continues like this! Well done! 7.

Gowon think abt those life been wasted every day we can continue like this sir, let us be our brother's keeper.

Another dab happy days it continued like this for another while with another 8 or 9 small dabs all falling to the lure.

And that's why we also have customs that still continue like a woman is married to her maternal uncle (mother's own brother ), which to many outside India seems like a form of incest.

In 1% of cases continue from is used

Child and parent continue from here.

Who will continue from where their father stopped?

It may continue from a couple of hours to a couple of nights.

The rest of the story continues from today Monday October 15 on channel 151 at 6:30pm.

I want the good football play to continue from my club, the trophies will come if we do so.

Truth be said, for any blogger to continue from 2005, he should be in the Kenyan bloggers hall of fame.

Signage replacement is expected to start on 21st March and continue from Monday to Friday, during off peak daytime hours.

Swaminatha Umamaheshwara Sarma Continued from below/- The kabal running JNU was in a tearing hurry to see the MS leave the Campus.

The Giants opened as they meant to continue from the previous night by scoring three unanswered goals all within the first twelve minutes.

But this did not put the crowd off, with the Mexican waves continuing from the earlier Elite women's race and the Aussies delighting in Aaron Royle's victory.

In 1% of cases continue during is used

The persecution of God's people will therefore continue during the plagues.

In the 1970? s there was the Gay Freedom Movement and that continued during the 1980? s.

Walking or swimming are ideal as they are exercises which you can continue during your pregnancy.

Only the core, essential life-saving functions of the brain continue during the deepest meditation.

Increasingly, I start turning on Susan, a trend that continues during Janni's second hospitalisation.

In 1941, Canada produced its first tank, the Cruiser, and its production continued during the entire conflict.

By contrast Greece doesn't gain anything like that level of subsidy, subsidies that continue during good times -- but more crucially bad.

This logically continues during the plagues, and also intensifies when supernatural forces (spirits of demons -- 16:14) perform miracles to convince the kings of the world to combine forces.

In 1% of cases continue down is used

Mo and Ahmad continued down the road towards the local nightclub they usually attend.

Onlookers say the truck stopped briefly a short distance on before continuing down Exhibition Street.

Michael - You are so right if we continue down the foolish path of letting our motor industry dominate us.

There's no doubt WB are going down the money-making route but only the box office for JL will determine whether they continue down the path or rethink it.

It turns out, the police officers were stationed at different ends of the same road and they maintain Nyoka had sped up as she continued down the street.

South of Western Avenue the road continues down Hanger Hill to Ealing Common, and thence, via Gunnersbury Lane, to its junction with the Great West Road at Chiswick.

After Lunch at a nice sport, we continue down hill to Sin Chai Village where we spend an hour visiting this pretty Black H'mong village before transferring by car to Sapa.

We can choose to continue down a path that will leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren of insurmountable debt, endless wars, and environmental collapse, or we can create change.

If you haven't given up when the road becomes even more narrow as you drive on the edge of a steep cliff overlooking a shallow river, continue down the road until you reach a small shanty town.

In 1% of cases continue despite is used

These attacks have continued despite reports of civilian casualties.

This time I calmly ask him why he is continuing despite our earlier conversation.

An increasingly militarized land and sea grab continues despite calls for peaceful resolution.

It continues despite at least five years of really strong effort to try and eradicate sexual harassment from workplaces.

Sporadic assault has continued despite having a 2002 ceasefire and piece talks, which unfortunately again resumed in January 2009.

The English turned to the importation of slaves from the African continent, this continued despite growing opposition to the idea of slavery.

The teachers had remained adamant that the strike would continue despite a government threat to fire them from Monday if they failed to resume duty.

Further, it reveals Canadian wellbeing dropped by 24% between 2008 and 2010 and the decline in our wellbeing continues despite subsequent economic recovery.

In 1% of cases continue below is used

Continued below the photo album.

Story Continues Below Ad? Many people also seem inclined to misinform pollsters about their voting habits.

In 1% of cases continue along is used

Today, the highway continues along the north side of the Nass, all the way to the sea.

A cyclist had right of way continuing along the road when an articulated bus pulled into the bus stop.

It ceases to swing in a circle, and continues along the vector path it had in the moment it was let go.

Perhaps he is a bit stunned or even a bit hurt, but he is substantially less likely to continue along the path of decline.

Continuing along the scenic walk you will see the Metal Man standing in the water and pointing to where there are rocks.

This road continues along the top of the village passing Realt Na Mara National School and continuing on pass the Catholic Church.

If the SDP continues along the same path they will remain no more than just a civic pressure group like NGOs and intellectual bloggers.

So his whole time frame just sits tight for a minute in our time frame, continuing along the vector it established at the moment it popped out.

Although the fast carriers had withdrawn to Sasebo on 5 September, following the strikes against the Pyongyang area, naval activity continued along Korea? s western shore.

The world soon came to accept that the Soviet Union had shot down a civilian airliner which had strayed off course but otherwise was continuing along the broad pathway to South Korea.

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