Prepositions after "contemplate"

"contemplate by", "contemplate on" or "contemplate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases contemplate by is used

Most take the view this is not a deal that could be contemplated by private equity.

Therefore, the present court should not rule on an issue that was not ruled upon or contemplated by the arbitral tribunal.

A ship is seaworthy when reasonably fit to perform the service and to encounter the ordinary perils of the voyage contemplated by the parties to the policy.

Morgan has also assumed that the Tender Offer and the other transactions contemplated by the Shareholders Agreement will have the tax consequences described in materials furnished to J.

This provision may provide, for example, as follows: (z) providing for any other matters contemplated by this Act, necessary for its administration or necessary for giving it full effect.

In 23% of cases contemplate in is used

He must satisfactorily show to the Commissioner that he has been trained in the kind of insurance contemplated in the license applied for.

But there was the further difficulty that the employment of carrier aviation in interdiction was not contemplated in current naval thinking.

Deliverance from any temporal calamity should lead the thoughts to that higher redemption which the Lord Jesus contemplates in regard to the soul.

Your individual and united support is the main pillar on which I rely for every achievement contemplated in making this Parish a happier and more progressive place than we found it.

The provisions of Rule 58 of the New Rules of Court insofar as they are applicable shall govern the issuance and dissolution of the restraining order or injunction contemplated in this Section.

In 19% of cases contemplate on is used

I will make it a point to contemplate on this image.

She would not be contemplating on her guilt that she has done what she did at this very moment.

If you contemplate on such things as equality between contestants, it would serve you better if you quit now.

The illustrations was more than VIVID to deter most people to even contemplate on breaking the 5 Basic precepts.

Only by contemplating on this inshallah all the tensions and worries of this worldly life can be get ridden of.

It deeply relaxed me and helped me to contemplate on my weaknesses so that I can overcome them in a peaceful manner.

We have contemplated on taking out a business loan, at least P1M but kept postponing it because we were too afraid of the monthly amortization.

Thus contemplating on his own Self day and night, let the sage abide free from all bonds till his Prarabdha Karma which gave him this present body is exhausted.

On another, related note, I contemplated on the proposition to distinguish between elementary graduates who underwent Grade 7 and those who reached Grade 6 only (i.

The Guru shows the spiritual aspirant how to contemplate on the Lord in order to have His vision and when the Lord reveals Himself, what should the aspirant seek from Him.

In 4% of cases contemplate about is used

It is of little wonder that in such a situation that many people are contemplating about starting a home business.

In 4% of cases contemplate from is used

I've also visited Lake Kivu in Rwanda, another natural border with Eastern Congo, whose beautiful, faded city of Bukavu I contemplated from the Rwandan side in Cyangugu.

In 3% of cases contemplate during is used

A different mystery is contemplated during the recital of each decade.

There's a great deal to be contemplated during the next few weeks! I would favour a sixteen team Premier Division and Summer football.

In 3% of cases contemplate with is used

They will have a bold new world to contemplate with and produce poems of a new era.

In 2% of cases contemplate upon is used

The sage who contemplates upon it, is freed from his load of impurities that very moment.

The Reward After Muhammad (sws) migrated to Madinah, the people of Arabia on whom the truth had already been unveiled were given a further chance to contemplate upon the consequences of their denial.

In 1% of cases contemplate without is used

But the same Spartan, calmly dressing his hair, and uttering his concise jests, on what the well knows to be his last day, in the pass of Thermopylae, is not to be contemplated without admiration.

In 1% of cases contemplate to is used

Mrs Jarvis contemplated to two for a short time before finally saying.

In 1% of cases contemplate since is used

T his book raises some puzzling questions, enduring mysteries that men have contemplated since time began.

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