Prepositions after "contaminate"

"contaminate with" or "contaminate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases contaminate with is used

No worries about fruit contaminated with chemicals.

Often this water is contaminated with harmful pathogens.

Horses will not eat pasture that is contaminated with horse dung.

Families in Dimock, PA live with drinking water contaminated with methane and heavy metals.

And with one in 50 turkeys estimated to be contaminated with salmonella, according to the U.

In fact in one well-known store I visited recently, almost all the socks were contaminated with silver.

The lake was so beautiful and alluring, I would have jumped in if I wasn't told it might be contaminated with tin.

Some wells that are relatively free of arsenic and were used for domestic use have become contaminated with arsenic.

An alcohol-based hand rub or gel may also be used if the hands are not contaminated with organic matter or visibly soiled.

These illicit products were often contaminated with methanol, fertilisers or battery acid, and caused blindness and even death.

In 30% of cases contaminate by is used

It typically arises from a skin wound that becomes contaminated by the bacterium.

But after the tsunami a lot of water in the wells was contaminated by seawater in the coastal areas.

Muslims do nt drink water contaminated by Dalit Christians (there was an independent source on that).

Water (froma puddle, trough, dam, contaminated by sparrow, ducks) Wind blown feathers from anywhere, off a passing truck of chickens.

And then there was Perrier, which in 1990 recalled 160 million bottles of water as some had been contaminated by toxic substance benzene.

It is easy to invent techniques which will work on a pure signal but will fail when the signal is contaminated by some standard model background.

Brownfields are former industrial properties -- a boarded-up factory, a shuttered gas station -- that might be contaminated by hazardous materials.

The exact cause of morning sickness is not known, although it is thought to be a way that nature defends the foetus from foods that may be contaminated by toxins or bugs2.

The Brits tolerated the B Specials in Northern Ireland until they invented the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR ), which got contaminated by sectarian killings and was disbanded.

I wish I could have looked at these pictures and fully embrace the significance of human suffering without having my mind contaminated by the most ignorant people commenting on them.

In 5% of cases contaminate in is used

Potable water supplies may be lost or contaminated in a flood and this can have immediate health effects upon people and animals.

You need this information in case food on your premises is found to be unsafe or contaminated in some way and has to be returned to the supplier or destroyed.

In 1% of cases contaminate during is used

The ink was contaminated during the process of manufacturing the inks.

In 1% of cases contaminate of is used

So, for now the US dollar seems the least contaminated of all the fiat currencies, but this is merely an illusion, and it will not last.

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