Prepositions after "contact"

"contact by" or "contact with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases contact by is used

Only the entrants will be contacted by Booknoir.

Lolong Estramos (can be contacted by cell phone on 09086667097.

The winner will be contacted by phone during the week following the draw.

If there are any problems when delivering you will be contacted by telephone or email.

If you prefer to be contacted by email or text or cell phone, make sure they know this.

Only the winning survey participant will be contacted by our authorised representative.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a domain name that is highly sought, you might be contacted by a possible buyer.

Several musicians were contacted by the pair, before Jackson and Richie were assigned the task of writing the song.

Artists in Beijing's Songzhuang art district have been contacted by officials and asked if they are friends of Mr Ai.

I presume they were contacted by the editors of Science, and perhaps by the CIA and MI6 before making their decision.

In 22% of cases contact with is used

My landlord lives abroad so all contact with him is via emai.

IFF should contact with all AFC members like Suzuki and others.

This protects the iron from rusting due to contact with acidic foods.

If want to know for details? please contact with your own city and ldquo; Employment.

Maori response to contact Maori responded to contact with Europe largely on their own terms.

By the end of Paul's first year in Ephesus he had broken off all contact with the synagogue.

You should continue to promote it by encouraging your son to have contact with his father by making him available.

Weeks into the voyage the crew of this ship lost all contact with ships one and two, which had, in fact, never been launched.

My first real contact with someone in the skeptical culture was watching James Randi on television, just tearing Geller to bits.

If you have ' A ' levels or equivalent, previous teaching or work experience or contact with children then this should be sufficient.

In 10% of cases contact for is used

Contact for application: IELTS's no obligation to apply.

Michael Ede was contacted for his reaction over the issue, he told a pathetic story.

NAB spokesman Zafar Iqbal despite repeated efforts could not be contacted for comments.

The movement Control Officer (MCO) at the railway station can be contacted for guidance.

If you're as easy to contact for interviews as you say, then anybody can get an interview from you.

This is especially in the two-degrees of separation NZ-context, who to contact for particular expertise/technology.

WHERE CAN I OBTAIN FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION? Every college or university has a financial aid office that can be contacted for assistance.

There were 920 callers (84%) successfully contacted for interview at the 3 week follow up, 676 (62%) at 6 months, and 494 (45%) at 12 months.

The New Zealand Deer Farmers ' Association can be contacted for a list of appropriate farmers who are willing to accommodate a student placement.

But contacted for comment, on Tuesday, the Tanzania Ports Authority Corporate Communications Manager, Mr Franklin Mziray, said there was no problem at the KOJ.

In 8% of cases contact at is used

The CCA can be contacted at No.

She can be contacted at: **27;2733;TOOLONG.

The facility can be contacted at (905) 773-9876.

He can be contacted at PO Box 35111, Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, Phone/Fax:.

Send copies of all your correspondence to the judge assigned to your case and a contact at WF.

The nominee will be contacted at the time of death of the person and handed over the EPF money.

Comparison of baseline differences, between those able and not able to be contacted at each follow up, were conducted and are presented to support this approach.

If you clear your phone messages at the end of the day, then say this on your message and ask that they leave a clear number where they can be contacted at this time.

Read more - I wish to speak to someone; who do I contact at the East African Community? Please contact the Principal Economist - Investment and Private Sector Promotion.

In 5% of cases contact on is used

If you are contacted on behalf of Westfield.

The winner will be contacted on 10/28 with instructions on how to pick up their tickets.

We also provide passport services please contact on 8712308851 When you call, don't forget.

And, like many of us, he doesn't want to be contacted on his mobile when he's trying to relax.

When contacted on his mobile phone, the manager of the hotel, simply identified as Simon, declined comments, but referred our reporter to the police.

In 3% of cases contact about is used

However, when contacted about the settlement, Mitchell declined to comment.

Taimoorazy said the Obama administration has been contacted about this situation, but there is no response.

We met up with Brent, the owner of the organic farm we had contacted about WWOOFing and arranged for him to pick us up Monday to start.

In 3% of cases contact in is used

You will be contacted in writing if approved.

The relative she contacted in the capital was already engaged in sex work, so the decision to enter the trade was an easy one.

You may notify us either in writing or by telephone, fax or email that you object to being contacted in a particular stated way.

Induction can help build social networks One of the main frustrations for new starters is not knowing who to contact in the organisation if they have a question.

You are one of many we are contacting in this way so as to let our presence be known upon Earth to prepare the people for the future plan that is beginning to unfold.

In 2% of cases contact between is used

It was agreed that contact between BMC and YRM was welcome and that the relationship should be nurtured.

EVENING FLIGHTS you will be contacted between 2:15pm - 2:30pm the day of your scheduled flight to confirm flight status, meeting time and meeting location.

The Method of Living with one's Husband It should be understood well that the intimacy and contact between husband and wife is such that they will have to live together for the rest of their lives.

In 2% of cases contact through is used

Disability Employment Advisors can be contacted through your local Jobcentre Plus.

Ranil Wickremesingha at any cost it is understandable if the LTTE was contacted through Mr.

The actual physical world which is seen and contacted through the sense organs in the waking state is absent, but by an action of the mind it looks as if it is present even in the dream state.

In 2% of cases contact to is used

No one decided to contact to the source of these images and his motive, just started making sense of their stories.

His funeral is due to take place this Thursday and Warner Bros have apparently contacted to band with the request.

This means that every device contacted to the Internet, and hence used to troll people, has an assigned IP address.

In 1% of cases contact regarding is used

On receipt of a referral, you will be placed on waiting list and will be contacted regarding an appointment.

I think Labour will look to act on this and that's why I believe Labour are the best onces to contact regarding this matter.

In 1% of cases contact via is used

The two winners will be contacted via email.

The top five will be contacted via email with further information shortly.

The winner will be chosen at random by Lonely Hearts from all valid entries and will be contacted via the email address provided.

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