Prepositions after "consume"

"consume by" or "consume in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases consume by is used

Right now, I'd consumed by Dark Souls.

They are, however, being consumed by bacteria.

If you ignore it,,, you will be consumed by it.

I was so consumed by problems I even failed to see the good things I had in my life.

I don't want to be consumed by such things which is why I love the outdoors so much.

We have a small Garden, and anything that is not consumed by Humans our Chickens get.

Being locally grown and readily available, beans is known in virtually all Nigerian homes and is consumed by most.

Soon after the corporation was founded in the 1920s by Lord John Reith, Britain was consumed by the General Strike.

Our guide informed us that snake wine is believed to improve virility and health, and should only be consumed by men.

In 23% of cases consume in is used

She knows that directing is consuming in that way.

Durables -- goods that are not consumed in one use.

Of the 19 million barrels per day (MBD) consumed in the U.

The sanctuary protects the headwaters of the streams that are consumed in the locality.

What's more, you will have the whole day to burn the calories you consume in the morning.

Currently, ESKOM generated approximately 95% of the electricity consumed in South Africa.

Fried fish and lots of white wine are consumed in this feast, in the calli between Burano's brightly painted houses.

As We expected, the device of 10 times will be cheaper than, other devices and will consume in 2 times of less energy.

As the plow breaks the earth shall he break the lives of men, and all that was shall be consumed in the fire of his eyes.

They seem to proudly boast it! Mate - over 95% of meat consumed in China are the usual staples of pork, chicken, and beef.

In 13% of cases consume with is used

Afterwards he was consumed with resentment.

For years we're consumed with insecurities about our bodies.

The second category are too consumed with the present that they forget the future.

The first group are so consumed with the past that they forget to live the present.

The Army wouldn't tell me the names of those who were injured, and I was consumed with worry.

Peasants who ate the rotten produce sickened and entire villages were consumed with cholera and typhus.

See?) whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, (we're going to get to that after awhile).

The whole reason I started to do street art was because I was consumed with my prospective career in theater.

I was perhaps naively consumed with being a new mom, and I had little time nor energy to focus on anything else.

Right from the beginning I became consumed with the movie, getting more and more excited with each minute passing.

In 5% of cases consume on is used

White low-fat yogurt can definitely be one of these products consumed on a daily basis.

Given the amount of strong drink consumed on this trip the video just has to be this one.

The EPA says, that in the United States 26 billion gallons of water is consumed on a daily basis.

It can be consumed on its own by boiling, pan frying or deep frying, it can also be a part of a dish like soups and noodle dishes.

We will still have to wait on the advancement of photon transistors to increase the ever-changing data we consume on a daily basis.

The absorption rate may be less when alcohol is consumed with food or when a 40% (v/v) alcohol solution is consumed on an empty stomach.

The firm relies on this method to make better decisions and also make the process more efficient and less time consuming on both sides.

Pre-Preparation A few days before your fasting period is about to begin, gradually reduce the amount of food that you are consuming on a daily basis.

Otovalo is completely consumed on market day--booths stretch for multiple blocks in every direction, and villagers crowd throughout looking for their weekly purchases.

So the question is: Do you limit the amount of candy your kids can consume on Halloween night or the day after or every day? Absolutely limited the amount of candy this time of year.

In 3% of cases consume at is used

The world can not afford to continue to consume at a rapid pace even as our natural resources become scarce.

Oils were consumed at a level of approximately 12% of the subjects ' prescribed energy intakes in the form of muffins and liquid oil.

Spamroll and that his grandmother's father ' Bristly ' O'Peccary was in fact consumed at the behest of Sam-I-Am, by a member of the notorious Cat in the Hat Gang.

In 3% of cases consume for is used

The company? s process is able to lower energy consumed for reverse osmosis by up to 90%.

Also, though I love reading your fab detailed comments on everyone's entries, it IS hard work and very time consuming for you.

I would bury the homework to pull up the baseball cards and flip through them instead so I did it really was all consuming for me.

With so many diet plans and fad diets becoming popular, people are often confused about what to consume and what not to consume for the diet to remain healthy and provide the necessary nutrition.

In 2% of cases consume between is used

It is generally recommended that if more than 15% of your electricity is consumed between 11pm and 8am, you should be on a Nightsaver tariff.

Being on the GP Nightsaver tariff increases your standing charges slightly, but significantly reduces the cost per unit of electricity consumed between 11pm and 8am.

In 2% of cases consume during is used

However, they may have had a low propensity to consume during the depression.

EVER! I was already jacked on caffeine from the excessive amount of coffee I'd consumed during the day's meetings.

A Guinness moved from $160 to $180 and that set the trend for other beverages normally consumed during a sporting event.

Rather than saving rather than spending, aren't consumers paying down debts having over consumed during the past 30 years? The remarkably consistent 0.

What is the maximum number of days Peter can do so? What is the total number of dishes Peter has consumed during this period? Pigeonhole Principle There are 25 students in a class.

In 2% of cases consume per is used

Take the average number of gallons consumed per personal vehicle.

Hence the amount of oil consumed per day is the equivalent of the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls every 38 minutes.

However, changes in the condenser pressure and also decreases in suction pressure, have quite a substantial effect on the power consumed per ton of refrigeration.

In 1% of cases consume off is used

Ipsa pays tax on behalf of MPs for hospitality, food and drink consumed off the parliamentary estate before 7.

In 1% of cases consume without is used

It meant that his music could be consumed without any preconceptions; the purest way.

So what came first, the consumer or the business? A business can not do business without the consumer, but the consumer can not consume without the business.

In 1% of cases consume within is used

They are best consumed within a year or two.

In 1% of cases consume up is used

When it finds termites on the surface, an aardwolf can consume up to a kilogram (2.

This effectively doubles the costs of overall energy expenses for average Middleclass Households; consuming up to at least 10% of future average annual incomes.

In 1% of cases consume to is used

This recession will force us all to rethink every aspect of our society -- from the way we run the financial system to the way we consume to way we raise our children.

In 1% of cases consume through is used

Use mineral deposits which might be chelated, which means they're linked with an amino, which allow vitamins being much better consumed through your digestive tract.

In 1% of cases consume plus is used

This must be factored into JPS pricing mechanism to then come up with a final cost for each KWH of power consumed plus their profits.

In 1% of cases consume after is used

Text to column will be too time consuming after spliting each word onto a different column if there are like 100s words on each row and there are 100s of rows.

In 1% of cases consume like is used

GlobalMojo is gladly taking part of the system by letting users consume like normal, says Dan, but redirecting a percentage of their purchases to causes they care about.

In 1% of cases consume into is used

Also, cattle serve a valuable role in the ecosystem by converting the forages humans can not consume into a nutrient-dense food.

In 1% of cases consume from is used

The weight of your pack increases in direct proportion to the amount of food you consume from it.

Water was consumed from an unmarked flask that was taken from the subject and refilled after each drink.

In 1% of cases consume as is used

But other messages would get consumed as the consumer is up and listening to the MyQueue.

Usually growth of the actual church is consumed as the increase in the amount of people who come to the services.

Music can now be consumed as a digital good, which has no cost of reproduction and is infinite in supply, and therefore commanding a price will be tricky.

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