Prepositions after "consult"

consult with, on, for, about or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases consult with is used

Consulting with the physician d.

Lott has promised to consult with Sen.

He has met, coached, or consulted with U.

You can learn more about consulting with me right here: http: **35;7046;TOOLONG.

Nehemiah Sati after consulting with the Chief of Staff decided to refute the rumour.

Perhaps it would be good for Muslim countries to consult with each other on this issue.

What to do, You need to consult with the agent that sold you the policy, and you need to read the policy you have.

It was routine but even this moment required Darren O'Dea to consult with the bench over who should take the free.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has given the National Park Service 30 days to consult with the Martin Luther King Jr.

Being a law firm means we have lawyers on staff available to consult with our team of paralegals for serious offences.

In 12% of cases consult on is used

We will consult on that proposal.

She consults on communications strategy.

They may be freely consulted on the website (http: //www.

No longer simple inspections, today it is a full value consulting on various business aspects.

Here's my colleague Adam Gabbatt, who will be filling in while I consult on the technical issues.

Councils are consulting on the levy which will be in place across the whole country by April 2014.

Danielle consults on data strategy, digital brand management, consumer engagement, strategic investment and collaboration.

Other hospital services told us that their teams were sometimes consulted on new equipment, except for one team that was rarely consulted.

C, with the Ministry having parallel departments intervening in various obscure ways, while the Foreign Office has to be consulted on every detail and point.

These statutes, which in hard copy extend over 2976 pages, can now be consulted on the Internet, on a website separate from the New Zealand Legislation website.

In 7% of cases consult for is used

He has consulted for Microsoft previously, including during the U.

She resigned from that post in 2007 and began consulting for Wikimedia.

Perhaps I'd not the best person to consult for a review, not being a big reader of poetry.

Earlier today, I was trying to write some automation processes for someone I'd consulting for.

The companies which we consult for IPOs are afraid to be seen with me, concerned tabloids will falsify news and slander their names.

Services such as geophysical surveys on coal seams and consulting for acquisition of new mines at international locations will be in demand.

There is no centralized, cohesive authority, as the Maasai have neither headmen nor chiefs, although ritual leaders (laiboni) are consulted for advice.

This is the product of prolonged and careful deliberation by lawyers experienced in criminal prosecution and defense and should be consulted for further guidance.

STUDY DESIGN, SIZE, DURATION This is a retrospective study carried out on patients consulting for infertility and described as having >5% large-headed spermatozoa.

Ancillary services such as water and air pollution and hazardous waste management, as well as consulting for acquisition of mines in foreign countries provide additional opportunities.

In 5% of cases consult about is used

We are therefore consulting about employment opportunities that are available.

A specific god is consulted about the nature and cure of the particular sickness.

That is why, for example, we are consulting about including issues related to housing.

And we are going further, and consulting about including educational standards in our measure of poverty.

There was plenty of agreement among those I consulted about the types of information of greatest utility and, therefore, value.

Well, as he told me on October 27, 2006 at 12:50 am when I was consulting about college crush: So today, I choose to be happy for you.

The five principals were not consulted about this decision, nor was a meeting granted by the Department of Education to discuss their concerns.

That year, Modelo launched an arbitration case against Anheuser-Busch claiming it was not consulted about InBev's acquisition of Anheuser-Busch.

So, are you saying that a GP should believe an immunologist if they are consulted about the management of lupus, say, or HIVB, but not about immunisation.

Gore still spends hours most days on writing (he has a book set to come out in early 2013 on global economics and politics) and consulting about policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In 5% of cases consult in is used

Tax It is important that an accountant is consulted in this area.

This is one of the outcomes of NGO demands that they be consulted in economic policy processes.

Prior to joining FINCA in 2005, Sona worked in investment banking in New York and management consulting in Washington, DC.

Many people did this by initiating, financing or consulting in community development projects of both an economic and social nature.

Many authorities have been consulted in the preparation of this work; but especial obligation should be acknowledged to the Ethnology by Prof.

Even her so-called sisters, whom she hastily consulted in the back room, gave approving nods when they saw his modest eyes looking mainly at the fixtures.

The Maoris, or at any rate their leader Purukutu, appeared to have a legitimate grievance; all the owners of the property had not been included or consulted in the deal.

The major problem is quite simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this matter is Dr Dan Streetmentioner's Time Traveller's Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations.

Among the books I consulted in my researches in the library of the Socit jersiaise was La lyre exile, a book of poems published in 1847 by a French exile to the island, L.

Chartered Accountants are Ireland's leading business professionals, providing essential strategic guidance expertise and consulting in business, public practice, government and education.

In 2% of cases consult by is used

I am becoming even more and more convinced now that Derren Brown (or similar) is being consulted by X-Factor.

The spetialist consulted by devageet said that he had only seen such deterioration ina jaw bone in cases of radio exposure.

It is frequently consulted by government in advance, on the preparation of new legislation affecting the business community.

Mr Ali, Mr Bungalawa, Mr Bodi, Ahamad Thompson et al (all consulted by, or employed by the FO ), to manipulate logic, language and morality is dangerous and deserves close monitoring.

Repealed Acts are consulted by the legal profession, to establish what the law was at a particular time; by historians and researchers, since legislation is part of our social history.

In 2% of cases consult to is used

Returning to PNG he lectured at UPNG and consulted to various government departments and businesses.

In 1% of cases consult at is used

I work in a job where I have consulted at many companies over the years.

Even if he was not consulted at the time the committee was set up, he would have been privy to the content.

The volumes can be consulted at the Imperial War Museum Department of Printed Books (London) or at The National Archives (Kew, Surrey).

In 1% of cases consult before is used

Were you consulted before the bill was signed into law? We were not consulted when the bill to ban commercial motorcyclists was in the works.

From my / our point of view I / we would comment as follows: - OKDE, as the Greek section, was not even consulted before the publication of this statement.

In 1% of cases consult during is used

He suggested Mngeni sit next to his lawyer during the trial, taking notes where possible, and consult during adjournments.

In 1% of cases consult throughout is used

Over 100 front line staff were consulted throughout the development of design responses to these briefs.

In 1% of cases consult upon is used

Council officers will publish a wide range of detailed savings options the following day, which will be consulted upon until the end of January.

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