Prepositions after "construct"

"construct in" or "construct by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases construct in is used

This plan was constructed in December 1940.

However, the company was constructed in Hyderabad.

Dining Room -- The dining room should be constructed in the South-East.

Tombs of the pharaohs were constructed in this valley from the 16th to the 11th century BC.

General room -Though, it is sparingly used; yet it should be constructed in the North-West.

Another attraction of the city is the Gately House that was constructed in the Victorian Style.

You can't construct in the same way, some of the elements that have become fundamental parts of Doctor Who Folklore.

Many of these have recently been built on the site of old, ugly high-rise buildings that were constructed in the 1960s.

A design for the registers was constructed in Conway's Game of Life by Dean Hickinson in 1990 (http: **35;4519;TOOLONG.

North America's first salamander underpass system, basically a culvert built under a road, was constructed in Amherst, Mass.

In 16% of cases construct by is used

An improved version was later constructed by A.

Buildings constructed by this substandard steel did not last long.

Webs constructed by LSD-spiders are typically minimal but very elegant.

All houses were constructed by the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA).

This model is constructed by using iterative procedure giving approximate fractals.

These are the number of houses constructed by National Housing Development Authority.

The forms of space constructed by architects and city planners are ultimately designed to control our behaviour.

The first is the development of natural number concepts, constructed by children between the ages of two and four.

Yet the belief system constructed by Ayn Rand, who died 30 years ago today, has never been more popular or influential.

It also popularised the concept of continuations, allowing arbitrary control structures to be constructed by the user HFW84.

In 10% of cases construct from is used

They're constructed from the actual Louboutin types.

This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief.

StormTight is constructed from a four-way stretch, woven fabric.

The antique coffer is a plain simple box constructed from planks of oak, with a hinged lid.

The account of the journey has been constructed from Sturt's diary, published in London in 1833.

Choose sheets and a comforter that are constructed from materials known for being hypoallergenic.

The derived baseline-table is constructed from the defined baselines in a baseline-table in the nominal font.

The TSI Guess is constructed from the best guess of the sunspot number, normalized to match the recent SORCE-TSI.

Furthermore he recognises that a social dividend can be constructed from existing graduated tax scales (Meade 1993, p.

The only ' chance ' we constructed from open play bar the Luiz goal was Maloudas ' tame effort within the first few minutes.

In 8% of cases construct of is used

The sauna room is constructed of bamboo.

It is rectangular in plan with thick walls constructed of dry stone.

Joints The use of cladding constructed of large, impermeable elements, e.

The present day versions are mainly constructed of metal, with some still been made of wood.

They should be situated in well-drained areas and soundly constructed of timber or metal piping.

They are constructed of people and that means there are personalities involved in those challenges.

The tower was constructed of local limestone and the original building survives almost intact at just under 36.

Nests are huge, bulky affairs constructed of branches and sticks and lined with twigs, grasses, sod, rags, and paper.

The image you construct of Jane hiding behind the red velvet curtain looking out on a white winter landscape is striking.

It was constructed of three sixteenth of an inch thick steel plate, twelve feet long and four and a half feet in diameter.

In 8% of cases construct on is used

It is constructed on the banks of the Yarra river.

This allows the animators to create and construct on ideas or ideas that they have made so far.

Fifty-five years later, the Mosque of Umar RadhiAllahu Anhu was constructed on the site where he prayed.

The area dates back to 1906 when a satellite city of neo-Moorish villas and apartments was constructed on the site.

Opposite the islands a modern center was constructed on the Dingle Peninsula to preserve the heritage of the Blaskets.

Constructed on four levels the ground floor consists of pool deck, restaurant and bar and five oceanfront garden units.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a goose created considerably of the ruckus exterior an office constructing on Salisbury Street.

The Campbell Hall of Health Sciences will be the first completely new building to be constructed on West Liberty's main campus since 1972.

In a society now constructed on a foundation of delusion and lies, the truth is a virtually automatic jump-start for that knee-jerk response.

Thus a biography, for example, however much history it contains, is constructed on principles that are not only non-historical but anti-historical.

In 7% of cases construct with is used

The main building was constructed with the donation of Rs.

With future forms it is constructed with be + past participle or being + past participle.

Constructed with super-durable, NSP E2 epoxy, the NSP boards offer hours of trouble free fun and are available in 5 sizes.

There are some boxes, not constructed with cardboard or computer code or even pencil strokes, which order our life as well.

Last September the massive getotextile (120,000 m2) was constructed with huge success by Genap, Van Oord and Ballast Nedam.

In addition to an octagonal cross section, the hollow body can also be constructed with a hexagonal or dodecagonal cross section.

Whether determined by the font or computed, a derived baseline-table is constructed with positions for each of the baselines below.

The book is robustly constructed with this in mind, and the cost represents excellent value for what should be many years of service.

Carefully made pathways surrounded walls -- some of them several metres high -- that had been constructed with patience and precision.

Tube wells are made of steel or plastic and hand-dug wells are constructed with concrete rings or are simply a big hole in the ground.

In 5% of cases construct for is used

Therefore, temples have been constructed for this purpose.

Although the piss poor dramatic set-ups constructed for them don't help either.

A small rest-house could be constructed for those who wished to visit the site.

The Shoal Lake Aqueduct was constructed for the purpose of supplying Winnipeg with fresh water.

These structures include sheds those are constructed for cattle, or store house for grains and fodder.

The fraud called Bobi The projects constructed for Bobi were either very poorly done, or not done at all.

Nearly every shot, shadow, prop, costume, camera-angle and scene-blocking was deliberately constructed for hidden meaning.

Lexical chains may be constructed for the group of people and another for their actions as shown in Unequal Naming: the Gulf War 1991.

This might initially be constructed for a finite set of queries and then extended to include designation of taxon, year, assay, and so on.

The qanat is essentially a tunnel constructed for the conveyance of water from an underground aquifer to a point at ground surface some distance away.

In 4% of cases construct at is used

This is why temples have to be constructed at every place.

The academy was finally constructed at Dundigal near Secunderabad.

The island or Crannog at point 13 was constructed at the same time as the lake.

Synthetic Drug Factory was supposed to be constructed at Karaagraharam near Machilipatnam in 1958.

This is a GoG/VRA 48 MW hydro power project to be constructed at Pwalugu on the White Volta River.

But Rizvi said the hydroelectric plant, being constructed at Tipaimukh, could in fact help Bangladesh.

And now there are several large ominous buildings with no windows being constructed at the main office.

Foothill drains are a form of trench constructed at the fringes of hills where the slope or gradient changes abruptly.

The building will be just a few metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai but will be constructed at a fraction of the cost.

Her life-writing, which on the face of it is a straightforwardly pious text, an auto-hagiographic account, is constructed at a moment of acute abutment of experiential and experimental philosophies.

In 2% of cases construct as is used

NSK as a group is obviously constructed as a totalitarian monolith.

Popper's principle requires the independence of mathematical theory and physical result, which means the theory has to be constructed as a logically closed judgement, i.

In 2% of cases construct out is used

This pond was constructed out of wood (2x4s).

Even bridges have been constructed out of bamboo.

The room was constructed out of breeze block, there were two thin curtains, and that was it.

The necklace was constructed out of welded construction steel rods which were 45 meters long, 4-8 meters wide and 1.

Although Bouwer was indeed a qualified psychiatrist, much of his autobiography was constructed out of lies and half-truths.

Though it makes about as much sense as a plot constructed out of eleven random films, it's interesting and weirdly compelling.

Magic, music and an egg combine in this charming story which unfolds on a tiny, rustic set, exquisitely constructed out of twigs, feathers and shell.

Many have turned their hand to it, but one man was such a pro that he would allow kids every distraction under the sun, and still run a ship tighter than Noah's ark constructed out of piano wire.

In 1% of cases construct within is used

In the recent past wedding halls have been constructed within many temple complexes.

Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the natural elements of the quarry.

The midden would be constructed within a field of largely-shipwrecked seamarks, which would be marked with the heights of the coming depositions and so serve as forewarnings of the 2.

In 1% of cases construct according is used

Material Preparation Each maze should be constructed according to the specifications which follow on the next two pages.

A WFF of SL is any expression of SL that can be constructed according to these rules of formation: Rules of formation for SL All sentence letters are WFFs.

In 1% of cases construct under is used

It was constructed under the supervision and direction of Jesuit Missionaries.

In 1% of cases construct to is used

At Kirkvine, between Williamsfield and Kendal, a spur line was constructed to the Alcan Kirkvine Alumina Works.

In 1% of cases construct over is used

Alongside this is the monastic latrine which is a small beehive structure constructed over a steep ravine.

Houses are constructed over a wooden framework of domed saplings on which grass is thatched and lashed on.

It was constructed over the Jamuna River, mightiest of the three major rivers of Bangladesh, and fifth largest in the world in terms of volumetric discharge.

Sumeru Grottoes Located on the eastern foot of Xumi Mountain, the grottoes were constructed over many dynasties, starting during the South and North Dynasties (420-589).

It's been very carefully planned and constructed over decades, World War Three will struggle hard to dismantle it, because too many people believe in it and benefit from it.

In 1% of cases construct during is used

The number of houses constructed during the period 1978 -- 1997 is in the Hansards.

To be fair to Kwankwaso, the street lights mounted on the bye pass express road constructed during the reign of General Abacha can be attributed to the federal government in those four years.

In 1% of cases construct between is used

It was constructed between 1961 and 1980.

Houses constructed between 1995 and 2004 may be entirely built of untreated framing.

It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin Roosevelt.

Two forty-seven foot high steel towers were constructed between Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum located fifty-nine feet away.

In 1% of cases construct before is used

The cisterns were constructed before the cells within the monastery, indicating the importance of water management for the survival of the community.

There is no denying the fact that I live at Tse-Ado, in a house I began constructing before 2005 and completed at a later stage with a mortgage facility from my then bank employers, in late 2009.

In 1% of cases construct around is used

When long stretches of levels are constructed around them, the results are not so good.

Traditionally, Chinese ships were made from a temperate climate species of wood and constructed around transverse bulkheads that were held together by square iron nails.

As with Kubrick's final masterpiece, Up at the Villa is constructed around a self-centered character whose insecurities about marriage set a disastrous chain of events into motion.

The term Digital Citizenship is almost a clich now, but in 2008 John took the lead organising one of the first cyber safety conferences that was constructed around a Digital Citizenship theme.

In 1% of cases construct along is used

An 1149 mt long barrage was constructed along with 46 gates.

In the case of the ring, a long pole like central corridor can be constructed along the rotation axis.

In 1% of cases construct after is used

WORTH A new barrier near the United States Embassy in Cairo, constructed after protests in September.

His scientific findings were made when he and his five companions set out from the coast of Peru on a balsa-log raft, constructed after the pattern known to the pre-Colombian Indians.

In 1% of cases construct across is used

A bigger and more beautiful picture was painted by the Ghanaian government in early 2011, that 30,000 housing units were to be constructed across the country.

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