Prepositions after "constrain"

constrain by, in, to, for or within?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases constrain by is used

The length is constrained by the story itself.

She never wanted to be constrained by her love for him.

We are now less constrained by time and geographical location.

Their capacity to attack the BBC is constrained by their own lack of public esteem.

A tree too is constrained by gravity, but not in the same way as a condor or a giraffe.

Its main advantage is the fact that it is not constrained by time nor physical facilities.

The problem with American students is that their innovation is not constrained by any notion of objective truth.

In this environment, offshore financial centers can act as the perfect base for firms constrained by regulation.

The deeper he got into his medical career, the more Burry felt constrained by his problems with other people in the flesh.

Guterstam's study goes against the common wisdom that our mental image of our bodies is constrained by our physical selves.

In 12% of cases constrain in is used

So those who are a bit constrained in the budget can still do resistance trainings.

My point is that we have we are all constrained in how we act and think by our experiences.

Hence, on the one hand, nanobiology is seemingly constrained in its scope as compared to general nanotechnology.

Under the MMT framework governments are not constrained in anyway to pursue the advancement of such technologies.

Private schools are horizontally constrained in that they arise in villages where there is a pool of secondary-educated women.

We should let nobody tell us that they know all that it contains, or try to prescribe or constrain in advance what it has to tell us.

Whoever does not wish to sink in the wretchedness of the finite is constrained in the most profound sense to struggle with the infinite.

Wellington is severely constrained in offering greater tertiary funding, in part because of the costs of the zero percent student loan programme.

Low-cost airlines will not want to be constrained in terms of their ability to grow, which of course gets to the heart of why the industry prices its product below capital costs.

In 8% of cases constrain to is used

Being less constrained to clarity, one can be more forceful.

We have historically been constrained to two-dimensional media (e.

The area tree is constrained to satisfy all break conditions imposed.

What this means is that backtracking in Icon is inherently local in nature and is constrained to small units.

Jesus whose healing powers are constrained to what can now be accomplished with the help of a good pharmacist.

The value of the folio-number trait on subsequent pages is constrained to be one greater than the value on the immediately preceding page.

The value of the folio-number trait on the first page returned by the fo:page-sequence is constrained to equal the value of the initial-page-number trait.

This will allow products to design as they wish without being constrained to overzealous reset rules or a fixed-width column - both problems with the current Barlesque.

Conflict across borders Finally, a war with Iran would be not be like conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya where the fighting was constrained to the borders of the country in question.

If the fo:flow flow is assigned to some other region, then the areas returned by the fo:flow are constrained to be descendants of region-reference-areas generated using the assigned region-master.

In 2% of cases constrain for is used

Dayan Jayatilaka himself accepts such a collective conciousness exists and it is a constrain for working out for creating a more inclusive and jsut soceity in Sri Lanka.

In 2% of cases constrain within is used

It is no longer pointless but constrained within the Providence of God.

In 1% of cases constrain at is used

However, oil production is currently constrained at between 27-30 kbopd because the gas export has been restricted due to ongoing work on the compressors and power systems.

Petroleum prices are constrained at their upper limits by the ability of the economy to support high prices: the processes and transactions that become uneconomic above a certain energy cost, cease.

In 1% of cases constrain between is used

If minimum and/or maximum are not also auto, then the dimension shall be constrained between those limits.

In 1% of cases constrain from is used

Rhythm action games would be noticeably easier to play if the image were streamed to Wii U's GamePad, constrained from the latency issues of modern HDTVs.

Councils are of course severely constrained from creating media content that can rival and harm the viability of commercial local media, a policy based on very good intentions.

In 1% of cases constrain into is used

But that make public transport easier to provide, as the population is constrained into narrow corridors with a central focus.

In 1% of cases constrain towards is used

While we would love to expose an ARM userland driver for the DSI -- we don't yet have one and we're rather resource constrained towards getting it done.

In 1% of cases constrain with is used

The RBA will be constrained with monetary policy as the AUD crumbles, i.

Supplier goes to Gov and says it will cost X, as now suppliers not constrained with bidding issues, Gov says no can do you can do a subset instead.

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