Prepositions after "confuse"

"confuse with", "confuse about" or "confuse by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases confuse with is used

Not to be confused with an adult.

I'd a little confused with the last sentece.

That could easily be confused with an alcohol.

Memorized teachings which are passed on orally should not be confused with pitaka.

Niqab is a separate ruling and should not be confused with the rulings of the awra.

From the ST GE2011 Q &A; video with MG Chan, I must say I am very confuse with his speech.

As a small profession we are often confused with other health professionals and not identified in our own right.

This thinking lures us into parallel worlds that only exist in fantasy, but at some point we confuse with reality.

Fort Boyer was also called the ' Old Establishment ' not to be confused with the ' New Establishment ' built 1792.

This should not be confused with taking the law into our own hands and breaking it, by becoming criminals ourselves.

In 21% of cases confuse by is used

He was REALLY confused by this.

I'd so shocked and confused by this.

I'd confused by the geography involved.

Bell is allowing himself to be confused by the media's reports of Obama's busy-ness.

And don't be confused by the fact that the liability is for contributory infringement.

So a user who tries to return to the origin will be confused by a grayed out Back button.

People get confused by the ECHR because it is where challenges under the HRA go when UK law ' contravenes ' the HRA.

He was confused by a race question that seemed to be trying to make him say he was White and to his mind, non-Hispanic.

Posted by: Freddy October 4, 2012, 9:22 am 9:22 am Mitt did great but I will admit to being confused by him last night.

So they get confused by the overwhelming information of all the cases and the subordinates do not get any cases at all.

In 20% of cases confuse about is used

I'd confused about the cat thing.

I am truly confused about this election.

Is it that Islam has no truth in it or the Muslims are confused about the Qumran.

Child viewers are likely to become confused about which foods are in fact healthy.

Your mind is cloudy, and you feel confused about what's real because your dream reality is mixing up with real life.

Now if you are confused about which medication you need to choose for then Sildenafil can be the best one to choose.

Over the years it has been noted that viewers are really confused about the origins of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

When you go around talking to people, you find them depressed and confused about their own and their country's future.

In 8% of cases confuse as is used

However, I am really confused as to who I should really be marrying.

I too hate filing and am always confused as to how long to keep bills.

People seem to be a bit confused as to why anyone would post these types of messages.

And so, of course, Sarah was completely confused as to why Melissa was introducing her to me.

Tim, sorry for thanking Jon Feces for you thanking me I must have got confused as to who said what.

Now i am too much confused as to whether I should trust on him and carry on with this relationship.

Sandro seemed confused as to what his role was supposed to be; if he was meant to be sitting, he did not.

I'd confused as to the need to invent new terminology with regards to grids that have existed for centuries.

She also admitted that when she's younger, she's confused as to why her father put a mask on her and her brothers.

In 4% of cases confuse on is used

I was confused on more than one occasion.

I'd kinda confused on the theme of the rider.

However, (we believe) we are now confused on a much.

Rehmat is a little confused on his facts, not that this is particularly shocking.

We knew from the medical records, that he was confused on the eleventh, when he entered the rehab.

I am confused on how the decision of myspace (to terminate such account) and feedburner is connected to one another.

This is a touch confusing on the Java side, which is littered with odd autoincrement statements to skip over these terminators.

When it comes to the hotly debated topic between margarine or butter, you might find that you are feeling just a little bit confused on the matter.

Having multiple streams viewed by at least 10,000 viewers, you can say that the supporters was really confuse on what to watch and who to support for this tournament.

In 3% of cases confuse at is used

I just get really confused at that part.

Perry seems a bit confused at this point.

At times I was confused at the question asked.

I started to lose my memory and was often confused at work.

Klinger for his part looked Confused at the spectacle before him.

I'd confused at this point because the scenes are all over the place.

I'd usually fine once the characters have started to be revisited, but I find that I can get a little confused at the beginning.

He was confuse at the first place because of his sin but at last he gave his heart to the Lord by following the prayer at the back.

In 3% of cases confuse in is used

Deity and humanity are not confused in the One Person of Christ.

They often feel confused in their attempts to figure this ' puzzle ' out.

I have to admit I was confused by all this (and poor Eva was confused in the long break in her feed).

I was a little confused in this section by the tables but I worked it out that page 40 was the page I needed.

And this will strongly suggest that if we were not confused in the case of Wilma, we would not feel that her act was morally wrong.

Furthermore, soldiers from other communities can appear confused in their allegiances, being accused of fighting against the host community and adding to the complexities of the conflict.

In 1% of cases confuse after is used

Are you with me, Garry? David, I am a little confused after reading your article.

Plzz temme Step by step or make any video turorial plzz man! Thank You!! hi there, well it was abit confusing after reading your post up there.

In 1% of cases confuse between is used

Count of specific nationality groups could be affected if respondent is confused between reporting ancestry (e.

They have failed to become an effective voice for change, and are now confused between welcoming the movement of the grey parties, and calling it all meaningless greenwash.

In 1% of cases confuse during is used

Her comeback also ended in disaster when fans complained she had lost her talent and seemed confused during concerts.

Diabetes Services -- Your doctor is on your side for sure, but we often find ourselves lost and confused during the time between visits.

In 1% of cases confuse for is used

I'd okay with being confused for her.

Indeed, Ontario, Quebec et al will never be confused for other states within the Union after an amalgamation.

In 1% of cases confuse over is used

Voters were left confused over the ID they needed to cast their ballots in Pennsylvania.

All the characters, but particularly these two boys, are so complex that it leaves viewers confused over the role of each character.

In 1% of cases confuse to is used

The two textures were confusing to my young palate and left me wishing my lollipop would pick a lane.

The design never worked very well, was confusing to motorists, and dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians.

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