Prepositions after "confirm"

"confirm by", "confirm to" or "confirm in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases confirm by is used

And sos its 1650 confirmed by Ajay.

This has been confirmed by other friends.

This is but another lie, as confirmed by data.

They added that these associations would need to be confirmed by other researchers.

The nigrostriatal projection was confirmed by tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactivity.

The news was confirmed by the Company; the man overboard is a 34 year old French man.

That's how nature does it, which you can confirm by studying any growth system that survives its own growth period.

Israel's abuses have been confirmed by the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

The serotype/organism was confirmed by the enteric reference laboratory for six cases as Escherichia coli O157:H7.

From listening to him, it was evident that he was agnostic (confirmed by other posters here) rather than an atheist.

In 14% of cases confirm in is used

Confirm in writing Confirm all your contract details in writing.

Americans ' recent shift toward the pro-life position is confirmed in two other surveys.

These events will show that they are solidly confirmed in their ways -- unable to change.

In fact the final medal tally was confirmed in advance by a study and it was 95% correct.

This is a 100% confirmed with both sounds the venue is to be confirmed in the coming days.

Other details I had been given by yesterday's caller were confirmed in the Vancouver Sun article.

In the advent of so much technology, everyone's whereabouts can be confirmed in so many different ways.

But ash dieback has now been confirmed in the wild from Sussex in the South to Renfrewshire in Scotland.

The NPP came to power (National Patriotic Party) and was subsequently confirmed in the election in 2004.

As is confirmed in this study, the media remains as a powerful medium to influence consumer perceptions.

In 14% of cases confirm to is used

I confirmed to him that I had not.

Those that do not confirm to any one.

Vimal confirmed to IANS that the probe had begun.

This discovery was quite influential and confirmed to me that I was on the right path.

The building watchman confirms to me that the skinny kid works for the rich kid's family.

Abati again confirmed to Punch Newspapers that the government was in talks with the sect.

In the days following the procedure, he revealed: ' Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant.

Minister Bogollagama yesterday confirmed to the Sunday Times that he had objected to his Cabinet colleague's suggestion.

Russell Broadwell, Scott's father, confirmed to The News that he, too, was astonished by the news he first heard on TV Friday.

I can confirm to you today that the greatest enemy and the greatest challenge we have in the country today is the political elite.

In 7% of cases confirm on is used

The link was confirmed on November 5.

This is confirmed on the Doctor Who wiki.

It is very difficult to be completely confirmed on what you do in the auction.

Luke has just confirmed on facebook that he is doing an interview for the Leader and beyond magazine.

The Customer's transactions will be confirmed on the next business day after execution by email (confirmation).

An international team of scientists confirmed on Friday what the Everland Zoo has been saying for years: Their 5.

It brings with it the first day of the Islamic lunar year 1434, as confirmed on VOC by the Crescent Observers Society.

The Top 20 songs, which will compete in two semi-finals were confirmed in early November, and the artist were confirmed on December first.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed on Tuesday that Rooney wanted to leave the club, and admitted his disappointment and disbelief.

Participation was finally confirmed on January 10th and a multi artist national final with 15 potential Eurovision entries wa s held on March 10th.

In 7% of cases confirm with is used

If you will be arriving after 6 pm, you must confirm with your host.

We confirmed with Apple that the iPhone 5 itself only supports USB 2.

Diagnosis is confirmed with an ultraviolet lamp known as a Wood's lamp.

Basically tangible skills that are easily confirmed with facts and evidence if need be.

I argued that the colleague said he'd check, and he did check, before confirming with me.

This is a 100% confirmed with both sounds the venue is to be confirmed in the coming days.

Confirm with the human resource department to make sure Crocs shoes can be component of your enterprise dress code.

Any positive results should be confirmed with additional specific tests before the diagnosis is considered valid.

All reservations that have been confirmed with a payment deposit are guaranteed, even in the case of late check-ins.

In 5% of cases confirm for is used

Rick almost has to confirm for himself that Lori has died.

The same quota has also been confirmed for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

There is a huge interest and already orders confirmed for the first 30 machines.

I know that's codswallop and every time I see a rainbow I have it confirmed for me.

The hypothesis was confirmed for conditions of both minimal and partial topic specification.

And so you have to trust; and your angels or guides will confirm for you the validity of that trust.

Eurosonic 2013 takes place from January 9 to 12 and the list of the first acts confirmed for the festival is here.

Assurance is made to the team of confirmed or interested participants, that the event is 100% confirmed for January 2013.

The disease was detected and confirmed for the last time in Kenya in 2001 -- an eradication more than 70 years in the making.

The police and detention of famous people more than merasgar Hector, lily-rose Hector's brother confirmed for religious extremists.

In 3% of cases confirm as is used

The maple leaf was confirmed as an official national symbol.

In early August, 18 year old Ivi Adamou was confirmed as the Cypriot artist for Baku.

John Evans Atta Mills confirmed as the National Democratic Congress ' candidate for the 2012 presidential elections.

Although the truth was evident far earlier, in 1944 the United States was confirmed as the leading power of the Western alliance.

Bishop Welby, 56, made his remarks in his first public appearance since being officially confirmed as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

And in most chemistry* the product of each reaction must be purified and confirmed as the desired intermediate compound before moving on to the next step.

Whitney phoned Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning and confirmed as of now it doesn't look like reality show ' The City ' will be doing another series.

In 3% of cases confirm at is used

The report can not be confirmed at this stage.

She confirmed at that moment, she was indeed trying to call him.

When I was confirmed at 14, practically everyone I knew was also confirmed at the same time.

It is always a good idea to confirm at the end of the call that you understood all the information.

Requests can be made for automatic or manual transmission (where applicable) but can not be confirmed at the time of booking.

This was confirmed at a conference earlier this month in Bangalore, organized by the nation's bishops and panel of religious superiors.

What follows is a sort of summary trying to gather together common themes: No one should be forced to ' do ' Confirmation (by parents, church or the fact that everyone gets confirmed at that age).

In 1% of cases confirm after is used

All bookings shall be confirmed after a full pay or a 50% deposit.

This was pointed out in the Maharashtra Assembly by the Opposition and subsequently confirmed after investigation by the state police.

Within four weeks of the? rst submission you will have received short written feedback on your work and a provisional mark, to be confirmed after the exam board in May/June of the year of study.

In 1% of cases confirm before is used

All my dining reservations were confirmed before my arrival.

Since Amazon won't confirm before ordering which firm they'll be using it becomes impractical to order from them.

SYTO ensures that all jobs for students in foreign countries are confirmed before the student accepts the position and leaves Ghana.

In 1% of cases confirm during is used

The conference successes are measured by the establishing of two committees which were confirmed during day two's working-groups.

Masters champion Bubba Watson is also on the agenda as Phelps confirmed during the week when he said he would not be rescinding his decision to retire.

In 1% of cases confirm from is used

With no definitive biography, I actually found a lot of contradictory information that I had to winnow through and confirm from a variety of sources, before I was comfortable with it.

In 1% of cases confirm of is used

The functions of the Chief Herald of Ireland are the granting and confirming of coats of arms to individuals and corporate bodies.

It has been informed by the magazine that during the survey, the Primary care trusts and providers didn't confirm of any disturbance caused to the care of patients because of shortage of doctors.

In 1% of cases confirm through is used

A theory is an idea that can be confirmed through varied evidence and experimentation.

Harianja, Location Comptroller PT Indomarco Prismatama, confirmed through June of this year the whole outlet Indomaret has operating in the North Sumatra reached 130 stores.

Hazard Identification and Control Verification activities include: - Confirm through questioning a sample of employees at all levels that they have had input into hazard identification exercises.

In 1% of cases confirm via is used

After completion, free 60 seconds of local calling will be credited to the customer's account and the same will be confirmed via SMS.

In 1% of cases confirm within is used

Tax payment made by taxpayers to the BIR through Accredited Agent Banks (AABs) can be confirmed within 48 hours from transaction date via these services.

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