Prepositions after "confide"

"confide in" or "confide to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases confide in is used

Finally, she confided in her mother.

Some of us can confide in our parents.

He secretly confided in her about the office encounter.

She feels the bashfulness of being alone together with a man and of confiding in him.

Scott was a short-tempered, irrational and moody man who rarely confided in colleagues.

Your partner, should be the one you confide in first and share details of your life with.

Bespectacled and easy going, she confided in a friend recently that nothing prepared her for her current travails.

Now, Just like this poor girl, she confided in a co-worker about the encounter not realizing she had experienced an assault.

I can not imagine why my partner chose to confide in a stranger about her past, and make a point about me not knowing about it.

However, according to heat magazine, an ' insider ' revealed that Hazman confided in dad Des about his feelings for the 20-year-old model.

In 25% of cases confide to is used

In October, I confided to another co-worker (let's call her Jill) my feelings.

He confided to the community that he had begun to doubt his own capabilities as a teacher.

In the present state of the country such an officer exercises a power more tremendous than that confided to any other.

In addition, she may have confided to a close friend, and this other man is misrepresenting how he heard about it - to be mean.

A fellow classmate confided to her the same dream of blue eyes, which, even as a 12-year-old, struck Morrison as grotesquely self-loathing.

Ergonomic thinking combined with materials that are no longer confided to a round shape have made comfort on the bike much better than ever before.

On one occasion, couple of Israeli Arabs confided to me that they prefer to live under Israeli rule rather than to go back under Palestinian or Arab rule.

Section 12 In the anxiety of my troubled mind I confided to my dearest friend what I had done in my boyhood one day, nay, in one hour, because I was not yet strong.

It was significant that, while he had confided to him, on the previous day, the secret of his first meeting with her, he was now averse from even mentioning her name.

We were with a group of people Ken knew from the past, and out of earshot, he was given not so glowing references by them, confiding to me that once he had stolen all their coke.

In 2% of cases confide about is used

He confided about this to another bhikkhu.

A loan from her brother -- in whom she confided about Green's behaviour -- allowed her to buy a caravan in which she established herself and her children while she awaited her divorce.

In 1% of cases confide on is used

Famously Kermit has confided on air that ' as a tadpole in the Swamp, I had 3,265 brothers and sisters! ' For him finding his father has always been an impossible dream.

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