Prepositions after "confer"

confer on, by, with, upon or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases confer on is used

On February l4, l965, Malcolm and Martin conferred on the phone.

The accreditation confers on them the right is to make observation and make notes of their observation.

The Freedom of Limerick City will be conferred on Paul O'Connell at City Hall, Limerick on Sunday, April 22 nd at 2pm.

I would myself prefer that it were now conferred on the very intelligent, and on those who serve our cause as soldiers.

Each brand has its own visual appeal and confers on the wearer a style that is in a completely different league altogether.

If therefore the governors would fix the day of examination as soon as they conveniently can, they would confer on me a real favour.

This seal is a consecration, representing the safeguarding by the Holy Spirit of the graces conferred on the Christian at Baptism.

But, even with additional authority conferred on these agencies, their reports continually indicated that his fears were unfounded.

In 27% of cases confer by is used

John conferred by Sovereign Head.

John(OStJ) conferred by Sovereign Head of St.

It is not reported if this is an executive agreement, or one authorized under authority conferred by Congress.

The powers conferred by sections 401 and 402 upon the Government may, in the case of sentences of death, also be exercised by the President.

The Court is concerned with whether, on the true interpretation of the parent Act, regulations are within the powers conferred by Parliament.

That is, outside of Ontario, no legal recognition exists for homeopaths in Canada; even Ontario's recognition was itself recent, conferred by the Homeopathy Act of 2007.

It's entirely at his own discretion that Obama may choose to refrain from using the authorisation, conferred by the law, to imprison US citizens indefinitely and without indictment.

Flckiger and Hanbury in Pharmacographia, say that the name was conferred by Wilhelm, a surgeon, who was so much impressed by the virtues of the plant that he likened it to Dens leonis.

In the exercise of power conferred by the Proclamation, the Acting President Syed Nazrul Islam issued the Laws Continuance Enforcement Order to ensure continuity of all the existing laws.

In 24% of cases confer with is used

Make sure that you confer with that inner spirit.

Luciano San Miguel, Philippine army, conferring with Col.

To be conferred with this distinction is truly overwhelming.

Trail adds that he has three people he trusts and confers with on different issues.

Always confer with your medical professional should you encounter any of these symptoms.

The cops conferred with the UDR men while one of them relayed messages from his radio.

The 17th found Juneau fueling at Pusan while Admiral Higgins conferred with representatives of the Korean Navy.

However, this time make the additional step to find an Islamic alim or scholar confer with regarding your lesbian thoughts.

On 7 September Admiral Struble flew to Sasebo and Kobe to confer with his principal subordinates and to tidy up loose ends.

The next day at a Louisville police station, Clifton Baird saw Arlie Blair conferring with a group of police officers and FBI agents.

In 10% of cases confer upon is used

The same patriarchy confers upon men a false sense of power and invincibility to conquer all odds.

This verse makes it clear that all believers have been conferred upon the Caliphate and not a special class or dynasty.

According to one version of the myth, he loaned the hero his own magic sandals, which conferred upon the wearer the ability to fly.

All 63 Judicial and Executive Magistrates have the powers hereinafter respectively conferred upon them and specified in the third schedule.

He cautioned: Nor is it sufficient if this power be conferred upon good men; for men are frail, and easily corrupted, and then in a short time, he that is absolute may easily corrupt the people.

In 2% of cases confer in is used

There could be reasons to oppose the drug despite the potential benefit it might confer in this case, however.

In 1% of cases confer at is used

I confess to being equivocal about his invitation to conduct one of the simplest yet most prized ceremonies that can be conferred at an Olympic Games.

I think I'd prefer it that MPs have an annual day where they have to turn up with their recipts and complete their tax returns under exam- type conditions - no conferring at the back there.

In 1% of cases confer under is used

The broader the powers conferred under an empowering provision, the less possibility there is of a court finding that the delegated legislation exceeds the power laid down in the statute.

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