Prepositions after "conduct"

"conduct by" or "conduct in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases conduct by is used

A study conducted by Padeco Co.

In recent studies conducted by Dr.

A recent study conducted by the U.

Health mobile clinics are frequently conducted by the health NGO's and the government.

They think so themselves, a study conducted by marketing company Mandala Research showed.

Each intervention group received 24 sessions of CogTr over a three month period, conducted by qualified trainers.

It is clear from the investigations conducted by Horan and Durakovic that DU remains in the body for several years.

This is a comprehensive management system for data, archival records and placenames research conducted by the State.

Max, one of the posters who came to our site found a deposition of WAMU/JPMC exec conducted by attorney Jeff Barnes.

In 24% of cases conduct in is used

This training will be conducted in English.

Most poker parties are being conducted in star hotels.

The study was conducted in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration (1983 version).

The training was conducted in English, with translations in French whenever necessary.

The debate over Scotland will be a truly depressing affair if conducted in these terms.

The project was guided by the recommendations of a thorough conservation and engineering study conducted in 1991.

What is the medium of instruction? Most of our early childhood education programmes are mainly conducted in Chinese.

This was a featured event for an Balanced Artists World Intermeeting gathering to be conducted in Portonovo in April.

Military training that previously had been conducted in a variety of languages was now limited to Sinhala and English.

In 8% of cases conduct on is used

If school broadcasts are conducted on these lines,.

New Jersey) conducted on March 1, 1979 by Michael L.

Carroll's Interview with Ralph Soria, conducted on September 13, 1994.

Representation The Conversations exercise is being conducted on a very large scale.

A post mortem should have been conducted on Nkadimeng's body by the Department of Health.

Basic flight training is conducted on the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II, which were introduced in 1994.

That study is still the largest conducted on this problem because the effort to collect the data was so laborious.

Information is gathered and training sessions are conducted on the subjects of speech writing, resolution writing etc.

To study the interrelation between diet and personality traits, an experiment was conducted on prisoners at Gwalior jail.

The inaugural meting of the HELIX trial will be conducted on December 29, 2012 at Calicut Medical College, Kerala, India.

In 5% of cases conduct at is used

The tuition programme, which is conducted at our centre, runs every Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

The scale of this problem was highlighted by research conducted at Princeton University in 2006.

Varmus ' scientific work was conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, where he, Dr.

Fast-forward almost two years later to the behind the scenes tour Sinofsky conducted at Microsoft's headquarters.

The results of similar comparisons conducted at all the calibration sites indicate that a strong correlation (r > 0.

Final assembly and loading could be conducted at the international space station or by docking with a shuttle from Earth.

Research conducted at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Ohio State University in Columbus showed that taking between? 1.

Source: SEEDS India; 2010, Photograph by Animesh Prakash
Figure 07 Group discussion being conducted at ward no 12.

Herbert Blanche, who will act as manager, and the business will be conducted at the old stand on LaPlanche Street in Amherst.

In 5% of cases conduct with is used

Only one interview was conducted with the assistance of an interpreter.

The first study was conducted with 54 college students who were either Christian or Atheist.

Further, interviews were conducted with LSPs who worked during the first month of the floods.

These debates about art were conducted with an intensity and passion rarely matched in Australian history.

The appointment follows a rigorous, nationwide search conducted with professional recruitment firm Heidrick &; Struggles.

Interviews were conducted with people who moved out of Manchester to overspill estates in the ' 60s and ' 70s and also explored.

Early in the session Tuesday, jurors heard an interview the Football Association conducted with Terry after the October 23 match.

In 3% of cases conduct for is used

Experts say these name-based searches are routinely conducted for employers,.

Audit tests are developed and conducted for either compliance or substantive verification purposes.

In total 25 experiments (with 20 replications of each experiment) were conducted for each topology (i.

The retail stores will report directly to Cook while a search is conducted for a new head of the division.

An oversample of Republicans was also conducted for this poll, for a total of 543 interviews among this group.

This is similar to how the NFL Combine is conducted for all incoming players into its professional football league.

This interview was conducted for The Columnist, a newsletter by Consulus that ideas on business, design and world affairs.

In a survey conducted for the present study, about 57% of the sampled commuter cyclists had experience as a leisure cyclist.

A survey conducted for the state health agency concluded there were 675,954 uninsured people under the age of 65 in Louisiana.

Almost three in ten said their experience of our-of-hours was not good, the survey conducted for the Department of Health found.

In 2% of cases conduct over is used

However there is a new poll out conducted over the weekend.

Business is commonly conducted over the phone, by mail and by e-mail.

Every poll conducted over the past few weeks has shown McCaskill ahead of Akin.

The latest Angus Reid poll for PoliticalBetting, conducted over the last weekend.

This study was cross-sectional in nature and it was conducted over the period January 2005 to June 2005.

The research has been conducted over the previous year and is not currently in publication or under consideration elsewhere.

Like the scratch-and-sniff cards, the inclusion of Gervais seems like an afterthought, and his voice-over session sounds as though it was conducted over Skype.

M-commerce solutions As we have seen with the expansion ofB2B and B2C market, a huge amount of online transactions are being conducted over internet using secure connections.

Had detailed planning for these elections been conducted over years, rather than months, it is possible that much of the tension and violence witnessed over the past few days could have been averted.

In 2% of cases conduct through is used

He said love affairs were not conducted through text messages.

The generated heat conducts through food causing it to heat up.

Human life is conducted through story, which comes naturally to us.

Any negotiations concerning the property herein must be conducted through this office.

Qureshi to formulate future programmes to be conducted through the platform of COMSATS.

The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews with 2,699 people of various ages and social groups across 29 provinces on Sept.

Viewing: By appointment through this office Property Images Any negotiations concerning the property herein must be conducted through this office.

So far all trials have been conducted through media by some NGOs who have arrogated themselves the roles of the judge, the jury &; the executioner.

In 2% of cases conduct under is used

The NBI investigation, conducted under the supervision of agent Madrino A.

Since the early 1990s, Australian monetary policy has been conducted under an inflation targeting framework.

A A number of Jamaicans from several organization have already benefited from online courses conducted under the aegis of the VUSSC.

The raids, conducted under the Proceeds of Crime Act, led to nine arrests in total, eight of which for managing or assisting in managing a brothel.

Even when they are being conducted under the direct supervision of the military, these researches are being given emphasis even when they may verify the danger of DU.

Such election shall be conducted under the direction and supervision of three impartial and disinterested inspectors appointed by the insurer and approved by the Commissioner.

The World Body approved a ceasefire, demarcation of the ceasefire line, demilitarization of the state and a free and impartial plebiscite to be conducted under its supervision.

It also approved a ceasefire, demarcation of the ceasefire line, demilitarization of the state and a free and impartial plebiscite to be conducted under the supervision of the World Body.

In 1% of cases conduct among is used

A survey conducted among 1,050 families in Shanghai shows that 77.

This poll was conducted among a random sample of 1,224adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone April 15-20, 2011.

Some of the most affecting writing describes how familial relations were conducted among this community of mothers, multiple siblings and a single patriarch.

Findings We pooled data from two surveys of older adults in Great Britain: one conducted among White British people, and one among four ethnic minority groups.

Still, Idzikowski's research relied on self-evaluations, and he said that when the survey was conducted among a group of Southeast Asians, the archetypes no longer held up.

In 1% of cases conduct between is used

The online study was conducted between May.

The index is based on a survey conducted between Apr.

The survey will be conducted between November and early next year.

Some 550 responded to the latest survey, which was conducted between 28th and 31st October.

It is essentially a scientific question, but the debate is largely conducted between non-scientists.

In a door-to-door survey conducted between 1986 and 1988 in Ethiopia, stroke had a crude prevalence of 15 per 100 000 (9, 10).

Since transactions are conducted between two counterparts, the FX market is an ' inter-bank ', or over the counter (OTC) market.

According to historians, all transactions conducted between these ancient communities made through trade of food, tools and crafts.

However, treaties conducted between the USA and various tribes dating back as far as 1776 are still recognized and upheld in courts.

Mohammad Azharuddin was one of only five players banned for life after a string of investigations into match-fixing conducted between 2000-2001.

In 1% of cases conduct during is used

Two (2) contests will be conducted during all three nights of Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2012.

The interview was conducted during the first two weeks of August 2012 with Tariq Tell, a Jordanian scholar and activist.

These courses are usually conducted during weekends or evenings, to enable people who are already employed to enhance their knowledge and skills.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a number of children and adult workshops that will be conducted during and after the exhibition (August-November 2010).

In 1% of cases conduct from is used

The test will be conducted from April 8 to 12, 2012.

That's based on a poll of 906 people, conducted from March 30 to April 5.

Earlier several Patna edition daily were reported that the mains examination is going to conduct from 26th may onward.

The latest study was conducted from March to May 2012 and surveyed a total of 2,029 respondents representative of the Singapore population aged 15+.

Early strikes on North Korea had been launched from south of 37, and operations against southern targets had been conducted from the waters west of Mokpo.

In a trial conducted from 1987 through 1989, a total of 27 adult patients with Lyme encephalopathy, polyneuropathy, or both were treated with intravenous ceftriaxone (2 g per day for 2 weeks) 208.

In 1% of cases conduct into is used

Investigations conducted into the fire could not unravel the.

Terrestrial Hypervelocity Impacts Much study has been conducted into the consequences of hypervelocity impacts on land (12,14).

The Mayor then called a police officer to arrest him so that further investigations would be conducted into his alleged corrupt practice.

In 1% of cases conduct to is used

Because I was not a US citizen, I was handed over to the immigration and customs enforcement agency and conducted to Miami airport where my wife Barbara Amiel was waiting for me.

But to deny that helmets offer protection in a collision is cnot only counter-intuitive, it flies in the face of the research that has been conducted to date, including this week.

In 1% of cases conduct within is used

These e-books are outputs of the writeshops conducted within the writeshop training courses.

Marriages conducted within Novaltia, for example, are only legal when prescribed by rites of the Novaltic Church.

It is also crucial that this debate is conducted within the framework of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS: see < http: **34;6466;TOOLONG >; c.

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