Prepositions after "condemn"

"condemn to" or "condemn by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases condemn to is used

The question is not weather he is condemned to hell.

No one shall be condemned to the death penalty, or executed.

It is in this same city that Jesus was condemned to death and crucified.

Asia Bibi-mother of five is condemned to die-for not converting to Islam.

The Reds desperately needed 3 points; if they failed to win they were condemned to relegation.

Sisyphus? Sisyphus was a figure in Greek Mythology that was condemned to death by the Greek Gods.

However, you know that in a week's time I would be condemned to death and nailed to a cross to die a horrible death.

He was condemned to death by a judge born in County Cork and was hung at the Old Melbourne Jail on November 11, 1880.

Only, to their great chagrin, the slaves in attendance on Ione, and Sosia, as jailer to Nydia, were condemned to remain at home.

I have prayed many a time to take the place of some of you, and be condemned to hell rather than seeing you to fall into the pits.

In 29% of cases condemn by is used

That is unhealthy and must be condemned by all.

Do you assume all Muslims should be condemned by 9/11.

It was also condemned by many critics as being morally deranged.

He brought in bloodhounds, something that would be condemned by the government in Britain.

Friday's attacks were swiftly condemned by leaders from across the political spectrum in Europe.

Then, as now, the regime's actions were condemned by the international community, particularly in the Muslim world.

The Jews whose history fills much of the Old Testament were condemned by God because they disobeyed his instructions.

An MP who can't appreciate this reality is not only unfit for this high public office, but also stands to be condemned by history.

Recent CIA strikes in Pakistan have been publicly condemned by the government as being ' in total contravention of international law.

In 12% of cases condemn in is used

This was an unfortunate incident which i condemn in the strongest terms possible.

This certainly was condemned in no uncertain terms by many well-meaning Ghanaians and civil groups.

The kind of religious hypocrisy that Jesus condemns in the scribes can occur in any religion at any time.

Even hinting about the validity of the laws is equated to racism and is condemned in the strongest of terms.

I condemn in no uncertain terms this false publication stemmed by the unethical and unprofessional conduct of Mr.

The Kingstons had gone to the Nigerian pastor, who has been condemned in many quarters for fake miracles, to seek a spiritual solution to their family problems.

In 10% of cases condemn for is used

The Boss is being condemned for saying nobody owns the water.

In prison, every criminal thinks that the society is bad and that he has not done any thing to be condemned for.

Harper is condemned for partisanship, a lack of respect for Parliament, and an authoritarian approach to government.

Sure, the many should not be condemned for the actions of a few, but very few of us can be so forgiving when we have been personally effected.

Ecuador, which is the world's largest exporter of bananas, has been condemned for the widespread use of children to perform backbreaking work in the fields.

Employers have been condemned for apparently refusing to employ graduates from the accredited and well performing Vocational Education and Training Centres (VETA).

In 7% of cases condemn as is used

It was his MB that had collaborated extensively with the man whom they condemn as a tyrant today.

The Iraq war, for example, I'd condemn as an act of reckless criminality and think Blair should be in the dock at The Hague.

It opens with the period prior to the late 17th century, when all forms of sex outside of marriage were condemned as a sin against God.

By the time it concluded -- months later -- Suarez had been condemned as a racist in many quarters and two of our greatest clubs found themselves set against each other as never before.

In 3% of cases condemn at is used

It was neither nullified by the Reunion of 433, nor condemned at Chalcedon.

After leaving the orthodox Church in 375, Apollinarius saw his position condemned at the Council of Constantinople, 381.

He was condemned at Ephesus in 43l, exiled and died 451 just after the Council of Chalcedon, where he felt his position was vindicated because of emphasis of the two natures.

In 1% of cases condemn from is used

They drew condemn from Democrthroughs and multiple Republicans.

Social services and medics such as Health Visitors are fully aware of this issue and is is condemned from the Govermnent to the person on the street.

In 1% of cases condemn throughout is used

The operation was condemned throughout the world but it was reasonably effective.

In 1% of cases condemn via is used

The practice should be condemned via mass media.

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