Prepositions after "concentrate"

concentrate on, in, along, among or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases concentrate on is used

You just concentrate on Downey.

Hence, concentrate on FX and CX.

Concentrate on walking heel to toe.

The Japanese air attack also concentrated on surrounding airfields, where 188 U.

Soon Belper concentrated on the hosiery yarns, Cromford on warp yarns ' twist ').

They all stopped simultaneously, eyes concentrated on the hunter and his pistols.

In the meantime, concentrate on your niche market and make sure your tour of duty stays as profitable as can be.

And they just concentrate on driving?? they don't have to worry about the system, it's all completely automated.

The rehabilitation will concentrate on a specific programme to strengthen those muscles that the nerve supplies.

The writers should concentrate on making the plot interesting and the characters worthy of emotional investment.

In 13% of cases concentrate in is used

Be unable to concentrate in class.

My works are concentrated in their energy.

I am concentrating in pediatrics and neonates.

Populations in the last 10 years (or more) have concentrated in urbanized areas.

Mortgage and landlord repossessions are heavily concentrated in the poorest boroughs.

Mexican media is mainly concentrated in two outlets tightly related to the government.

This global workforce was once concentrated in the Western nations, but today it is becoming ever more global.

Khanty and Mansi speakers are concentrated in western Siberia near the confluence of the Ob and Irtysh rivers.

China has applied the Three Evils approach in particular to the ethnic Uyghur population concentrated in XUAR.

At first glance, the bulk of the purchasing power in India would appear to be concentrated in its urban markets.

In 1% of cases concentrate along is used

At a finer level you find population is concentrated along linear valley corridors.

The Luangwa Valley is scenic, with rich wildlife that concentrates along the river.

In Africa the dry season is the best time for game viewing because the animals are concentrated along permanent water sources.

Begun in the 1970s, the project brings water from well fields in the Sahara to Libya? s settlements, which are generally concentrated along its northern coast.

Because of its shape, the lines of magnetic flux are concentrated along the centre line of the coil and this produces a magnetic field with a north and a south pole.

In 1% of cases concentrate among is used

Instead, it will concentrate among a handful of leaders like Expedia and Priceline, especially those that can.

One explanation could be a tax code that allows wealth to concentrate among those with a low propensity to spend (e.

Indeed, the data reveals rather unsurprisingly that military employment is concentrated amongst young Sinhala-Buddhist males aged 18-30.

In 1% of cases concentrate at is used

When mass is concentrated at some spot, it acts like an half-submerged rock and the river flows slower next to it.

Plant endemism in the hotspot is mostly concentrated at the species level; there are no endemic plant families and 26 endemic genera.

It implies that if we go backwards in time, then the universe was smaller, and at a certain time, the entire mass energy was concentrated at a point.

In 1% of cases concentrate for is used

However, he seemed to have a problem in concentrating for long periods.

Most people can really concentrate for about 45 minutes -- after that you'll probably want to take a short break.

It means they don't have to concentrate for a full game, they can take the foot off the gas and ease themselves through.

Increasing Attention Span in HR Trainings Human brain can not concentrate for more than 90 minutes after which the attention span reduces.

In 1% of cases concentrate to is used

For example aderall lets you concentrate to a very effective degree.

Somehow i gave up my plan &; concentrate to my career as an engineer.

When water colder than 21 degrees Celsius touches the face, the blood flow is concentrated to our heart, brain and skeletal muscles.

Most of this work is concentrated to the South China Sea, a virtual highway for ancient shipping linking China to India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia in an extensive maritime trade system.

In 1% of cases concentrate upon is used

Comedy is different and the business side of it should be concentrated upon.

For both types of persons, or for people when affected in these ways, to concentrate upon the rising and falling of the diaphragm is beneficial.

In this difficult situation the Secretary of Defense, who had thus far displayed a notable concern for balanced forces, now turned to concentrate upon strategic air.

In 1% of cases concentrate with is used

I just then thought of concentrating with the future of my kids and supporting them in their studies and daily necessities.

How they could concentrate with the almost constant flow of staff members, visitors, photographers, and members of the press always amazed me.

Instead the shop operators concentrated with near-missionary zeal on the sexual, social and political intentions framing the creation of their extraordinary retail outlet.

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