Prepositions after "compromise"

"compromise on" or "compromise by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases compromise on is used

But Ishant doesn't want to compromise on speed.

The hood was a little too big but I compromised on that.

They compromise on safety measures to reduce their services cost.

They will not compromise on the core experience even if something leaves the door.

Impressively, this is done without compromising on the size and space of the car.

So long, of course, as the signing itself can not be compromised on the local machine.

The movie shows that no matter what happens a person should never compromise on his or her love for the country.

I have been told that if I compromise on screen then I won't get what a high quality projector is capable to showing.

Keeping this is mind let us look at 10 effective ways of fasting in a healthful way without compromising on the precious thing called ' health '.

That's why I would love to have an Arteta-esque player at Chelsea who so easily links up defense to offence without compromising on his defensive duties.

In 23% of cases compromise by is used

Wake up NZ voters you are being compromised by outsiders, e.

So, compromise by treating yourself to pastries and sweets only on Sundays.

Mark's afternoon was always compromised by the gearbox penalty he had yesterday.

Their ability to choose freely and wisely has been compromised by their addiction.

However, it was now that the German army was compromised by its own leader? Hitler.

Lauterborn Electric recommends the replacement of all items below once compromised by flooding.

Recent start performance Starts are a critical part of the race and strategy can be badly compromised by a poor start.

Reduce costs and compromise by making use of sod for the front side lawn and growing grass seed products within your back garden.

CPAG works on behalf of the 230,000 New Zealand children whose well-being and future is compromised by their meagre standard of living.

Thus the basic theory is compromised by its inability to deal effectively (at least as a unified, simple model) with ecologically heterogeneous species groups.

In 11% of cases compromise with is used

They have a choice; compromise with the President, or keep their pledge to Grover.

You might have to compromise with the background color to receive the best overall color.

For these kids, life is a race &; can not compromise with the things, they had been given easily.

However, do not compromise with style and search for trendy winter headgears and accessories first.

Many, others still, allowed their views to be compromised with personal bias or political sentiments.

Those Muslims who do not adopt this position should be persuaded to change their views, not be compromised with.

And in doing this to get it, she will compromise with the Jews to make a covenant, and when she makes this covenant with the Jews.

Either way, I do not see how it is strategically in any way sensible to get into compromising with people who are not interested in talking sense.

As we are not born Japanese we have to compromise with makeup and other stuff to pull off a certain look and that is not possible with some characters.

A few critics, however, including some former associates of Jehovah's Witnesses, charge that the Witnesses attempted to compromise with the Hitler regime in its early days.

In 9% of cases compromise in is used

ISAF/AFP/Getty Images Members of Congress want to know whether national security was ever compromised in the Petraeus affair.

After 9/11, the human rights were often compromised in their commitments to principles of liberty, equality, dignity, fair process, and the rule of law.

I have heard it described as a bargaining position which we the public are advancing for tactical purposes and will compromise in the bargaining process.

We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to ensure that the peace and stability that we enjoy today is never compromised in any state, shape or form.

Sadly, this particular poll has become hopelessly compromised in recent years by record labels successfully lobbying judges for votes for their priority acts.

I am aware that the man did not compromise in any point and he did what he considered appropriate for him to do, and did not care about what people thought of him.

After that, he Lewis tried his utmost to reclaim the place, nearly doing so on a number of occasions, but inevitably his tyre conservation was compromised in the process.

And recently the security firm NetWitness reported that more than 2,500 companies worldwide were compromised in a sophisticated attack launched in 2008 and aimed at proprietary corporate data.

In 5% of cases compromise to is used

Organic has been commercialized and compromised to some extent.

Anyway, I had to compromise to wearing dresses in all occasions, which is okay but I would love to be able to wear jeans and look like this.

In 3% of cases compromise for is used

They are having to face up to compromise for the national good.

My religion is really not something I can compromise for a relationship if not I know two AMAZING men that would make great future husbands for my errr friends.

So inevitably, given the Labour party will compromise for power, and the Libs wo n't, we'll end up with a Labour government and a lot of fake outrage from the Libs about how hard done by they are.

In 2% of cases compromise as is used

Everything else in the project is compromised as a consequence.

Was there nobody to find a way through this mess? Burger put it to the bishop that he was compromised as a negotiator from the outset.

In 2% of cases compromise because is used

It thus gained greater influence on the management of pastoral resources, although it always had to compromise because of high transaction costs.

Protecting your Twitter Account One of the topics we discussed was the threat of accounts being hijacked and Twitter is one service that is constantly being compromised because of poor policies.

In 2% of cases compromise due is used

A review into the case found that the service being provided to Tania was compromised due to short-staffing at the hospital.

In 1% of cases compromise from is used

What Zizek is suggesting is that Leninism led to Stalinism and so the Bolshevik revolution was compromised from the very beginning.

In 1% of cases compromise without is used

You compromise without abandoning key principles.

In 1% of cases compromise within is used

Many couples today are refusing to compromise within moderation when differences arise.

In 1% of cases compromise across is used

The American political system is supposed to be built around checks and balances and compromise across the aisle.

In 1% of cases compromise between is used

Reconcile interests rather than compromising between positions.

In 1% of cases compromise at is used

This way no one has to compromise at any stage.

Looks like she is being completely compromised at the UN by the Jihadists.

In 1% of cases compromise after is used

In a coalition situation, on the other hand, while the radical options may well be compromised after the election, nevertheless they may at least have been on the electoral agenda to begin with.

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